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Are there press release submission standards that you should be aware of before you try
to get that story published? It just so happens that there are and you can save yourself a
lot of wasted time and hassle if you are familiar with them beforehand. The ones listed
are considered fairly common and widely accepted “rules” for press release submission.
Make sure you read through this thoroughly and adhere to them before attempting to
complete your press release submission.

Rule #1: There are standard forms. Depending on who you are submitting it to, they
may have their own proprietary form. Check with each paper, entity etc. before filling
out a generic one. There are also a ton of online templates for press release submission.
Even if there is not a particular one that a particular media group requires, you should use
one of these templates or something similar for best results for your press release

Rule #2: The consensus is to keep it to one page or less. Yes, there may be cases
where this rule can be overlooked, but it is rare. Journalists and editors are constantly
flooded with potential news stories and they don’t have the time or the patience to look
over more than a page. Besides, anything longer than that is going to be filed under the
ho-hum category. People have short attention spans. Plan your press release submission

Rule #3: You need to get a name or contact. This is not only a good idea, it is pretty
much expected. If you can’t manage to find out whom you should be addressing your
press release submission to then don’t even bother; it will wind up in the basket file (i.e.
the trash bin) more often than not. Also, this should go without saying, but make sure
you spell their name correctly and get their title right.

Rule #4: Make your story something you would care about reading. This is simply
common sense here. If you don’t even want to read it yourself then what makes you
think that anyone else will? Before you go to all the trouble of doing a press release
submission and getting your hopes up for some great free publicity, make certain that you
have something intriguing or useful to tell people. Many an otherwise well-written and
standard-conforming press release submission has ended up in the shredder due to lack of
news deserving material. Empty announcements and fluffed up stories are a dime a
dozen. The media wants a juicy story so try to put out something with some meat on it!

Now that you’ve read through these basic standards when it comes to creating a
newsworthy story, you can write one up with confidence and a great chance of a
successful outcome. They aren’t difficult, just follow these standard rules and you’ll be
ahead of many amateurs who don’t know the difference. Good luck with acceptance of
your press release submission!
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Description: This article discusses the press release submission standards that you should be aware of before you try to get your story published.