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					PPC News reports have revealed that pay per click advertising can be used to test
keywords and should be taken advantage of immediately. Besides, there isn't a better
way to determine the profitability and/or popularity of certain keywords.
 Here's how to find how popular or how much profit can be made from certain
 Take a keyword and perform a search on it to determine the results. The results
should pop up. The way in which you determine if a specific keyword is appropriate
for your site based upon popularity and competitiveness is discovered through a
keyword effectiveness index (KEI). However, the KEI doesn't reveal how profitable a
keyword could be for a website. Nevertheless, it is a great place to begin a search for
the most suitable keywords for a website.
 A pay per click campaign that focuses on the most suitable keywords for a given
niche tells rather or not a group of keywords can be profitable. Getting lots of
click-through for a particular keyword is an excellent way of knowing the
productivity of a given keyword but the conversion rate will be determined by the
effectiveness of your landing page. Once profitable keywords are found, they should
be plugged into your ads and the landing page; only then will you see the fruits of
your labour.
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