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					There are many kinds of coffee makers in the market that serve people having
different tastes of coffee like espresso, filter, Turkish filter, Neapolitan coffee pot, cold
coffee etc. Due to this it is extremely difficult to adjudge any single type of coffee
machine as the best or even a brand as the best. Since every person has his own
distinct taste for coffee, the best machine for him would be the one that suits his taste,
is convenient to operate, consumes less time to brew and takes less time for cleanup.
  For people that do not have time in the morning, the pod coffee maker is the best
since it makes excellent coffee every time you brew a cup, has very little cleanup
hassles and is less time consuming.
  The operation of the machine is very simple. Hot water is stored in an inbuilt jar
whose brewing temperature is maintained by the maker and when the system is
started, hot water automatically passes through the pre packed coffee pod. Within a
period of less than one minute, coffee is ready to be consumed. Since the pod is sealed,
perfect amount of beans are used while also preventing the beans from reaching the
cup, in the process creating a wonderful aroma for the drinker.
  This can be adjudged the best machine because it uses exactly that much amount of
water, which is needed to brew the coffee and there is no wastage and mess after the
brewing. A pod coffee maker though brews only one cup at a time, it has a water tank
that can easily store up to 60-oz of water or 10 cups of coffee. Some of these pod
machines may also have faster brewing time with less than 2 minutes to ready to brew,
9 seconds between each cup to ready to brew and 38 seconds to brew the largest cup
  Though some brands of the pod machines have set their systems in such a manner
that it does not allow pods of other brands in their makers, most of them accept other
brands too. Since only one cup of coffee is brewed at a time, the taste is excellent and
the quality is maintained by the system every time.
  The cost of making coffee from a pod coffee maker stands between $.30- $.50 per
cup, which is much cheaper than the one brewed from other systems. Many brands
have features like removable drip tray, matching mug set, snooze option, radio etc. to
make brewing of coffee a more enjoyable work and the kitchen a more enjoyable
  Since grinding of coffee beans is an essential part in making fresh brews, most pod
makers have installed built in grinders in the system. Since grinding is also done by
the system, these machines start from 500 watts for the lower end and go up to 1500
watts at the top end. So, now you can choose the Best Coffee Makerfrom the various
makers available at your disposal.

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