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					There are numerous wireless devices on the market today. Such devices include our
cell phones, iPods, and iPads. Printing from these devices is becoming easier and
easier as new software is developed.
  For Apple, the release of the beta version of the iOS 4.2 was recently released. Apple
announced that the AirPrint feature would allow Apple products such as iPads,
iPhones and iPod touches running iOS 4.2 wireless printing directly from the devices.
Apple stated that HP will be the first to offer AirPrint compatibility with its ePrint line
of printers
  With AirPrint, your printer is automatically found over local networks. It then allows
you to print text, photos or graphics without the need to install drivers or download
software. It is said AirPrint will not require user configuration either - users simply
tap to print.
  Other companies have been making software for cell phone printing capacity as well.
PrinterShare was released in 2009. PrinterShare works with Android phones or
iPhones through Android Market or Google App Store. To use nearby printing, you
can print directly without having to install the PrinterShare computer software as long
as you have access to a Wi-Fi printer that is shared on your Local Area Network. The
software company says they support a wide variety of printers.
  For remote printing, that is printing over the Internet, you would have to set up an
account with PrinterShare, which is free and just requires a login to the account. You
would then choose or select your printer. The computer connected to the printer needs
to have PrinterShare software installed, just like when you print from computer to
computer using PrinterShare. If you intend to print to your own printer, the company
recommends you install the computer software first, creating an account, sharing
printer(s) and then using the same account on mobile device to login. This way you
will see your shared printers automatically. In addition, from your mobile device you
may look for printers shared by others, select one and print on it.
  PrinterShare does recommend a 3G or WiFi connection when printing from the
phone to ensure performance. They do state however, that EDGE or any other slower
connectivity will work as well.
  What is the downside of PrinterShare? To print directly to a wireless printer, one has
to own the premium version of the software. Second, you must keep a computer
running that has access to your printer. Last, your printed pages will have a watermark
on them with the company name unless you upgrade to the premium edition. While
PrinterShare has a free edition, knowing the difference between it and the premium
edition is important.
  As the demand for wireless devices grows and become more relied upon by
consumers, the need to print from them in a free and easy manner will also grow.
While most people are using wireless devices to keep from being tethered to other
devices such as printers or they are concerned with saving paper, there will always be
a time when printing out an item will be a necessity.
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