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									                                                                              Chirnside Park Vic 3116
                                                                        (m) 0403 195 457 | (p) 03 9727 5097
JOSIE MINUTILLO                                                            (e)

                        SALES & MARKETING COORDINATOR
                  Sales  Marketing  Events Coordination  Customer Service
High-performance marketing professional with expansive experience and impressive achievements in propelling
customer, distributor, and profitability growth across diverse highly competitive industries. Confident
communicator with the ability to anticipate/analyse client needs while utilise strong cold calling abilities to
deliver impressive lead generation outcomes. Innate capacity to scrutinise core issues, devise creative and
realistic solutions, while arouse ‘buy-in’ and support from key stakeholders. Hands-on team player, develop and
deliver marketing plans and collaborator, openly sharing information and providing quality input to decision
making and team efforts; and equally skilled at working autonomously. Possess solid reputation for maintaining
uncompromising regard for first-class service, customer satisfaction and retention, surpassing both corporate
and client expectations. Member of good standing with Australian Marketing Institute and Chamber of
Commerce and Industry. Providing valuable input as a Marketing Mentor.

                                               Value Offered:

-   Sales, Marketing & Promotional Initiatives
-   Key Customer / Distribution Relations                 -   Prospecting, Cold Calling & Lead Generation
-   Corporate Website Maintenance & Updating              -   Sales Opportunities Identification & Growth
-   Product Launches & Special Events Organisation        -   Communication & Interpersonal Excellence
-   Staff Leadership & Supervision                        -   Training Workshops Planning & Execution
-   Social Media Marketing / Blogging                     -   Complaint Handling & Problem Solving
-   Chamber of Commerce & Industry- Board                 -   Marketing Mentor (Aust Marketing Institute)

                                           Career Snapshot

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY- Board Member                                                  5/2010-Current
Marketing & Events
APPOITMENT SETTER                                                                              7/2010-CURRENT

FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION                                                                        5/2005-Current
Sales Marketing & Events Manager
BIOLAB (AUST) PTY LTD trading as Datataker, Scoresby                                             6/2008-1/2009
Senior Marketing Coordinator | Customer Care Coordinator
DATATAKER PTY LTD, Rowville                                                                      6/2001-6/2008
Senior Sales Marketing & Events Coordinator
SALES & SERVICE MOMENTUM, Doncaster                                                              4/2001-6/2004
Telephone Sales & Customer Service

Previous experience demonstrating exceptional communication and customer relationship building skills within
                                       the financial/banking sector.

                                             Career Narrative

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FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION                                                                         5/2005-Current
Sales Marketing & Events Manager
Built from ground up and continue to manage a thriving boutique jewellery business with a 100-strong
customer base through adopting strategic sales and marketing initiatives successfully generating leads and
subsequent party bookings and sales via events, direct marketing and sales. Maintain the company’s website.

BIOLAB (AUST) PTY LTD trading as Datataker, Scoresby                                                                      6/2008-1/2009
Australasia’s leading largest provider of scientific instruments and consumables to the scientific and medical markets.
Senior Marketing Coordinator | Customer Care Coordinator
Following acquisition of Datataker by Biolab and the subsequent departure of the                              Role Snapshot:
Marketing Manager/Managing Director, stepped into a key senior marketing role.                                - Staff Leadership
Assumed full responsibility for all marketing and promotion obligations, alongside                            - Newsletter Editing
continuing to perform the same duties from Datataker, while also migrating and                                   & Distribution
integrating an existing 7,000 clientele/distribution base into the new business                               - Website /
minimising impact on the current $1.5-$2M annual sales figures.                                                  Administration
Key Achievements:
                                                                                                              - Marketing
    Retained an impressive 95% of existing customers/distributors following                                     Publication Designer
     acquisition of Datataker by Biolab through adopting various sales, marketing and                         - Client Care &
     customer relationship management initiatives.                                                               Relations
                                                Career Narrative – cont’d

     Instrumental in increasing traffic and securing of 1st and 2nd place ranking on Google
      searches following implementation of strategic search engine optimisation and keyword tactics.
      - Maintained an expansive website ensuring information about 30+ products and other marketing
          information was up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible by site visitors.
     Streamlined processes for the monthly corporate newsletter (sent out to over 7,000 customers and
      distributors) enabling internal staff to contribute content, enhanced compliance and raised awareness of
      necessary changes to be made to products, flyer and company website.
     Enhanced customer awareness of our extensive product range through participating at the
      Enviro 08 Conference with ~1,000 visitors attending the exhibition over the 3 days.
     Generated an impressive 20% interest from potential clients following the development of an
      Environmental brochure, providing readers with a clearer understanding of the application our products
      provided for the environmental industry.

DATATAKER PTY LTD, Rowville                                                                                          6/2001-6/2008
Leading designer and manufacturer of industrial data logging, recording and data acquisition systems to a global market.
Senior Sales Marketing & Events Coordinator
Promoted from CRM Officer (Marketing Department) into this multifaceted senior                                Role Snapshot:
level role and despite limited training successfully managed all sales and marketing                          - Sales & Marketing
functions, reignited and strengthened communications and involvement with                                       Planning
distributors, which had previously lapsed, and overhauled outdated and ineffective                            - Staff Leadership
training workshop processes. This resulted in happier staff, customers and distributors;                      - Marketing Material
                                                                                                                Design &
saw a reduction in time and errors; and a 10-30% increase in sales through improved
and well-structured training workshop/exhibitions.                                                            - Newsletter Editing &
Key Achievements:                                                                                               Distribution
                                                                                                              - Distributor Support
                                     Product Launches                                                           & Relationship
-     Organised multiple highly successful product launches and road shows on-time                              Management
      and within budget, bringing innovative new products to market during 2005, 2007                         - Training Workshop
      and 2008 with results consistently delivering above-expected results.                                     Manual Creation
                                                                                                              - Website /
      - Involved in logistics/agenda planning and all marketing strategy/materials,                             Administration
         including CDs, posters and specification sheets; and produced advertisements,                          System Maintenance
         press releases and hand outs with interstate and overseas distributors.                              - Corporate Event
      - Boosted sales by 20% (2008) following launch of software products DT80G,                                Organisation
         DT85G, CEM20 and DeLogger 5Pro software, with 25 interstate and global                               - Product Launches
         distributors attending the event.                                                                    - Travel Arrangements
                                                                                                              - Company
      - Concurrent with 2008 launch organised company’s 25th Anniversary

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          celebration with 60+ local and overseas special guests in attendance. Evening       Promotional Gifts
          was a huge success and enabled guests to view a timeline of the company’s
          history and achievements.

                                                Sales & Marketing
     Enabled corporate website to secure coveted 1st, 2nd or 3rd ranking in Google searches by
      stepping in to oversee entire website strategy involving website design, keyword selection and placement,
      and ensuring information was current.
     Utilised creative talents to collaborate and suggest innovative and eye-catching designs for posters, flyers
      and product specification sheets for printing and inclusion on the corporate website. Received impressive
      accolades from prospective/existing customers and distributors.
     Stepped in and assumed full control over the monthly newsletter encompassing development of content
      and coordinating overall distribution successfully developing a powerful marketing tool being sent to a
      7,000+ strong database.
                      Distribution Network Support & Relationship Management
     Achieved training attendee number targets and increased sales by 10-30% by supporting distributors in
      their marketing efforts and training events.
     Strengthened relationships with a 55-strong (and growing) worldwide distributor and reseller base by
      managing administrative systems and procedures and organising marketing kits for new distributors.
     Supported Sales / Business Managers for Australia and Asia in achieving aggressive sales targets through
      devising core marketing and promotional campaigns/paraphernalia, including pamphlets, brochures etc.

                                        Career Narrative – cont’d

                        Customer Network Support & Relationship Management
     Continued to expand and forge solid alliances with ~7,000 customers across the globe through multiple
      marketing methods including direct contact, phone, exhibitions, training workshops and newsletters.
     Played key role in the achievement of direct marketing targets through performing comprehensive
      research of magazines for press release and advertising opportunities.
     Provided responsive, client-focused information when managing between 5 to 20 client training enquiries
      per day via website or telephone enabling sales team to effectively close the deal during follow up.
                                                   Special Events
     Saved company time and thousands of dollars on equipment when organising a Brisbane-based
      training workshop and Sydney-based exhibition in conjunction with distributors on the same day.
      Organised logistics with one transport company and arranged for equipment to be disassembled,
      transported and reassembled at second event, avoiding additional equipment charges.
     Key organiser, overseeing all aspects of the company in exhibiting products/services at major
      national/international exhibitions and high profile corporate events at Enviro, AMAN Queensland,
      National Manufacturing Week, Automate, AWA Environmental Conference & Exhibition, Automation &
      Dam Monitoring (China), Autotest (Europe) to name a few, with all events running smoothly.
      - Boosted company’s profile nationally and overseas strengthening alliances with existing
          clients/distributors while establishing new relationships with prospective clients/representatives.
      - Received positive feedback from attendees and multiple corporate awards for efforts and outcomes.
      - Attended a number of exhibitions, manning the stand as a sales consultant, generating numerous leads
          for sales department follow up.
                                             Training Workshops
     Organised customised client/distributor training workshops once/twice a year across all states in Australia
      and overseas with participants receiving hands-on training on usage of our complex equipment/products.
      - Dramatically improved administrative processes by streamlining attendee sheets; enhanced emailed
         invitation documentation; developed and added a course evaluation sheet; and instituted processes
         that enabled the continuous updating of training workshop manuals/CD, previously non-existent.

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SALES & SERVICE MOMENTUM, Doncaster                                                                 4/2001-6/2004
Training and development specialists.
Telephone Sales & Customer Service Consultant
Cold called and successfully generated 1 to 2 solid leads from an existing database of       Role Snapshot:
~3,000 contacts for this boutique firm of training and development professionals,            - Cold Calling & Lead
specialising in sales, customer relationship management, and office support while               Generation
focusing on people skills, sales/service training, business strategy and resources.          - Client Relationship
Conducted follow up calls, and successfully increased contact numbers through                - Database
employing influential communication and telemarketing skills. Provided a high standard          Maintenance &
of customer service with corporate accounts, strengthening overall client relationships.        Integration

Key Achievements:
 Accurately performed database maintenance processes including database integration involving updating of
  contact notes/follow up calls to ensure the 3,000-strong database was up-to-date. Successfully minimised
  the number of email bounce-backs following distribution of our monthly newsletter.
 Cold called and secured leads/appointment opportunities with major multimillion dollar companies that
  eventually turned into lucrative training opportunities including Electrolux, Hagemeyer, Lifestyle
  Brands, Adidas Australia, Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Smorgon Steel.

                                  Datataker Distributor Hand Book (2007), Minutillo, Josie
                                  Datataker Training Manual (2001-2008), Minutillo, Josie
                                            Professional Development

                  Diploma of Business / Marketing  Australian Employment & Training Solutions
    Project Management | Public Relations | Workplace Effectiveness | Marketing | Learning & Development |
                                        IT Building & Implementation

                         Business of Social Media / Branding  Certified Practising Marketer program -
                                            Australian Marketing Institute

                     Certificate IV in Customer Contact  AEGIS Global - Australia
 Topics include: Gather Collate & Record Info | Coordinator Implementation of Customer Service Strategies |
Develop Teams & Individuals | Implement Continuous Improvements | Provide Personal Leadership | Monitor a
  Safe Workplace | Provide Mentoring & Coaching within the Workplace | Implement an Operational Plan |
      Develop Sales Plan | Manage Projects | Lead & Manage Sales Team | Administer Customer Contact
                     Telecommunication Technology | Manage Street in the Work Place

                               Certificate III in Information Technology  Datataker
                               Certificate III in Business Administration  Datataker
    Windows & MS Office Short Course | Bank Product & Software Training | Sales Training & Interviewing
                              Techniques | The Conference for Assistants
 Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook | Adobe Acrobat | DeskControl | Business One & SAP |
 ACT! | Filemaker | Lotus | FAMIS | Paradox | DreamWeaver | Photoshop (Basic) | Illustrator (Basic) | Google
                          Analytics | Content Management Systems: Plone / Forums

                                        Professional references available upon request.

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