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                                                                   M I S T A I R N A I L S                                                                               THE FINE ART OF BEAUTY

                                    N A I L S                 :      V I S I O N P R O F E S S I O N A L
                    Introducing our Stunning New ‘Vision Professional’ Range of Nail Art Colours and Stencils. A Total concept for Professional Air Brush Technicians.

                                                                         FINEST DETAIL, FLAWLESS FINISH

                                         With Mist Air's range of equipment, Nail paints, stencils you have the very best in the business.
                       Mist Air's 'Vision' range was developed with some of the most respected Nail artists in the world, including 'The Untouchables'.

The Untouchables are well known for their airbrushing skills and nail artistry; they work with some of the top names in the fashion industry and have presented work that has
                                                         graced many top fashion shows and beauty publications.
                      The 'Vision' range of Nail Art airbrush colours includes transparent, opaque, metallic, shine and even holographic colours.

 They can be easily mixed to create an unlimited colour palette and have the unique property of great surface tension to prevent spillage yet liquefying with just one shake!

                                                  Nail art products are available as individual items or as complete packages.


                                                         W W W . M I S T - A I R . C O M
                                                                 M I S T A I R N A I L S                                                                           THE FINE ART OF BEAUTY

                                              S P E C I A L E F F E C T C O L O U R S
   The Nail Art range includes paints for many types of design. Depending on the thickness of each layer, the colour of the background, the brightness and angle, you can
                          achieve spectacular effects and attractive shimmering colours which are exciting for the innovative nail art air brush artist.

VISION PROFESSIONAL BRILLIANT COLOURS 15ML                                                    Metallic Red - Brilliant Red Metallic /               VISION PROFESSIONAL
MA5600 White Opaque                                MA5612 Cobalt Blue                        Metallic Blue - Brilliant Blue Metallic /              SHINE COLOURS 15ML
                                                                                             Metallic Green - Brilliant Green Metallic
MA5601 Lemon Yellow                                MA5613 Brilliant Green                                                                       MA5619 Silver Shine
                                                                                               / Metallic Brilliant Silver - Genuine
MA5602 Rich Yellow                                 MA5614 Gold                                   Metallic Silver (all translucent)              MA5620 Gold Shine
MA5604 Red Orange                                  MA5615 Brazil Brown                                                                          MA5621 Blue Shine
                                                                                               Metallic Dark Ice - A unique, newly
MA5605 Rosso Red                                   MA5616 Flesh                                developed, neutral light-dark effect
MA5606 Mad Red                                     MA5617 Pale Grey                          which gives the observer the impression
                                                                                              that she is looking at the object from            METALLIC COLOURS 15ML
MA5607 Magenta                                     MA5618 Black
                                                                                                     underneath an ice cap.                     MA5622    Met Red
MA5608 Violet                                      MA5631 Sky Blue
                                                                                                                                                MA5623    Met Blue
MA5609 Prussian Blue                               MA5632 Hot Pink                             Metallic Dark Copper - Produces a
                                                                                             particularly brilliant shiny copper effect.        MA5624    Met Green
MA5610 Tropical Blue                               MA5633 Jade Green
                                                                                                                                                MA5625    Met Silver
MA5611 Sapphire Blue                               MA5634 Lilac Lush                                 AERO HOLOGRAPHIC                           MA5626    Met Dark Ice

                                                                                            Aero Holographic are multi colour effect            MA5627    Met Copper
                                                                                            colours. Their unique effect depends on
                                                                                               the structure of the surface they are                          OPAQUE
   Vision Professional effect colours can be divided into 3                                 painted on and create a fascinating play            METALLIC COLOURS 15ML
             groups based on their special effect                                           of colours. The colours change when the             MA5635    Gold
                                                                                            observer changes angle. The darker the
                SHINE                       Shine Gold - A shiny mother of pearl             colour of the background, the clearer              MA5636    Silver
                                            effect, which makes for subtle golden                       the effect becomes.                     MA5637    Dark Silver
  These colours produce a mother of          glittery shades when combined with                                                                           Bronze
pearl effect that shimmers discreetly on                 glazed colours.                        Aero Holographic Silver Violet - A
bright surfaces but gives off a metallic                                                       fantastic play effect of silver through          MA5639    Copper
 shine on dark backgounds and when           Shine Blue - A shiny blue, mother of                    green nuances to violet.                   MA5640    Magenta
  combined with transparent shades.              pearl effect; in some colour
                                                                                                                                                MA5641    Blue
  Depending on the angle there is a        combinations also unmistakeable, subtle           Aero Holographic Gold Red - Attractive
gradual colour change from the colour               blue metallic shades.                     multi-colour effect from gold to red.             MA5642    Green
of the background to the actual Shine                                                                                                           MA5643    Red
                  shade.                   OPAQUE & TRANSLUCENT METALLIC                      Aero Holographic Space - This shade
                                                                                             produces unique, multi-coloured effects.
  Shine Silver - A shiny, silver-white,
                                                                                                                                                     AERO HOLOGRAPHIC
                                           These shades are metallic that stand out           Depending on the incidence of light, a
mother of pearl effect, combined with a       due to their special brilliance and              fascinating holographic like play of
                                                                                                                                                         COLOURS 15ML
black, gives a bright silver grey to and   shininess. Produce unique colour effects              colours with silvery base colours              MA5628 Silver Violet
           old silver shade.                when combined with bright and effect              develop. This emphasises the shape of             MA5629 Gold Red
                                                            colours.                              the surface through interesting
                                                                                                            reflections.                        MA5630 Space

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                                                        M I S T A I R N A I L S                                                                             THE FINE ART OF BEAUTY

                                    N A I L S   :   F R E N C H M A N I C U R E S T E N C I L S

                                                                      All French Manicure Stencils are supplied on a flexible rectangular sheet.

                                                                      FRENCH MANICURE STENCILS

Mist Air’s Airbrush Spray Out Pot is both                                              MAFR01                                                      MAFR02
stylish and extremely useful.

The cleverly designed airbrush holder on
top of the lid provides a convenient, safe                                             MAFR03                                                      MAFR04
place for you to rest your Airbrush.

                                                                                       MAFR05                                                      MAFR06

Cutting Mat
                                                                                       MAFR07                                                      MAFR08
Precision Cutting Knife
Frisket Film Stencil Sheets
Colour Mixing Wheel Guide
                                                                                       MAFR09                                                      MAFR10
Detailing / Stripping Brushes Set
Colour Mixing Bottles 30ml
Practise Tips Pack
                                                                                       MAFR11                                                      MAFR12
Dotting Tool
Assorted Rhinestones Pack
Gold Glitter Pack
Silver Glitter Pack                                                                    MAFR13                                                      MAFR14

Holo Glitter Pack
Vision Select Nail Art Stencils
AND MORE... SEE PRICE LIST FOR DETAILS.                                                MAFR15                                                      MAFR16

                                                    W W W . M I S T - A I R . C O M
                                                                                 M I S T A I R N A I L S                                                            THE FINE ART OF BEAUTY

                      N A I L S                     :       V I S I O N P R O F E S S I O N A L                           :      S T E N C I L S
 A stunning range of nail art stencils has been developed to complement the colours. Designs are as delightful as they are diverse, ranging from elegant and feminine styles to
                                 more cutting edge statements. All this, plus additional Nail Art Accessories and complete kits are now available.

All Vision Professional Stencils are supplied on a flexible rectangular sheet.








                                                                                                            VIS01                                       VIS02



NES724                                                                                                      VIS03                                       VIS04

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