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					Your snowblower is perhaps your most valubale piece of mechanized machinery that
you own (besides your car of course!) - so it requires regular servicing to ensure that it
will perform just when you need it. If you look after your snow blower correctly you
will enjoy several winters of excellent response and performance from your blower.
Well worth that additional investment if you do not want to be left stranded. Here are
some basic and practical ways that you can help prolong the life of your snowblower.

1. Tires. You need to ensure that your tires have aqequate thread and that they have
enough pressure. If you have chains then you need to ensure that they are in good
conditions and stored somewhere convenient.

2. Two Cylinder Engine. If you have a two cylinder/two stroke engine that uses a mix
of gas and oil then you will need to periodialcally replace the spark plug.

3. 4 cylinder engine. You snowblower engine will need to be maintained and serviced
just like any other engine. For four cyliner engines with separate oil and gas, you will
need to change the oil, filter, and spark plug. Oil levels should ideally be checked
every time you use your snow blower. A four cylinder engine will typically use 5W30
oil and take around 20 ounces. It is best to keep a stock decent supply of oil.

4. Rubber Paddles.You need to regularly check the rubber paddles and the rubber on
the auger. The space between the augur and the housing should be less than the width
of your finger. If more, then you should replace the rubber to allow your snowblower
to run more efficiently.

5. Scrapebar. Check out the condition of the scraperbar. To do this you need to turn
your snowblower on it's side. The scraper bar does the work of moving the snow and
so is likely to wear quickly and will often need replacing. It is imperative that you
replace the bar before if gets too worn. If the bar is worn you can damage the housing
on your blower and you will end up with far bigger problems and expense. Depending
on how often you use your snowblower, I would recommend regualr checks.

6. Drive and Chassis. It is important that you lube the drive and chassis. If you have a
2 stage snowblower you will need to Your owners manual will confirm which type of
snowthrower you have and tell you which type of lubricant to use.

7. Belts and Bolts. Check all the belts, bolts and moving parts. Over the Summer bolts
can become worn or loose. Belts can become frayed or cracked. Belts may also need
to be tightened. Check out your owners manual on how to do this and always adhere
to the safety guidelines.

8. Fuel. It is best practice to ensure that there is no fuel left in the tank from the
previos year. It is recommended to siphon off the old gaseoline and fill up with a fresh
tank. To prevent the carburetor from freezing it is also recommended to add some
methanol to your gaseoline once every few months. Read more: Kingston auto

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