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									Portrait is a piece of picture captured by a photographer depicting some special
features of a subject. Anyone can shoot a portrait but to capture a quality portrait
requires a lot of photography skill. A good portrait photographer knows what make
their portrait special and they pay special attention to those factors.
 To become an expert portrait photographer one has to learn basic techniques and
understandings that make a picture a perfect portrait. Portraits not only display the
physical image of the subject but it also depicts certain quality and character of the
person that gives unique touch to the portrait. Choose a type of portrait shoot
depending on your purpose if you are interested in less formal portraits go for
environmental shot or choose a head shot or head and shoulder shot for formal
 A good portrait will always depict the unique element of the subject that makes the
portrait special. It could be subject’s personality, attitude or unique manners. The soul
of the portrait lies in its naturalness. Instead of wearing formal dress or arranging
formal seating capture the portrait when the subject is in casual dress and in relaxed
and calm mood.
 One of the best ways to capture a truly remarkable portrait is establish a good
rapport with the subject, make your subject comfortable so that he/she will start
giving its natural reaction. Subject should act naturally and feel natural during photo
session only then a true portrait would be captured.
 Once subject is in its original mood and you find a perfect shot just click the camera
and capture the moment. Once photography session is started keep your camera on
duty and capture the best and natural expression of the subject. This will really make
your portrait a best portrait picture. A true portrait not only capture the image of the
subject but it also capture mood, personality and character of the person.
 Light is one of the most important factors that effects the quality of the portrait, if
you are shooting a portrait in studio you can control the light and manage it according
to the requirement, but if you are at outdoor place or at home it is important to control
the light and brightness for the better quality of the portrait. While shooting a portrait
at home window place is an ideal place to shoot a portrait.
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