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					Parkinson’s and Omega 3's                                  Germany has banned GM Corn
New research findings show that Omega-3 fats in            Germany has banned genetically modified corn,
your diet may protect your brain cells. It works by        arguing that the corn breed MON 810 is
preventing the misfolding of a protein resulting           dangerous for the environment. Monsanto, the
from a gene mutation in neurodegenerative                  GM manufacturer, might challenge this decision
diseases like Parkinson's and Huntington's.                in court.
Researchers developed a cell model with a                  Under the new regulations, the cultivation of MON
mutation of the Ataxin-1 gene, which induces the           810, a GM corn produced by Monsanto, will be
misfolding of the protein. These deformed proteins         prohibited in Germany. A clause in EU law allows
cannot be properly processed by the cell                   individual countries to impose such bans.
machinery, resulting in tangled clumps of toxic            Environmental groups welcomed the ban,
protein that eventually kill the cell. But the Omega-      pointing out that numerous scientific studies
3 fat Docosa Hexaenoic Acid (DHA) protects cells           demonstrated GM corn was a danger to the
from this defect.                                          environment.
The same researchers discovered earlier that               Monsanto corn MON 810 is already banned in
Neuroprotectin D1 (NPD1), a naturally occurring            Austria, Hungary,  Greece,    France  and
molecule in the human brain that is derived from           Luxembourg.
DHA, also promotes brain cell survival. NPD1 is
                                                           Sources: Spiegel Online April 14, 2009
capable of rescuing the dying cells with the
pathological type of Ataxin-1, keeping their integrity
intact.                                                    Malaria prophylaxis with                 OZONIDES
Sources: Science Daily April 20, 2009                      In case one gets stung by a mosquito, Ozonides
The best sources of Omega-3 fats are: Sardines,            eliminate parasites that might enter your blood
Pilchards, Herring, Mackerel, Salmon, Eel, or              stream. However, the patient must be advised that
Omega-3 capsules (Salmon Oil capsules) at least            there is no 100% guarantee.
two per day.                                               In China and the US Artemisinin is used to prevent
                                                           Malaria. The ingredients in Ozonides are similar
                                                           herb oil concentrates (Artemisia vulgaris =
Sipping Hot Tea linked to Cancer                           Mugwort).
Drinking steaming hot tea has been linked with an          As Ozonides give a scent via the skin
increased risk of oesophageal (food tube) cancer.          (unnoticeable to humans) the mosquitoes refrain
A study found that drinking black tea at                   from approaching this person.
temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius or higher,              This has been tested in Austria and Southern
increased the risk.                                        Germany. Cattle and horses are sprayed with an
This could explain the increased oesophageal               Ozonide mist to prevent tick attacks.
cancer risk in some non-Western populations.               HL
Adding milk, as most tea drinkers in Western
countries do, cools the drink enough to eliminate
the risk.                                                   The Purpose of Life is to create a Purpose in Life
Compared with drinking warm or lukewarm tea,                Do everything with passion, what you do passionately
drinking hot tea (65 to 69 degrees Celsius) was              will be a success.
associated with twice the risk of oesophageal
                                                            To have success on the outside begins with success
cancer, and drinking very hot tea (70 degrees                on the inside. This means, you have to improve your
Celsius or more) was associated with an eight-fold           inner world. Self mastery is life mastery.
increased risk.
Oesophagus cancers kill more than 500,000                   Clear negative memories from the past and
                                                             create positive thoughts for the future.
people worldwide each year.
                                                             The sun can only shine after clouds have moved away.
Sources: BBC News March 27, 2009 British Medical Journal
March 26, 2009;338:b929
                                               The CALCIUM Fallacy
When I was little I was told to drink loads of milk in order to grow strong bones and teeth. Calcium is in milk I was told
and I wondered how the cow gets all that calcium into the milk. Does the cow swallow buckets of calcium tablets? No,
I thought, it must come from the grass. Chickens eat grain and produce strong calcium egg shells. The snail builds a
calcium shell by just eating leaves. In fact, calcium is the most abundant mineral in all food and water. Nobody has a
calcium intake problem. The question is, can we assimilate the calcium we eat? So there are many other factors
involved, to finally transfer calcium from food into our bones. Osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency problem but a
calcium assimilation problem. If certain catalysts are missing and the body cannot utilise the calcium we eat, a
calcium overload in our bloodstream will be the result, leading to the formation of kidney gravel, or worse, stones,
calcification of the blood vessels and last not least, calcification of the brain leading to early senility.
All food and water contains more calcium than we could possibly absorb, but do we really absorb it? There are
millions of people on some exotic islands who never see a cow or goat and after mother’s milk never see a drop of
milk again. Nor do they swallow calcium tablets. They eat fruit, nuts, vegetables and fish. They have the strongest
bones and most beautiful teeth I have ever come across. Here all the calcium assimilation factors are functioning.
Popping calcium tablets is not the answer at all. We have to look into all the other factors, which make calcium
absorption into our body and in particular bones possible.
The fact is that 75% of the world’s population have no access to animal milk. After mother’s milk there is no cows’, no
goat’s, no camel’s or any form of animal milk. Indeed, they do have the strongest bones and teeth in the world.
Three Billion Chinese never touch any animal milk (they detest cow’s milk, cheese and yoghurt made from cow’s
milk), however, they do have the strongest bones and teeth in the world, - and there is virtually no osteoporosis. They
don’t eat junk food of Western societies, what we call the ‘Civilised World’.
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in all food. It may be a calcium assimilation problem, but then we have to look
at other factors.
If people take calcium supplements and it cannot be metabolised and utilised, then a calcium overload in the blood
stream results. This leads to calcium deposits, like kidney stones and calcification of joints as well as tightening and
hardening of blood vessels. And last not least, it leads to calcification of the brain.
Rock Calcium vs. Food Calcium
Calcium supplements are literally made from rock - they’re essentially chalk. But in its raw rock form, calcium isn’t
acidic enough to be absorbed well,- estimates are that only 5 percent of it is absorbed. So if you take 1500 mg of rock
calcium, at best you’re actually getting about 75 mg. Over the years the vitamin industry has added various acidifying
substances to calcium to make it more absorbable. For example, calcium citrate is calcium plus citric acid, calcium
gluconate is calcium plus gluconic acid and calcium lactate is calcium with lactic acid added. But even acidified, you
still only absorb 30 to 37 percent of rock calcium.
If you take a food-based calcium, which is readily absorbed, you only need about 100 mg to absorb 75 mg.
People are designed by nature to acquire their minerals through food, not from rocks. Plants do know how to absorb
an inorganic mineral like rock calcium and convert it into a living, organic mineral. Then a human can eat the plant -
or the animal that’s eaten the plant - and digest and metabolize the organic mineral, which is easily absorbed and
excreted. If you eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit, you get more calcium than your body needs.
High Potency Vitamins can drain Your Energy.
But absorbability isn’t the only issue with these supplements. What you don’t absorb well, you don’t excrete well
either. Rock calcium for example can stick to your arteries, form stones and spurs, and be a building block for fibroids
and cysts. These highly potent substances can be hard on the digestion and on the liver. If you’re taking supplements
on an empty stomach, you haven’t had a chance to start the digestive process, you haven’t broken it down with your
teeth and saliva. Even when you take them with food, if you have any kind of digestive challenge at all, which most
people over the age of 35 do, supplements can take an enormous amount of energy to process and you can feel
really tired after you take them. Then the liver has to process them and that can also make you tired. When people
see me for the first time, they often arrive with a couple bags of supplements. In most cases I immediately take them
off 95 percent of them. They return a week or two later and their energy is way up, just because they stopped taking
all those supplements!
Ascorbic Acid by Itself can Suppress the Immune System
Let’s take vitamin C as another example. Ascorbic acid, typically known as vitamin C today, is really one form of
vitamin C, made famous by Dr. Linus Pauling. Ascorbic acid is a good example of being on the right track but on the
wrong train. Ascorbic acid is typically made from high fructose corn syrup or some kind of sugar, and acetone.
Ascorbic acid in its natural form does have an acidic nature, but its acetone form is much worse. So what science has
done to make ascorbic acid less acidic is buffer it with some type of rock like calcium carbonate. Ascorbic acid plus
calcium carbonate is the idea behind Ester C. Now we have a chemical buffered by a rock to make something that’s
not as detrimental to the body. The problem is that it’s still just one isolated form of vitamin C. A lot of people take
vitamin C as ascorbic acid for their colds or flu, which can actually suppress immune function and make them feel
worse. It’s the bioflavanoids, the rosehips - which are food - in the supplement that can actually help the immune
system. Even better, if you eat an orange, you’re going to get many forms of vitamin C packaged with hundreds of
other beneficial nutrients.