Pokemon - the link between Western and Eastern cultures by djsgjg0045


									What Japanese can give to globe in engineering and history is know by each
individual. Nevertheless you can find also other aspects that the Japan business
influenced the other globe. And it\'s trough the anime movies called manga. Some of
the manga films were so effective that a recreation was produced to honor that and to
aid the followers expertise some great time with his or hers preferred heroes.
  Such will be the case of Pokemon. The brand new video games these distant globe
may be the Pokemon Black & White. These games had been not only expected by the
followers in Japan but also all around the world. Kids of all ages enjoyed when firstly
the TV series started. But with the end of them the thirst of more adventures with Ash
and his friends did not die. The fans wanted more and they got more.
  Pokemon Black & White is role play games of third individual. This means that you
see you character that you control from above or behind. This is really helpful
especially when you aresurrounded by a group of enemies. However to start the game
we will explain the interface. For many Americans and Europeans the games might
seem a little strange when you start. Nonetheless the early impression of lack of order
is replaced by amusement. The music is Japanese 100% and offers you the chance to
put yourself in the shoes of real Japanese boy or girl.
  The sport play from the recreation follows the adventures of Ash and his trusted
fellow Picachu. Of course the loyal friends of Ash are here to help him during his
fight to become number one Pokemon master. All these come in a good compilation
of drama, action, horror surprises and etc.
  Other very important thing about the games is that the games are with no heavy
computer requirement. Machines that are older than 3-4 years will have no problems
with the games running on full capacity. Moreover the games are small which means
that they will not take hundreds of megabytes on your hard disc.
  My overall impressions ofthe games is that they will be 100% one of the top hits to
the European and America market. This with no doubt will create a bridge between
the globe which will help all people to make friends and entertain every other with
their cultural difference and all this credit goes to Pokemon Black & White !

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