Recommendations For Home Appliances To The Countryside To Open Up The Countryside Taobao Stores by djsgjg0045


									Home repair that has been in Taiwan a few times

TV , Barely supports Guowanchunjie holiday, finally coming to an Lantern did not,
they suddenly struck on strike. Worth mentioning, one bite and decided it changed,
then, to turn a few Sundays

 Home Appliances Shopping Centre. For the recent

Bringing home appliances Concerned, more concerned, this aspect has been the topic
of write points, so in turn, has the sense of concern for a moment. Full circle, did not
choose to Italian television, but on the issue of home appliances to the countryside,
there is a little idea.

  On the transfer of Suning , Five-star view of the two stores, in stores in the
countryside are very eye-catching home appliances publicity tips, but in the specific
product display area, but can not clearly distinguish between those products, what
type subsidies are bringing home appliances category. Specifically asked about a
salesperson, salesperson answer is the Internet and township finances in a specific
brand, model, price. The answer, a bit ridiculous, it seems that we subsidize farmers to
buy appliances if brothers, we should first check the internet a good model, the price
for the job if you do not have access to the Internet, it only went to some of the rural
finance advice.

 Therefore have two suggestions. First, the appliance should be issued to the
countryside channel business subsidies catalog. Home appliances to the countryside
for the host channel sales business, should require the issuance of home appliances to
the countryside of its product list, including brand, model, price fixing, etc., placed in
a prominent position at the entrance to stores for the farmers to come to purchase
home appliances brother access to the countryside and displayed in specific products,
to place prominent signs. While in accordance with the requirements of home
appliances to the countryside have a special logo products, but the logo Logo, the
general public may not know, I believe that still use paper-based text prompts on signs
placed on the product, easy to identify and effectively facilitate the farmers.

 Second, the proposed e-commerce platform to build a national home appliances to
the countryside. A benefit of 737 million farmers nationwide policy, departments
should consider the establishment of convenient physical distribution channel at the
same time, build an online procurement platform, online orders, corporate
commitment to mailing costs, this can make them more accessible. If you build such a
platform, a short time difficult, you can and e-commerce site Taobao and other
co-operation, to open up online shopping area. Taobao, etc. I believe e-commerce
platform will be very happy to whom, on the one hand enhance This Web site is
well-known farmers in bring more traffic, on the other hand take government policy
initiatives, but also can improve the site reputation. If the authorities do not have this
idea, I propose the e-commerce site Taobao, etc. to lobby to fight for something.

 In addition, Taobao and other e-commerce platform for their products home
appliances to the countryside area, countryside products also help to limit price, sales
price, with current sales Online Shop Online some of the same brand same type of
product prices, for comparison. Because there are already products on the net
purchase the same model than the physical sales channels subsidy rumors of cheaper
prices (the author of the story have not looked, I do not know whether this is true, but
there is this possibility). If true, it is recommended that the farmers in the brothers
through the completion of procurement, the countryside home appliance models are
cheaper products, invoices and other formalities are complete, include subsidies for
the same category, as can be proved with the notes to the local apply for subsidies for
the financial sector, not limited to entities designated sales channels in the
procurement of products.

 Course, if the authorities set up a dedicated e-commerce platform, or the joint
Taobao and other home appliances sales area opened to the countryside, you can also
consider selling the countryside in areas of home appliances products online shop,
into the proprietary platform, or area, to facilitate the farmers to provide more benefits
to the channel in order to do more household appliances to the countryside in this
practical reality, a good thing even better.
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