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					The word psychic is derivative of the Greek word psychikos meaning "of the mind" or
"mental". It usually relates to someone who has the ability to see things through
extrasensory perception. Many people are sceptical about the validity of those who
claim to possess psychic ability; however there is quite a lot of evidence to show that
extrasensory perception does exist. Not to say there are not a whole host of scrupulous
individuals out there who seek to take advantage of the believers and fool people into
thinking they have certain abilities when they actually don't.
  The term ESP or extrasensory perception was coined in 1870 by Sir Richard Burton,
this is the earliest finding of the phenomenon actually being given a title. However it
is believed that extrasensory perception has existed since the beginning of time. The
ability to see outside the realms of the five senses is sometimes referred to as the sixth
sense. Psychic readings have been used as a way of giving people insight into a
particular situation that they may not have the ability to understand themselves. For
example people who feel anxious about a particular situation and cannot anticipate the
outcome, might seek help in the form of a tarot card reader or psychic.
  Tarot card reading is thought to have come into existence in the late 1700's, although
it is unclear who actually put the first deck of tarot cards together. There is evidence
to show that a Catholic Priest who goes by the name of Eliphas Levi came up with the
concept of tarot card reading and it is the same concept that has continued on
throughout the ages. Tarot card reading is used to help make sense of nonsense so to
speak. It is a way of gaining answers to questions that we feel we may not know the
answers to. Some say it predicts the outcome of situations by using series of images
depicted on cards that are laid out by the tarot reader for the individual to pick out.
There has also been much scepticism about this practice, however many people do
believe in the accuracy of it and have found it helpful in stressful or desperate
  There are a plethora of psychics both on and offline who may or may not be reliable.
However although there are some untrustworthy psychic mediums out there, one
should always use their own judgement when using one. Extrasensory perception is
said to have been around for centuries therefore you cannot really express scepticism
about psychic ability until you have tried it for yourself and actually experienced a
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