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					                                 JPS 2005 High School
                                 Summer Reading List

       9th                The Westing Game                                         Raskin, Ellen
       9th                  Fahrenheit 451                                        Bradbury, Ray
       9th                     Think Big                                           Carson, Ben
       9th                  Tears of a Tiger                                      Draper, Sharon
      10th            Coming of Age in Mississippi                                 Moody, Anne
      10th                  Out of the Dust                                        Hesse, Karen
      10th                       Night                                              Wiesel, Elie
      10th               In My Father's House                                     Gaines, Ernest
      11th                   The Crucible                                          Miller, Arthur
      11th                  Cold Sassy Tree                                      Burns, Olive Ann
      11th                    The Chosen                                           Potok, Chaim
      11th                Warriors Don’t Cry                                    Beals, Melba Patillo
      12th                    The Jungle                                          Sinclair, Upton
      12th                  Having Our Say                                        Delany, Sarah
      12th              A Gathering of Old Men                                    Gaines, Ernest
      12th               Children of the River                                      Crew, Linda

The Reading List is comprised of titles from the American Library Association, Accelerated Reader, International Reading
Association, School Library Journal, and National Council of English Teachers.
           APAC 2005 Summer Reading List
       APAC students should read ALL required books at the
       appropriate grade level.

 9th               Great Expectations                    Charles Dickens
 9th               The Moon is Down                       John Steinbeck
 9th              Old Man and the Sea                   Ernest Hemingway
10th            A Gathering of Old Men                   Ernest J. Gaines
10th                The Ponder Heart                       Eudora Welty
10th                     Anthem                              Ayn Rand
11th        Rocket Boys (* See Note Below)                Homer Hickam
11th                       1984                           George Orwell
11th          The Picture of Dorian Gray                    Oscar Wilde
12th                Waiting for Godot                    Samuel Beckett
12th             Crime and Punishment                  Fyodor Dostoyevsky
12th                   The Inferno                            Dante
12th                   Rocket Boys                        Homer Hickam
          (AP English students do not need to
          read this, but all Physics student do
          need to read it.)
12th           For each work listed above, read a critical essay from a
           scholarly journal or book of criticism and write a report based
                                         on the essay.
             International Baccalaureate Program
                    Summer Reading List
         Students are asked to read three of the four books listed for the grade they will enter
         in August, 2005.

 GRADE                                    TITLE                                                 AUTHOR
 MYP – 9th                           Dreamspeaker                                           Anne Cameron
 MYP – 9th                           The Bride Price                                        Buchi Emecheta
 MYP – 9th                            The Outsiders                                            S.E. Hinton
                                                  MYP – 9th Grade Activities
Story Board; Objective Test; Literary Essays: Comparison/Contrast; Character Analysis; Themes.
  GRADE                                  TITLE                                                  AUTHOR
 MYP – 10                           A Separate Peace                                         John Knowles
 MYP – 10th                            Animal Farm                                           George Orwell
 MYP – 10th                         Of Mice and Men                                         John Steinbeck
                                                  MYP – 10th Grade Activities
Essay Assignments; Objective Tests; Storyboard. Students cannot use the same method of presentation for all books.
  GRADE                                   TITLE                                                 AUTHOR
  Diploma                          Nectar in the Sieve                                    Kamala Markandaya
 Program –
 11th Grade
  Diploma                  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings                                   Maya Angelou
 Program –
 11th Grade
                                           Diploma Program – 11th Grade Activities
Unit Test on Content; Close Reading of Selected Passages and Discussion of Themes; Essay on Selected Themes; Oral Report
on Selected Themes or Related Topic. Students cannot use the same method of presentation for all books.
  Diploma                               King Lear                                             Shakespeare
 Program –
 12th Grade
  Diploma                          To the Lighthouse                                         Virginia Woolf
 Program –
 12th Grade
                                           Diploma Program – 12th Grade Activities
Detailed Analysis of Works; Oral Commentaries on Selected Excerpts; Written Commentaries on Selected Prompts; Alternate
Assessments; Content Tests. Students cannot use the same method of presentation for all books.

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