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									Credit Suisse Research Reports Now Available on Trepp

As a continuation of our commitment to providing the European CMBS market with transparent
and vital, up-to-date information, Trepp is redistributing Credit Suisse’s weekly European CMBS
Monitor as well as its Quarterly CMBS Surveillance reports (for all Titan Europe and Cornerstone
Titan transactions).
Credit Suisse is a demonstrated leader in providing fixed-income research and analyses to their
clients worldwide. By providing access to these reports, Trepp and Credit Suisse illustrate their
continued dedication to supporting their clients’ success.
To access the reports, please log on to using your unique, Trepp user ID and
password and follow these instructions:
    •   Click on the blue “Watch” button
    •   Roll over the “Deal” tab on the menu bar
    •   Scroll down to and click on the “CMSA Servicer Files & Remittance Reports”

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