; Predictive and Progressive dialers
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Predictive and Progressive dialers


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									Today 鈥 檚 call center environments require the utmost in agent efficiency,
particularly when it comes to unsuccessful call attempts. To increase your potential,
we offer both predictive and progressive dialer solutions to fit your business
requirements. A progressive dialer sends the potential contact 鈥檚 information to the
agent 鈥檚 desktop and then automatically dials the number for that agent until it gets
a valid contact. Predictive dialers automate outbound dialing and screen out
answering machines and busy signals. Once a live contact is made, the call is put
through to an available agent.
  Xarios Dialer is a telemarketing dialer designed to provide a complete solution for
outbound power dialing. This progressive dialing software program is specifically
written for the Inter-Tel Axxess 庐 converged communications platform and does not
require its own dedicated trunks or hardware. Used with digital display phones for
agents, Xarios Dialer connects to the server via System OAI and auto dials for agents
from a pre-loaded campaign database. The Xarios Dialer is considered a progressive
dialer because calls are made sequentially and agents hear the call ring out before the
called party answers.
  Telecom Care is a leading provider of predictive dialer solutions. Telecom Care's
flagship product, Mitel 5000 and Mitel 3300 , enables contact centers to create, launch
and manage highly targeted and effective sales, service, retention, research and
collections campaigns. Companies could enjoy the advantages of a scalable, open
solution that combines advanced computer telephony technology with powerful
desktop software for customer campaign automation and agent dialogue management.
  For more information on telephone system supply and support please visit the
following                                                                          link,
http://www.telecomcare.net/index.php/mitel-inter-tel-5000-telephone-system.html 鈥?

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