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Power Adapters In Flight Mode


									For the oft traveled passenger, an essential component for every trip is possibly the
power adapters. Drawing a similarity to the infamous quote, one should never leave
home without it. Due to each nation 鈥檚 need to demonstrate its power inflections
via shapes and numbers of pins, plugs and points, this component thus becomes an
essential item in one 鈥檚 carry-on case.
  In this current age of increasing mobility, one is presented with the opportunity to
work, communicate and be entertained within the confines of one 鈥檚 laptop
computer or gadget of choice. For the go-getter who always scans the air space to find
a wireless network to connect to, power is next on his mind as the battery bars on his
device flash a warning message. Passengers in airport terminals are contented to
connect to wireless networks and wired power sockets. Upon shift of locale into the
airplane, some may reluctantly shut down their devices as though parting is such
sweet sorrow from a dear friend.
  To cater to passengers 鈥?need to continue with their computer activity, some airline
companies equip their fleet of airplanes with suitable power adapters. These forms of
in-seat power source are not the same as plugging one 鈥檚 power socket into the
nearest wall point. Depending on airlines, some provide power points for alternating
current which comply by the nation 鈥檚 specifications. Usually this is the most
convenient as they work with standard connectors and do not require a change in
voltage supply. Other forms may use a port similar to cigarette lighters in cars. There
is also another commonly seen port in airplanes and require an additional adapter to
connect to the cigarette-type adapter. Since most power ports in airplanes provide a
relatively low voltage, a suitable adapter is normally required to power a computer of
higher capacity. More often than not, airlines only allow passengers to utilize their
in-seat power source for actual work and not to charge batteries.
  By obtaining an adapter which can connect to multiple sources and devices, this
should resolve one 鈥檚 dilemma in having to cart a bagful of accessories.

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