Pop Art Prints by djsgjg0045


									The world has advanced in the field of art and designing and several new sub fields
have been added in the field of arts. Moreover talented and creative artists are
working day and night to introduce new techniques and methods in the field of art
which makes picture, paintings and photos more heart touching, attractive, impressive
and charming. The pop art is one of them which have revolutionized the sphere of art.
Pop art was started in late 1950s and is becoming popular and important day by day.
 Pop art and its qualities: A pop art is the form of art in which commercial techniques
and imagination is used to represent and exhibit everyday life actions and reactions.
Pop art has some roots connected with pop music as well as modern generation
culture. Initially pop art photos and pop art prints were used as a source of fun,
entertainment but after popularity now, pop art pictures are made on large scale. It
includes different styles of arts, sculpture, painting and photography. American pop
art is slightly different from British pop art.
 The pop art demand and importance: The pop art photos and pop art prints are made
and used for commercial purposes, in magazines, in comic books etc. Mostly the pop
art is employed where some kind of imagination and illustration has to be shown. The
popularity and admiration of comic books and comic book heroes shows the
importance and demand of pop art. Today people especially children are fond of
reading comic books and ironic magazines which are totally made using techniques of
pop art. Now a day with improved techniques the field of pop art is advancing
towards its peak and almost everything and every action of life can be framed in the
pop art picture, photos and prints. In the end I would simply say that pop art prints,
photos and pictures brought new era of imagination and illustration and introduce a
new way of thinking.

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