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					If you have run into a plumbing problem in your home, it may be time to call your
insurance company to file a claim. No one wants to run into these problems, but
sometimes, you just have to make the best of the situation. If you can isolate the
problem and stop the issue you can call someone to set up an appointment. If it is an
emergency and you can't stop the water, you need to call an emergency service to
come out right away.
  Find the Problem
  If you can, you want out figure out where the plumbing problem is coming from. If
water is flowing into the home, turn off the water before more damage occurs. If you
find a leak somewhere, you also need to turn off the water. The first step is
minimizing damage. If you can't handle or stop the problem on your own, you want to
call an emergency plumbing company to come in and get the situation under control.
Also, if there is standing water in the house, you want to make sure to either get it up
with towels or try to use a shop vac. If there is too much for you to try to handle, be
sure to call in a water damage company for help.
  File A Claim
  You want to call your insurance company to begin filing a claim. You will need all of
your contact information as well as your policy number. Whoever you speak with,
give them all of the information you can about what happened and what the current
situation is. If there is water damage in the home, you want to let them know about
that as well.
  Next, they will send an adjustor out to the house to take a look at the problem. The
adjustor will try to determine how much it will cost to solve the problem. You want to
be available to meet with the adjustor. He may have questions for you and you may
also have questions for him. Show him the area, and give him some time to look over
everything. There should be something that you need to sign. Throughout the process,
be sure that you keep all the paperwork together.
  Fix the Problem
  It may take a little while to get the check from the insurance company. Remember
the check will be for the amount the insurance company will pay for the repairs,
minus your deductible. Call a plumbing company to come in and give you an estimate
on the repairs. Once you have met with them, and decided on a price, you probably
want them to get to work as soon as possible. Sometimes, a plumbing company can
work directly with your insurance company to get you out of being the middle man.
  You may want to talk to the plumbing company representative to see if there is
anything that you can do as the homeowner to make sure that the problem doesn't
happen again. You also want to make sure that all of the problem is handled. If there
was water damage, you may need another company to come out and check for mold
and get rid of the extra water.
  A Dallas plumbing issue can get out of hand, so it's important to know what your
options are in whether or not an insurance claim should be made. For more
information, visit

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