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					Two kinds of soldierly arts films are "in" these days. The superior hurried sword
drama wuxia and the courageous crude Shaw Brothers-esque kind. "Prodigal Son" is
neither. That's as it's from Golden Harvest Studios, the record film studio of Hong
Kong. A soldierly arts picture from Golden Harvest studios process little or veto
superior hurried acrobatics but innocent, fantastic soldierly arts skirmish. With a little
comedy and history thrown in in support of lovely determine. They made a riches
available counter to the grain, taking risks and ensuring quality. Something Shaw
Brothers hadn't complete in a long period. They made many classics but "Prodigal
Son" really is something special.
  An arrogant fresh brawler named Leung Jaan loves to fight and prides himself on his
soldierly arts skills. A small amount does he know, his rich father is paying group to
lose so his simply son won't persuade hurt. But things take a bend in support of the
worse what time a real kung fu master challenges him and exposes his secret. Before
long he is thrust into the crazy and unsafe earth of the soldierly arts.
  This is the go along with picture Sammo directed approaching Leung Jaan, the real
life master of Wing Chun Kung Fu. The firstly, "Warriors Two" shows Master Leung
as an big man where Prodigal teenager deals with his days as a blemished youth
looking to be a terrific soldierly arts fighter. Wing Chun had not at all really been used
as the basis of a Kung Fu film ahead of as it is a fighting way with the purpose of
relies on inner strength, keeps it's feet steadily on the ground and uses lots of close
quarter combat arrangements which many film makers, even the chance takers next to
Golden Harvest, alleged would simply not piece on the cinema screen. Taking part in
undersized, it wasn't be keen on a sufficient amount. But Sammo knew altered and
made two movies with the purpose of cope to bare everybody with the purpose of real
and visceral Kung Fu knack can be merely as exciting and fluid as a few other kind of
screen fighting. Even though "Warriors Two" does break contemporary ground in
expressions of skirmish with a number of admirable choreography, "Prodigal Son" is
simply better in all way, not simply as a soldierly arts flick but as an engaging and
entertaining film too.
  Leung Jaan is played by Yeun Biao which, in view of his fame in support of superior
hurried acrobatics, was a pretty bold casting decision. But as he and Sammo taught
concurrently in support of years in Master Yu Jin Yeun's opera private school, the
director knew exactly what did you say? His leading man was skillful of and what did
you say? Kind of endurance he might set up with. Yet Yeun Biao's acting is not not at
home shined by his soldierly arts skill and does a wonderful job next to singing the
pampered brat in advance chastise and respect. Yet with all of Yeun Biao's fighting
and acting knack and all of Sammo's skill as director and choreographer (and actor in
a hilarious extended cameo) this film really belongs to the late at night, terrific Lam
Ching Ying as Leung Jaan's master Lung Yee Tai. A favorite of many fans of Hong
Kong skirmish cinema, particularly in support of this performance solitary, Lam
Ching Ying is a marvel to watch. A scholar of Madame Fong Fak Fa's opera private
school, Lam played many female roles on stage in the Cantonese opera as of his
slender build and elegant lithe skill. This made him the achieve amount to drama a
Wing Chun master. Especially solitary who, in this film, is a portion of a peripatetic
opera cast and acting the leading female roles in their performances. Yet he is veto
softie what time it's period to fight and shows incredible performance when
challenged. Like Yeun Biao, Lam Ching Ying not simply shows sour his dazzling way
of skirmish now but he plus gives us a terrific bare by singing the kept and humble
soldierly arts master with the special flare of comedy with the purpose of really livens
up the character and gives it more than solitary dimension. I cannot say a sufficient
amount lovely things approaching Lam's performance. He is a terrific illustration of
why Hong Kong skirmish movies will forever be better than American ones. Hong
Kong has soldierly arts ACTORS not soldierly arts experts irritating to con on film.
Lam Ching Ying was solitary of Hong Kong's finest actors and this film really shows
  Do manually a increase and check not at home this picture. If you like Kung Fu
cinema so therefore it is essential viewing but if you don't so therefore I would
contend on giving this film a look. Granted a number of humour won't translate to
Western viewers. Also a number of of the historical references possibly will require a
quick Google. But if you contact "Prodigal Son" and others like it with an exposed
mind and are willing to bow to the cultural differences flanked by Hong Kong and
other foreign films, so therefore you will experience something contemporary, altered
and exciting. A contemporary earth of fantastic and unique cinema will be opened up
in support of you, and "Prodigal Son" is a terrific place to start.
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