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                                          PAWSitiv e Reflections
                                                                                         ies, Staff, & Fri
                                                                          ation for Famil
                                                          News and Inform

                                                                                               SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2010

                                                                                                                    3044 Horace Street
                                                                                                                   Riverside, CA 92506

Building New and Better Cottages                                                                      

CSDR          makes       huge                                                                     cottage has four pods, with
strides in improving our                                                                           each holding three two-bed
facilities,     with     priority                                                                  rooms. The building space is
given to buildings that                                                                            open; everyone is able to
house our students. Ma-                                                                            see each other from one
jor     construction            is                                                                 corner to another. The patio
planned for five cottages                                                                          area contains nice picnic
–     Phase I was com-                                                                             tables, a barbeque grill, a
pleted last August. The                                                                            covered canopy with lights
floor    plan     was      con-                                                                    for night time, and storage
structed to avoid chop-                                                                            rooms     for     bicycles     and
ping down the old oak                                                                              equipment.
tree.     Four         cottages         Construction kick-off ceremony with VIPs                   Phase II has begun for five
were assigned to High
                                                                                                  more cottages, scheduled to
School        students      and
                                                                                                  be completed this August,
one cottage to Elemen-
                                                                                                  2011. Students comment that
tary students. The state
                                                                                                  they really love the new cot-
-of-the-art        cottages
                                                                                                  tages, that they feel like
feature        many        nice
amenities: computer room, laundry
room, full kitchen, two living rooms,                                                   ~ Farley Warshaw, Director of Residence

video phone booth, and more. Each                                                       ~ Construction photos by Mike Anderson

                                               Pipes made by students in Construction
                                                    and Automotive Technology

                       Before                                                                               After
  PAGE 2                                                                                          PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

Message from Mal
                                                                                             priorities. Our parent/family population
                                                                                             uses a variety of languages in the
                                                                                             home including ASL, English, and
                                                                                             Spanish. To meet the needs of all fami-
                                                                                             lies, CSDR has recently hired two
                                                                                             Family Education Coordinators, who
                                                                                             are fluent in these three languages.
                                                                                             Neva Turoff and Terri Vincent-Lawson
                                                                                             will work together in providing tours to
                                                                                             parents of potential students, assisting
                                                                                             families with resources and informa-
                                                                                             tion, and assuring that parents will al-
                                                                                             ways have a liaison within the school.
 Superintendent Mal Grossinger at the desk of the 1st superintendent, Dr. Richard Brill ,
             along with his old briefcase and bust, at the CSDR Museum                       I hope that you will have an opportunity
As you read through the PAWSitive             assure that they would be properly             to visit CSDR soon to see these
Reflections    newsletter you will,     no    maintained, I assigned Pat the over-           changes for yourself.       After a stroll
doubt, realize what a busy place CSDR         whelming task of creating a school mu-         through our museum you will under-
has been during the first few months of       seum. She has done a remarkable job            stand why we take such pride in our
school.      We    have   made     several    with the help of others, and we have           school ’ s rich history. Then perhaps
changes at the school this year, but two      recently had the honor of unveiling the        you will have time to stop in and meet
of the most significant changes are the       new CSDR Museum. Alumnus, Kevin                our Family Education Coordinators and
new CSDR Museum and the hiring of             Struxness, who authored
two new Family Education Coordina-            a book about the history
tors.                                         of our school, was on
                                              hand to cut the red ribbon.
During my first year as Superinten-
                                              Attendees at the event
dent, Pat Davis ( who was among our
                                              included former       students
first students when this school opened
                                              and retirees who were
in 1953 ) approached me about an is-
                                              able to relive CSDR his-
sue needing my immediate attention
                                              tory by viewing some of
related to the history of our school. It
                                              the original     items     first
seemed that after countless hours of
                                              used when the school
locating and      gathering many   original
                                              opened.         Now         our
school items such as old photo albums,                                        Superintendent Mal Grossinger explains to 1st grader
                                              students,      parents,    and Danik Soudakoff that he is the 6th CSDR Superintendent
trophies, and furniture, the entire lot had
                                              visitors       will       have
been misplaced. Together Pat and I
                                              an opportunity to visit the museum and         discuss how your child can be part of
went in search of “ the lost treasures of
                                              study our school ’ s rich history.             CSDR ’ s future.
CSDR. ” We eventually found the arti-
facts stored off campus in a local stor-      Communication with CSDR families and           ~ Mal Grossinger, Superintendent

age unit. To preserve the items and           community members is one of my top

        3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506                         951-782-6500           
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                           PAGE 3

New Family Orientation
CSDR hosted New Family Orientation          dents participated in a fun game of          Thank you to members and/or staff from

last August. We introduced 155 new          “ H ollywood Squares ” .      The resi-      the      Community       Advisory      Committee

students and their families to our CSDR     dential students and their parents           ( C AC ) , Center on Deafness- Inland
family. One and a half days of activities   learned about the PEAK reward pro-           Empire ( CODIE ) , CSDR, and all others
allowed our new families to interact with   gram in the residence program and            for making this event possible. Carrying
current and new students, parents, staff,   also stayed at our brand new cot-
                                                                                         the torch for this event next year will be
and administrators, as well as school
                                                                                         our new coordinators of Family Education:
counselors and school social workers.
                                                                                         Terri Vincent-Lawson at 951-824-8027
The parents received information about
                                                                                         ( V P ) , and Neva J. Turoff at 951-782-
various programs. In addition, current
                                                                                         4817 ( v ) or 951-824-8127 ( VP ) . You
students and parents participated on a
panel and shared their positive experi-                                                  may reach them anytime for questions.

ences at CSDR. An informative Q and
                                                                                         ~ Darlene Wadler, School Social Worker and
A session followed.          One parent     tages. They had first-hand experience        Interim New Family Orientation Coordinator
commented that it was amazing to see        of what it would be like for the
such a wonderful support system in          students. Parents felt reassured and
place for new parents and students.         happy that their own children were in
                                            good hands.
Staff, administrators, parents and stu-

ASL Classes for CSDR Parents, Families, and Staff
Nothing is better than communicating                                                      has been noticeably high this year! Inter-
in American Sign Language!                                                                ested employees can attend class during
A 13 week semester class began in                                                         the      work    day    to    strengthen     their
September, taught by our expert ASL                                                       communication skills.
instructor, Sharon Wilson, 61 enthusi-                                                    We constantly work to improve sched-
astic parents and family members par-                                                     ules and contacts with parents. We ap-
ticipate in our Tuesday and Thursday                                                      preciate this opportunity to work in part-
evening    classes.    Our    numbers                                                     nership with parents, family members
continue to grow!                                                                         and staff to facilitate communication with
This year we offer different classes:            Sharon Wilson signs “Friend”             our Deaf children. For more information,
Our beginning class is for families who     for questions and answers.
                                                                                          contact Nanci Shrager, Special Instruc-
are just learning sign language or who      Some attend once and others twice a
                                                                                          tional     Projects    Supervisor:      951-782-
have never taken a class.      The ad-      week, learning new sign vocabulary and
                                                                                          6547 ( v ) ,      951-289-7243( S panish ) ,
vanced class is a continuation from         sign sentences and questions. Empha-
                                                                                          951-824-8113 ( VP ) .
ASL I and is for families to increase       sis is placed on developing expressive
their vocabulary base, communication        and receptive skills.                    
ability, and grammatical knowledge.         Also offered is ASL instruction to staff
Both classes include Deaf culture           interested in improving skills. Motivation    ~ Sharon Wilson, ASL Instructor
awareness, guest speakers, and time
PAGE 4                                                                                  PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

  Monthly Deaf             Honor and Pride in Deaf Students
                            First grade recently celebrated Deaf Pride
 and Workshops              Week in September. Students learned the
     September:             CSDR cheer and made cute Cubbie Bear
                            hats. P.E. teacher Reagan Anders came in
      Deafhood              and presented on Deaf pride and how impor-
                            tant it was to have an "I can" attitude. We
                            topped off the week with our annual Deaf
                            Pride parade. Hooray! First grade is PAWSi-
    CSDR Alumni/            tively proud!
         History            ~ Tammie Bervel, Teacher

  Deaf Community/

     December:                                                                          Annual Deaf Pride Parade
    Deaf Heritage

  Deaf Black History

                           “ D e a f h o o d ” * Wo r k s h o p
 Deaf Women History                                                            On September 17-18, Ms. Sandra
                                                                               Ammons visited us from Ohlone
                                                                               College, and introduced to us the
                                                                               concept of Deafhood and Deaf-
 Deaf President Now
                                                                               centrism. Ms. Ammons ’ presentation
         (DPN)                                                                 is based on the writings of Dr. Paddy
                                                                               Ladd ’ s book, Understanding Deaf
         April:                                                                Culture: In search of Deafhood. Dr.
                                                                               Ladd described the word, Deafhood,
    ASL Literature
                                                                               by stating that it is considered deaf
                                                                               individuals ’ journey as they explore
                           Ms. Sandra Ammons, M.A., Workshop presenter signs
          May:                                                                 their place in history and society.
    Deaf Hispanic                                                              “ W hen we refer to African-Americans,
                           How positive are the attitudes toward ASL
                                                                               we do not use the term, ‘ blackness ’ .
                           and the culture of the Deaf? CSDR is com-
                                                                               The term ‘ d eafness ’ implies a con-
         June:             mitted to Language Planning as a part of our
                                                                               dition that we bear, rather than being
Deaf Minority Groups       action plan for school accreditation. This
                                                                               defined as a cultural identity and life
                           year, we are proud to implement a series of
                                                                               experience, ” Ms. Ammons pointed
                           Deafhood-related workshops for our stu-
                                                                               out. She emphasized the importance of
                           dents, staff and community.
                                                                                            See DEAFHOOD page 6

3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506                    951-782-6500          
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                         PAGE 5

I n t e r n at i o n a l D a y o f S i g n e d L a n g u a g e s
Have you discovered the beautiful                                                         were they? Staff, parents, and commu-
treasure of a signed language? The                                                        nity members who either were raised in
International Day of Signed Lan-                                                          a different country, had descended from
guages is celebrated on September                                                         Deaf foreign parents, or became very
25 every year among the Deaf                                                              familiar through travels and personal
around the world. All students and                                                        interactions. Many thanks to you
staff celebrated American Sign Lan-                                                       “ f o reigners ”       –    R adu      Junc
guage by performances and appreci-                                                        ( R o mania) ,        Norman         Weiss
ated the signed languages used in                                                         ( H u ngary ) ,        Liya      Yihedgo
other countries. The emcee, fifth                                                                                    See SIGN page 6
grader Nathaniel Humpal, introduced
ASL chants by very young children           Backpacker Brianna Keough (8th grade)
with ASL teacher Kerry Hile. Nathan-       and Emcee Nathaniel Humpal (5th grade)

iel bid farewell to middle school stu-    signs for words such as: “ HOW
dent Brianna Keough as she set off        ARE       YOU? ” ,      “ MOTHER/
on her world travels. Brianna then        FATHER ” , “ C OLORS ” , and “ I
met, one at a time, Deaf foreign sign-    LOVE YOU” .       The     “ foreigners ”
ers who demonstrated their unique         shared their own cultural tidbits. Who
                                                                                             “Treasure signed language” says Parent
                                                                                             Radu Junc in Romanian Sign Language

Deafhood Student and Staff of the Month
Vianney Bernal worked so hard to                                                             Teresa Maxwell taught herself the
ensure that the Deaf History time-                                                           key points of “ D eafhood ” through
line was ready for the Interna-                                                              extensive research for her Gallaudet
tional Day of Signed Languages.                                                              Leadership Institute internship, and
She completed her timeline within                                                            trained CSDR supervisors. She then
two days, often coming to class                                                              deepened her studies by attending
during her spare time. She even                                                              the Deafhood Summer Institute for a
added extra pictures and informa-                                                            three-week training. After studying
tion which were not required. She                                                            Paddy Ladd ’ s scholarly work, Deaf-
wanted to do her personal best.          Vianney Bernal,            Teresa Maxwell,          hood. Teresa further trained the di-
Although it was stressful, she                                    Curriculum Specialist
                                           HS Student                                       rectors and Instructional supervisors
succeeded! Vianney                                                                                         in Language Planning
is truly appreciated                                                                                       Training sessions. Thank
for what she has                                                                                           you, Teresa!
                                                                                                           ~ Erika Thompson
~ Kevin Croasmus
   PAGE 6                                                                                                   PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

SIGN (cont’d from page 5)

( E t h iopia ) ,   Kaveh    Angoorani                                                               class then presented ASL poetry
( I ran ) , Gloria Moriarty ( Israel and                                                             signing in these symbolic gloves. We
Russia ) , Alla Soudakoff ( R ussia ) ,                                                              then watched a century old video-
and      Humberto            Guzman                                                                  taped presentation from 1912 by our
( M exico ) . The student backpacker                                                                 first National Association of the Deaf
then showed, through a mock pager                                                                    President, George Veditz. Students
videocamcorder, the videoclips of                                                                    and    staff   chanted   and cheered
intriguing foreign contestants from the                                                              “ T reasure signed languages! ” live
Miss Deaf International pageant in                                                                   across all ages, and through a video
Las Vegas last July. The show ended                                                                  created by middle school staff and
as Brianna returned         “ h ome ’   to                                                           students. Veditz ’ s caution to pre-
CSDR to find a treasure chest with                                                                   serve sign language still rings true
                                                 George Veditz’s “The Preservation of Sign Lan-
buried long-sleeved white gloves.                    guage” on Gallaudet Video Catalog               today for our Deaf education program
Teresa Maxwell ’ s middle school ASL                                                                 and the Deaf way of life.

                    As long as we have deaf people on earth, we will have signs . . . Love and
                     guard our beautiful sign language as the noblest gift . . . to deaf people.
                                              ~ George Veditz, 1912

DEAFHOOD (cont’d from page 5)

                                                               culture. Our deaf
                                                               students, staff, and
                                                               community        will
                                                               learn to recognize
                                                               the    history     of
                                                               oppression, how to
                                                               overcome         the
                                                               obstacles       and
                                                               maintain healthy,
                                                               mutual relationship
                                                               with hearing allies.
                                                               The realization and
                                                               meaning           of
Deaf-centrism- feeling proud as a                                                                 * ” Deafhood” is a new and more
                                             “ D eafhood” is still the talk around
deaf individual and become a                                                                      positive term than “ d e afness.”
                                             here in the CSDR neighborhood!
                                                                                                  Deafhood is developed to assist people
capable citizen in the hearing               Ongoing dialogue is encouraged and
                                                                                                  of both cultures ( Deaf and hearing ) in
society.                                     healthy.
                                                                                                  understanding the historical role Deaf
The goals of this monthly work-              ~ Janice Smith-Warshaw,                              have played within the American culture,
shop series are to enhance stu-              ...Curriculum Supervisor                             the value of Deaf and hearing “ allies ” ,.
dents, staff and community ’ s                                                                    It encourages students to advocate for
knowledge, understanding, and                                                                     themselves by taking pride in being Deaf.
appreciation of the history of Deaf

   3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506                              951-782-6500                 
 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                             PAGE 7

 C S D R A l u m n i a n d H i s t o r y Wo r k s h o p
Seven years ago, CSDR alumnus                      alumni what many of us had never
Kevin Struxness ( ’ 7 4 )           had his        known about our school history.
book The CSDR Story: 1945 – 2003                   For   instance,   our   school   was
                                                   founded by a deaf man, a Gallau-
                                                   det graduate, Perry Easton Seely.

                                                                                                 Mother and son point to the picture of
                                                                                               Perry E. Seely, Deaf founding father of CSDR

                                                                                           However, as a new CSDR was in its
              Kevin Struxness, Author                                                      making, Seely met with his untimely
         Fred Gravatt, assisted with layout                                                death before the school opened on
                                                                                           February 2, 1953. Thus the facility that
published. On October 15 during the
                                                                                           is home to the school library, TV pro-
weekend of the CSDR museum un-
                                                                                           duction classes, Bummy Student Cen-
veiling, this former Social Studies
                                                                                           ter, and some principals ’ offices is
teacher returned “ home” to share
                                                                                           called “ Seely ” building. Kevin fondly
with all students and staff and some
                                                                                           described his late
community members and school
                                                                                                                      See CSDR page 8

CSDR Documentary Film from Early Sixties
Visit our CSDR website in “ ASL Vid-                 on both still and motion films for
eos ” to view the video collection of                many years. He did side jobs shoot-
student life at CSDR during the early                ing still pictures for Deaf organiza-
1960 ′ s. These were filmed by the fa-               tions or athletics by doing this in his
ther of alumni Charles Erwin Marsh, Jr.              own darkroom at home. He filmed a
( ‘ 6 3 ) : “ My father ( Charles Marsh,             lot of movies of our family as his
Sr. ) had always been a photographer                 hobby. ” This father enjoyed filming
                                                     his two children Arlene and Charles,
                                                     Jr. on the CSDR campus to show
                                                                                                      Video of Charles Marsh Jr. in
                                                     what the Deaf residential school                 Dr. Larry Newman’s classroom
                                                     had to offer. We thank Charles for
                                                     sharing with us such prized video
                                                                                               is astounding, especially the age old
                                                     archives, giving us a glimpse of
                                                                                               teaching method of communicating
                                                     CSDR in the sixties. Viewing the
                                                                                               through only finger-spelling with
                                                     many things that remained the
                                                                                               very little or no signs!
                                                     same or have completely changed

  Video of Dr. Richard Brill, 1st Superintendent
  PAGE 8                                                                                               PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

CSDR (cont’d from page 7)

childhood and teen years at CSDR                 students lead productive, successful
to be among his best learning                    lives, as alumnus Kevin Struxness
years, which spurred his desire to               and many CSDR alumni have done.
“ g ive back ” to the school for what            For further details on The CSDR
it had done for him. We were in-                 Story, you may purchase the book
spired by the stories and photos                 through the website:
shared during this workshop. We                  or from the current CSDR Alumni
were       also   impressed     with   the       President, Shelly Gravatt, CTE princi-
profiles     of   countless    successful        pal. This workshop was the second of
                                                                           the      monthly

 “I needed both family and school to raise me                              Deafhood-
                                                                           related series
   successfully. The school filled in the gaps.”                           developed      to
                       ~ Kevin Struxness                                   meet        our
                                                                           school     action
                                                                           plan on Lan-
alumni, with quite a good number of              guage Planning, and to promote posi-
those with CSDR roots who eventu-                tive attitude and pride among stu-
ally graduated with doctorate de-                dents, staff, and community about our
                                                                                                    Kevin Struxness, back as a CSDR Student
grees. Our utmost goal is to see our             deaf history.
                                                                                                             Photo from CSDR Story

Alumni / History Staff of the Month
                                             age off-campus and then, with the                 The CSDR museum with its history
                                             help of volunteers, decorating the                is a gift, a valuable part of our deaf
                                             rooms of the museum to every last                 children ’ s heritage.
                                             detail! These dedicated staff and
                                             alumni are true to Cub
                                             spirit and pride! Thank you
                                             to the Center on Deafness
                                             -      Inland         Empire
Alumni Alban Branton and Pat Davis in the
  Athletics section of the CSDR Museum       ( C ODIE ) ,        the   Alumni
            Photo by Shari Kido
                                             Association,        and    CSDR
Alumni Pat Davis            ( ’ 6 3 ) and    staff for helping make our
Alban Branton ( ‘ 8 1 ) , our mu-            museum possible! Thank
seum “ curators ” did a remark-              you for doing this from
able job saving everything in stor-          your heart, Pat and Alban!                                  CSDR Museum
                                                                                               Official Photo by Mike Anderson

  3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506                              951-782-6500               
 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                         PAGE 9

CSDR Open Museum
On October 15 during the weekend of The walls were adorned with historical
the CSDR history workshop, a red rib- jerseys, uniforms, sign posts, award
bon cutting ceremony officially opened plaques, framed paintings and photos.
the CSDR Museum in the “ Sierra ”            We even saw an antique dentist sta-
buildings near the football field. The tion that was once on campus! Tele-
rich, historical archives were finally communication devices were on dis-
open to everyone for a tour!                 play, in different models from 1950s to
                                             present, in sizes that began from large
                                             and cumbersome to small and man-            Linda Grossinger recalls her father fixing old
                                                                                           TTY s as a job when she was a young girl
                                             ageable. The room had old office and
                                             classroom furniture. Dining tables were
                                             set with plates, glasses, silverware,
                                             cloth napkins and chairs used in the
                                             50 ’ s and 60 ’ s. Students, parents,
                                             and alumni took turns conversing with
       CSDR Museum in Sierra Buildings       Kevin Struxness and getting his auto-
   (Formerly DMHU and Old Middle School)     graph on their copy of The CSDR
                                             Story ( see workshop article ) .
                                                                                          Alumnus smells for vinegar to test the quality
                                                                                                        of the film reel

                                                                                          Did you miss out on this spectacular
                                                                                          event? Not to worry! Students, staff,
                                                                                          and the community may contact Pat
                                                                                          Davis      ( )
                                                                                          to schedule a tour during the hours
                                                                                          of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through

                                             Old dentist equipment , once used at CSDR

Red Ribbon Ceremony— Mal Grossinger, Pat
 Davis, Alban Branton, and Kevin Struxness

                                                                                          “Cubs” and “CSDR” by the Junc children
                                             Autograph from historian Kevin Struxness
       Alban Branton answers questions          Bustamante family attended CSDR
           about the CSDR artifacts                  for three generations
PAGE 10                                                                                       PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

We the Students and Staff . . .
We the students and staff of the 5th grade, in order to form a more
enriching environment,

establish fairness,

insure classroom tranquility,

support Character Counts,

provide for the common learning,
                                                                                     Superintendent Mal Grossinger at
promote respect for each other,                                                           Preamble ceremony

and ensure the blessings of school spirit, happiness, and fun for

ourselves and our friends,

do ordain and establish this

Constitution for the 5th grade of CSDR.

~ All 5th grade students and staff at CSDR

                                                                                5th graders sign agreement to their class
                                                                                 developed Preamble for this school year

Vo l u n t e e r i s m i s t h e Ke y t o S u c c e s s
Honor is in being called forth                                                       to support a program that supports
to volunteer.    On Sept 11,                                                         CSDR. She was thrilled to show her
one of our students in the                                                           class a video of her day and some pic-
Special     Needs     program,                                                       tures that they took of her volunteer-
Jenn      McNicholas,   volun-                                                       ing. Way to go, Jenn!
teered four hours at United                                                          Some of the other sponsors at this
Way.      She spent the day                                                          project were Local 721 SEIU, Strong-
putting together packages                                                            hold Engineering, Starbucks Coffee,
with her parents for Strong-                                                         Ace Hardware, So Cal, City of River-
hold Engineering, the com-                                                           side, Frazee Paint, Swiss Milk, Fresh
pany for whom her mom            Student Jenn McNicholas, an outstanding volunteer   Dairy Direct, Day of Caring, Chick-Fil-
works.     These care pack-                                                          A, Hooters, Keep Riverside Clean and
ages were for Operation School Bell                                                  Beautiful, Rainer Painting Pros, United
which helps a lot of schools in the area    Jenn got right to work knowing what      Way, Wells Fargo, and Rotary Interna-
including CSDR. Help goes to those          to do, after her off campus experi-      tional. Thank you for giving our Special
students who are in need of basic mate-     ence in the High School Work Ability     Needs students the opportunity to work
rials – bath sponges, toothpaste, water     program. She showed her mom and          with the businesses in our community!
bottles, towels, soap, and deodorant.       dad the steps to take. Jenn was
                                                                                     ~ Tina Anderson, Teacher
Also put together are book packages for     happy to volunteer on her own time

  3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506                     951-782-6500             
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                 PAGE 11

M at h Fa c t o r s – a Re a l L i fe P h y s i c a l L e s s o n
What is the best way to teach the        ting all the chairs together in a      being a factor of six.        This was a
factors of six? On October 7, our        group, he had the students take        whole-body kinesthetic activity that
mathematics        specialist   Darrin   their own chairs and arrange them      my students enjoyed and it reawak-
Green came to our classroom to           in whatever way they wanted. The       ened in them the joy of math!
help the students get a better           first set-up was in two rows of        ~ Anita Metroka, Teacher
grasp of the concept of multiples        three.     Darrin explained that two
and factors. He led the students         and three are factors of six. Then
outside with their chairs. After put-    he pulled the chairs back into a
                                         single group and had the students
                                         rearrange them into a new setting.
                                         A couple of the students got it and
                                         they led the others into the new
                                         seating.     This time it was three
                                         rows of two. This went on for a
                                         while until the students exhausted
                                         the arrangement of factors of six.
                                                                                       Students enjoying the real life
                                         The students came inside and                       physical activity
                                         were better able to answer the
                                         questions as to certain numbers

New Reading—Language Arts Textbooks
Language                                 books. After a thorough review of        their home computers. Please talk
Arts     class-                          the various programs approved by         to your child’ s teacher for website
rooms        re-                         the state of California, parents and     information.
ceived      new                          teachers selected McMillan McGraw        ~ Melissa Brown, Curriculum Specialist
textbooks     in                         Hill for Kindergarten and elementary
kindergarten                             classrooms. The Middle
t h r o u g h                            School and High School
twelfth grade                            classrooms are using the
classrooms                               newly adopted Glencoe
this school year. Although fund-         Literature programs. All
ing is tight, new materials for          of the programs have
reading and writing were consid-         websites with ample sup-
ered a priority and students             port materials that stu-
started the year with their new          dents can access from
           PAGE 12                                                                                         PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

                                  Elementary Pachappa Bowl
 Student Athlete
  of the Month:                   Did you have fun at                                      they all left with a smile on their cute and
 Andrew Carrillo                  our annual Elemem-                                       adorable faces. We ’ re happy for the great
                                  tary Bowl, formerly                                      success!
                                  known as Pachappa                                        ~ Andy Bubeck. Supervisor of Residential Program
                                  Bowl?. We had a
                                  wonderful     turnout!
                                  The        inclement
                                  weather did not de-
                                  ter the children at
                                  all. In fact, they were oblivious to the rain as
Andrew is a very good
                                  evident in their repeat trips to the snow cone
listener and works with-
                                                               stand      devouring
out complaints or ex-
                                                               every morsel of fla-
cuses. He attends every
                                                               vored ice. The chil-
Cross Country practice
                                                               dren     were     really
and always gives 100%
                                                               happy      with     the
effort.     When       instruc-                                prizes they won and
tions for practice are
given, he will ask if he
                                  Middle School Rubidoux Bowl
can run more or go on a
longer route. Andrew is           We had the Rubidoux Bowl on October 21st. It            looked dazzling! We ate a delicious dinner and

also a good communi-              first started 20 years ago in 1990. How amaz-           played many dance games. All students and
                                  ing we still continue one of the longest running        staff at CSDR want to congratulate Wayne
cator, always informing
                                  traditions! The students look forward to this           Aguirre and Alana Smith on being named King
the       coaches      of   his
                                  once a year early release. Student Body Gov-            and Queen of the 2010 Rubidoux Bowl! .
whereabouts. His com-
                                  ernment officers ran the pep rally. They intro-         Thanks to everyone who helped and volun-
mitment and dedication
                                  duced middle school football, girls' volleyball,        teered!
to the team are truly             boys ’ volleyball, and cheerleading teams. The
appreciated.                      coaches gave inspiring speeches. We played a            ~Mia Murphy and Alana Smith, Middle School Students
                                                                                          and Jasmine Goolsby, Counselor
                                  spirit game and different carnival games for
- By David Hamilton,              points and prizes. We enjoyed food and drinks           View detailed article “Unbelievable Game!”
Athletic Director                 at the Social Hall.                                     about the football game by Coach Ryan
                                  Many students watched the
                                  football   game.      The   boys
                                  fought harder than they have
                                  ever fought, into the record
                                  breaking 60 ’ s, losing to their
                                  opponent by only two points.
                                  Later that night, we all got
                                  ready and dressed up for din-
                                  ner and the dance. Everyone                              CSDR MS Boys Football Team 2010

      3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506                          951-782-6500                
  SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                   PAGE 13

  H i g h S ch o o l H o m e c o m i n g
                                                                                                              Student Athlete
  During the weekend of October 23, CSDR               We     all   socialized                                 of the Month:
  welcomed CSD ( Fremont ) to our home                 together     well   and
                                                                                                               Nilson Avalos
  field to compete in football, track, and cheer-      supported each other
  leading. The football teams were close in            after the game at the
  scores for the first half of the game, before        fun     homecoming
  CSD picked up. Cheerleading student Ian              dance in the Social
  Vazquez described this as an exhilarating            Hall, ” says Vazquez. Football star Raymond
  and positive weekend. “ W e engaged in               Nelson was crowned as King, and CSDR TV
  heated rivalry with our sister school that fired     newscaster       Montana    Murphy      as   Queen.
  us up with motivation to root for our teams.         Whether we hail from the north or the south, we
                                                       are all rooted together in being Deaf with many        Nilson volunteered to
                                                       friendships and unlimited possibilities.               be the mascot for us
                                                                                                              and comes to cheer
                                                                                                              practice after he fin-
                                                                                                              ishes his Cross Country
                                                                                                              practice. He tries hard
                                                                                                              to learn the dances and
                                                                                                              cheers,      as     well   as
                                                                                                              stunts. He is always

Spike Out XII                                                                                                 courteous     and      really

                                                                    ( M i nnesota ) ,        and     OSD      wants to be part of the
PAH!        Spike Out 2010 came to
Riverside for the first time. Spike                                 ( O regon ) . Maryland beat out ISD       team. He has a lot of
Out is a nation-wide women ’ s                                      to win the championship for the 5    th   initiative    and      wants
volleyball tournament that draws in                                 straight year. CSDR hosted all visit-     “ B ig Red ”      to be a
twelve different Deaf schools in a                                  ing teams in our newly renovated          part of every event. He
two day-round robin competition for                                 cottages. Each team had the luxury        never complained about
the championship title. Each year                                   of experiencing FEAST prepared
                                                                                                              being inside the cub,
the schools who participate will                                    snacks, nightly activities hosted by
                                                                                                              even when the weather
vary. This year, due to the econ-                                   our students, and a farewell dance
                                                                                                              was over 90 degrees!
omy and budget restraints,                                          and ice cream party. Not only did
                                                                                 our students participate
                                                                                                              He loves keeping the
two schools had to drop
out    of    the    tournament.                                                  as a team in the tourna-     mascot “ secret ” and
The remaining nine visiting                                                      ment ( placing 9th over-     never tells anyone that
schools       included       ISD                                                 all ) , but those students   he is inside. He is a
( I ndiana) ,               CSD                                                  who chose not to be part     great example of
( F r emont) ,              MSSD                                                 of the volleyball experi-    Riverside Pride!
( W a s hington         D.C. ) ,                                                 ence    participated    in
MSD ( Maryland ) , ASDB                                                          other meaningful ways:
( A rizona) ,               PSD                                                  managing the snack bar,
( P hoeniz,        AZ ) ,    TSD   CSDR HS Girls Volleyball Team 2010            photo   and    video   re-
( T exas) ,                 MSAD                                                     See SPIKE Page 14
  PAGE 14                                                                                               PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

C S D R i n t h e S p o t l i g h t at G a l l a u d e t H o m e c o m i n g
Gallaudet University, the only liberal      CSDR alumnus Cesar Ayala has been             Bison's Next Top Model, an unexpected
arts school of higher education for         crowned as Gallaudet Homecoming               huge hit on campus that even spread to
the deaf, has selected our own Ath-         King 2010! Also, a fellow alumnus Kent        other schools setting their own shows. ”
letic Director, David Hamilton, for the     Turner was Prince on the Royal Court.         Cesar also thanks CSDR for his success
2010 Athletic Hall of Fame! David           Ayala wrote through e-mail: “ A boy can       and aspirations.
was inducted during the October 30          dream, and for me that would be some-
weekend of Gallaudet Homecoming.            day landing a spot as a world-wide ce-
Congratulations, David!                     lebrity photographer. Gallaudet gave me
                                            so many opportunities, opening the
                                            doors for creativity, networking, and a
                                            future filled with possibilities. For in-
                                            stance, I was empowered to found the
                                                    “Not only did Gallaudet help me,
                                                        YOU made me a STRONG
                                                               person today.
                                                      Thank You, CSDR. Go Cubs!”
                                                                           -Cesar Ayala '05”

Harvest Party Fun for Children
Haunted house, baked goodies and            baked sweets      were served. The          were the sweets sold, but also water and
a jailhouse filled with creepy crawl-                                                   pizza. A large, mastiff dog dressed as a
ers and fairytale folk . . . how ‘ s that                                               lion was there, and the kids could have
for you? Community Advisory Coun-                                                       their pictures taken with it. The haunted
cil   ( CAC )    officers Carol Bella-                                                  house was smoked out with fog and had
Adams and Tiffany Cochran did an                                                        bright flashing strobe           lights. From the
amazing job hosting the party, mak-                                                     evil creepy headless human-eating mon-
ing it enjoyable for the toddlers and                                                   ster     to   the    children: “ Mwahahaha!”
adults! The costume competition,            baked goods, made by the staff and          Hope ya ’ ll enjoyed your Halloween as
multiple games, and really delicious        parents involved, were a hit! Not only      much as I did!               ~ Maj Lesti, HS Student

SPIKE (cont’d from page 13)

cording    the   event    for   SportMX     students. From planning, to facilitating       connect,         share,     experience,     and
( w w                   and putting into action, Spike Out 2010        learn from each other in the common
sportsmx ) , creating ice breaker and       could not have been the huge success           language of sports. It is rich tradi-
nightly activities, picking up and drop-    that it was without the help of our dedi-      tions such as Spike Out that make a
ping teams off at the airport, advertis-    cated and spirited students, and for that      valuable part of our culture. We look
ing the event around campus, devel-         a great big THANK YOU to everyone              forward to the Spike Out 2011 tour-
oping the lay out and printing of the       involved. Aside from the stiff competi-        nament in Indianapolis. View website
program book, and so much more.             tion, Spike Out provides Deaf students         “ S portMX + Spike Out ” for videos.
This event was about empowering our         across the nation an opportunity to                ~ Gloria Daniels and Traci Price,
                                                                                                    Spike Out Co-Coordinators

 3044 Horace Street, Riverside, CA 92506                        951-782-6500                      
 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010                                                                                                 PAGE 15

C H A R AC T E R C O U N T S ! a n d Re d R i b b o n We e k
Students need to learn about good      and to make right choices when it               COUNTS!, you can check this site:
character as well as gain aware-       comes to drugs.                       
ness about drug abuse. During the      CHARACTER COUNTS! week is a kick                ~ Kelly Gunderson, School Counselor
last weeks of October, CSDR has        off for the school year with this pro-
been celebrating these programs        gram. Throughout the school year, we
                                                                                  1.     Think before you act.
                                       work with staff and students to “ catch
                                                                                  2.     Ask others you respect for advice.
                                       the good ” and emphasize in academic
                                                                                  3.     Be honest with yourself and others.
                                       and residential programs what it means
                                       to have good character. The six pillars    4.     Know all your options.

                                       are:   Trustworthiness, Respect, Re-       5.     Don’t give in to peer pressure.

                                       sponsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citi-   6.     Keep a clear head.
                                       zenship. Please continue checking our      7.     Gather all the facts.
                                       school website on the counseling ser-      8.     Imagine the consequences of each choice-
                                       vices site for more information on
                                                                                  9.     Remember your values and goals.
                                       CHARACTER COUNTS! programs. To
with healthy discussions about what                                               10. Practice makes perfect!
                                       learn more about CHARACTER
it means to have good character

L e a r n t o b e D r u g Fr e e
Physical     education
classes in elementary
and early childhood
education         did     a
laps-a-thon              to
emphasize               how
important    it    is    to
exercise 30 minutes a day and to         The classes in middle school talked           -out letters from the banner onto the
keep our bodies drug free. It is one     about drugs and alcohol and the ef-           fence on Maude St. The students re-
of the many activities that our          fects they can have on a person.              placed the letter spaces with red cups
school is involved with for Red Rib-     Drugs can make you lose control of            that remained after they took down the
bon Week.                                your body; drugs and alcohol can hurt         banner. The concerned and inquisitive
                                         your baby when you are pregnant;              students want to do more to teach
                                         drugs can kill you. The 6th grade stu-        young people and adults about the
School                                   dents in Katie Nicholson’ s     Earth         risks and effects alcohol and drugs can
Counselor                                Science class had good discussions            have on a person. Mrs. Nicholson is
                                         about drugs and alcohol. The stu-             very proud of her students for their
                                         dents agreed to and made a ban-               hard work, good discussions, and
                                         ner: ” Be Smart, Don ’ t Start. ” The         great character!
                                         next day the students hung up the cut
                                                                                       ~ Katie Nicholson, Teacher
  PAGE 16                                                                                                 PAWSITIVE REFLECTIONS

Mark Your Calendar . . .
For updates, sports, and other details, go to
November: Deaf Advocacy/Awareness
10/1-      Desired Results Developmental Profile –
                                                            Deafhood Workshop Presenters
11/30      Preschool students
11/6       Deaf Community/Advocacy Workshop with
           Dr. Tom Holcomb
11/9       ASL I Classes
11/10      ASL Book Club                                                                                                   Donations
11/11      Open House / Career Day / Book Fair /                                                                        Special Thanks
           ASL II Classes / Veteran Day                                                                   Donations to support CSDR Programs:
                                                             Dr. Tom Holcomb          Dr. M.J. Bienvenu
11/15      Gallaudet President Hurwitz Presentation                                                       •      Larry Newman
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11/18      ASL II Classes                                                                                 •      Gerald Sullivan
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                                                           New Educators
11/22      Thanksgiving Recess Begins
                                                                                                          •      Holy Angel Church of the Deaf
11/29      HS Food Drive Begins                                                                           •      Davis Nguyen
11/30      ASL I Classes                                   Hired at CSDR                                  Donations to Athletics program in the

December: Deaf Heritage                                                                                   memory of Jason Ammons, a devout
                                                           Neva Turoff, Family Educator
           ASL Storytelling @ Barnes and Noble                                                            fan:
                                                           Terri Vincent, Family Educator                 •      Helen Inga
12/2       ASL II Classes
                                                           Tanya Long, SN Teacher                         •      Nancy Gallagher
12/7       CAC Meeting / ASL I Classes
                                                           Lindsey Minton, ES Teacher                     •      Melinda Reins
12/8       ASL Book Club
                                                           Kendra Rose, ES Teacher                        •      Anna Petrillo
12/8-12    HS Triple S Basketball Tournament
12/9       Silent Sleigh / MS/SN Honor Roll Assem-         Jaclyn Vincent, ES Teacher
                                                                                                          *See list of donations and advertise-
           bly/ ASL II Classes                             Kevin Croasmun, HS Teacher                     ment in CSDR CAN Spook-tacular
12/10      TH Gallaudet ’ s Birthday / Parent Confer-                                                     Program Book on the CSDR website.
                                                           Benjamin McCrory, HS Teacher
           ence ( ECE/ES/MS ) / Food Drive Ends
                                                           Candice Macy, CTE Art Teacher                  *Other donations will be listed in the
12/14      CSDR ASL I Classes
                                                                                                          next edition.
                                                           Ashley Renslow, Speech Teacher
12/15      Bill of Rights Day
                                                           Rachel Mingo, School Psychologist
12/17      SN Special Athletics—Holiday Dance
                                                           Scott Kerby, Student Services Specialist
12/20      Winter Recess Begins
                                                                                                                     Published Bi-monthly
12/29      Laurent Clerc ’ s Birthday
                                                           Philip Kyre, Behavior Intervention Case
                                                                                                              Deadline for November/December
January: Deaf Black History                                Manager                                                          Issue:
                                                           Brian Williams, Behavior Intervention                    December 13, 2010
1/4        Classes Resume
                                                                                                                   500 word limit on articles
1/5        ASL Storytelling @ Barnes and Noble             Case Manager
                                                                                                                       Email articles to:
1/8        Deaf Empowerment Workshop with Dr.              Ana Galvez, Student Aide
           M.J. Bienvenu                                                                               
                                                           Nathan Shimizu, Student Aide
1/11       HS Financial Aid Workshop & Senior Tran-
           sition Day / CAC Meeting                        April Getten, Student Aide
11/12      ASL Book Club                                   Brent Gogswell, Student Aide
                                                                                                                       Newsletter Editor:
1/13-15    Clerc Classic ( B aseball ) @ TSD               Cody Meadows, Student Aide                                  Erika Thompson
1/17       MLK Day ( School Closed ) / Western                                                                Community Resource Coordinator
           States Basketball Classic @ USD
                                                                   Welcome and thank you for                        Newsletter Printed by:
1/18-24    HS 1st Semester Finals
                                                                                                                  CSDR Graphic Arts Class
1/19       MS/SN SBG Assembly
                                                                    serving our deaf children
                                                                                                                    Instructor: Wes Rinella
1/25       HS Mid-Winter Ball                                                at CSDR!
1/27       HS 2nd Semester Begins

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