Privileges of a Dunkin Donuts Favorite Kid by djsgjg0045


									If you 鈥檙 e looking for something good to take home to your kids, nothing beats
donuts. With yummy flavors and varieties, your kids are sure to give you one big hug
for the chocolate-covered dough, sprinkle-laden goodie or the classic Bavarian filling.
But not just any donut will do, for sweet treats that are just right for their taste buds,
always go for Dunkin Donuts Philippines.
  As the favorite pasalubong ng bayan, it continues to offer new varieties to satisfy
their ever-changing whim. When you want them to take a break from the sweet
varieties, there are sandwiches available as well, bunwich and croissants. Not only the
kids will love it but the rest of the family as well for they go very well any type of
beverage be it the classic brewed coffee or the healthy alternatives tea and fruit
  As a way of saying thank you to the kids who continue to love its donuts, the
company has created an online community especially for them aptly called the
Dunkin Donuts Favorite Kid.
  The exclusive club is open to kids 12 years old and below. It is so easy to apply for
membership. Either mommy or daddy can accompany the kid to the nearest Dunkin
Donuts Philippines branch to fill up a membership application form. After providing
the necessary details and requirements, the DD Favorite Kid membership committee
will then create an account and email the login info to the applicant.
  Once your kid becomes a member, they will be accorded the exciting Dunkin Donut
favorite kid privilege. The kids can start right away by getting online anytime and
play the various games available on the Dunkin Donuts Favorite Kid site.
  A favorite is the Dress Up Your Dunkin Donuts game which can bring out the artist
in your kid since it features various designs and colors to make their own version of
donut. They can mix and match drizzles, toppings, glaze and clip art. They can even
share their finished donut art to friends by sending their design as an e-card.
  Another interesting game is the Munch Your Dunkin Donuts, a classic 鈥減
acman-inspired 鈥?game where the kids can eat every munchkin that comes their way.
Activity and coloring sheets are also available for download. The members can even
share it with their friends or classmates so they can do things together to bond and
  Kids are naturally curious about a lot of things that 鈥檚 why they are eager to learn
not only through books but also by interacting and playing. By logging in, they can
meet like-minded kids, and share kid stuff too by joining the forum.
  Don 鈥檛 worry about your kid 鈥檚 online safety because a moderator screens the
topics that are to be discussed so only those appropriate for kids will be made
available. So what are you waiting for? Let your kids enjoy playing, interacting and
bonding with their own age, let them be a Dunkin Donuts Favorite Kid.
  For more information about Dunkin Donuts Philippines 鈥?Favorite Kid club,
products, new varieties and offerings, you may contact (632)636-0551 to 59, email               or          visit        their         website

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