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					Marriage is supposed to be kept sacred. But sad to say, such virtue has already been
thrown out of the window these days. This time, statistics shows a great number of
couples who opt to end their marriage for various reasons. Through the Freedom of
Information Act, documents that contain cases like this are made open to the public.
Thus, it’s now possible to easily find Washington Divorce Records.

  The state’s Department of Health is where you must pay to obtain this information.
Basically, it houses those cases that occurred since January 1, 1968. Before the result
is given, this office usually requires an admin fee which will entitle you for a free
10-year search. Some of the things that you must include in your request are the full
names of the couple, and the time and place of divorce. It must also contain your
contact details such as phone number with area code, mailing address, and signature.

  For cases that happened before 1968, the report can be acquired at the County
Auditor where the divorce was granted. The State Archives Regional Branch can also
provide you with that information. It is necessary to contact the Department of Health
if you wished to know the current fees for such request. You may do so by giving
them a call or by visiting their website.

 There are various ways in which this information can be acquired. These are through
mail, phone, fax, or online. Each of these methods has various downsides, though.
Ordering through mail may not be favourable to you since it’s time-consuming. Its
required waiting time often reaches up to 5 weeks before the result will be sent to you.
The other options involve more fees for the service, shipping, and handling. A divorce
certificate is significant for future legal proceedings, driver’s license renewal, and

 This time, the most practical means of obtaining this document is through the
Internet. Commercial record providers are now available online. Basically, they are
categorized into two: free-of-charge and fee-based. Free services are not
recommended, though, since they often provide erroneous and incomplete report. The
best option is to turn to those paid services for they offer the best type of service and
result that you desire for a one-time fee only.

 Generally, Divorce Records is public information that is managed by the state’s
jurisdiction. There are many reasons why most people are now searching for it. First
of all, it is useful in conducting a background check for someone. Those who have
been divorced in the past also need it to be permitted to marry again. It is also helpful
for those who are studying family history, for finding the biological parents of an
adopted child, and for other official cases.
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