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					The issue for Converting quicktime movies to flash or post quicktime on website
seems trouble many mac users. When I surf the Internet, I found many problems
about how to convert quicktime movies to Flash, as the following:
  Questions about quicktime to Flash conversion:
  1. Can anybody suggest a good Mac program for converting QT movies to flash?
Any recommendations for Mac software to convert high quality video from
Quicktime to Flash?
  2. Trouble converting quicktime to flash: I'm on a MAC and I'm trying to convert a
quicktime movie to flash or Video to Flash converter mac so that it is easily
downloadable on our website for PC users. When I import the .mov into Flash it loses
all audio. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've played around with setting on
importing in Flash and I've played around with different exporting options from FCP.
Any ideas would be welcome.
  3. how do i convert quicktime movie to flash movie for web: I have small video clips
in QuickTime format and I would like to convert them in Flash Media (.fla) so I can
post them on the website for easier viewing for the visitors.
  4. I would like to know what program, I can use to do this? Is there any free ones? I
know you tube can do this but their logo is on there. I have macromedia Flash
software but don't know how to convert.
  5. Does anyone know any good software to convert quicktime movies to flash media?
I want to post some clips on a website.
  Does you have the similar problem bothering you? I have a good recommendation to
solve this problem-----Doremisoft Quicktime to Flash converter mac. No matter
whether you need put Flash movies converted from Quicktime files, it will be your
good choice.
  Why? Some reasons to regard mac quicktime to flash converter as best mac software
to convert quicktime movies to flash for website are listed here:
  1.Encode Quicktime(MOV, QT) to FLV, SWF 2.Generate an HTLM page embeded
flash video player with customized control bar 3.Add image, text, hyperlinks, special
effect, loading to flash video 4.Powerful flash editing features: Cropping, Clipping
and Merging. 5.Take slide to make a video playlist with sliding function.
6.Easy-to-use, just need several steps. More...
  Steps to convert Quicktime files to Flash FLV SWF: Step1. Import Quicktime to
Flash converter mac easily Download and Install and Launch according to its wizard.
Then hit "Add Files" button to load all quicktime files you want to convert into mac
Flash converter. Step2. Get Quicktime to Flash conversion started on mac Then you
can start Quicktime to Flash conversion by clicking "Start" button. The speed depends
on the speed of your mac processor and the quantity of your converting files.
  If you want to get more vivid output flash videos, there are 8 tips to use Quicktime to
Flash mac converter.
  If you are Windows User, please use video to flash encoder for windows

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