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					                                                                                                                                                                  Mobile broadband

                                Working on the move –
                                mobilise your laptop
                                Who	says	you	can’t	work	on	the	train,	at	a	customer	meeting	or	
                                even	at	your	local	coffee	shop?	With	KC	your	business	can	now	
                                have	the	flexibility	to	work	from	anywhere.
Data	solutions	from	KC	enable	you	to	take	the	office	with	you,	so	you	can	access	your	
emails,	surf	the	internet	or	even	access	your	customer	information	whilst	you	are	on	
the	road.

What are the key benefits?
•	 Don’t	be	out	of	the	loop	–	access	business	                   •	 Make	your	business	work	more	efficiently	–	
   email	and	the	internet	from	your	laptop,                         increase	productivity	when	you’re	away
	 respond	to	customers,	colleagues	and	                          	 from	the	office
   suppliers	anytime                                             •	 Stay	in	touch	whilst	overseas	with	our	
•	 Be	responsive	–	get	the	latest	information	                      cheapest	ever	roaming	rates
   sent	straight	to	you	whilst	you	are	with	                     •	 Mobile	Data	Cards	from	KC	now	come	in	3	
   your	customer                                                    varieties;	USB,	PCMCIA	or	Express	Card	slot

Mobile	broadband	can	be	accessed	through	your	handset	or	laptop.	Subscription	to	a	KC	Data	tariff	
is	needed	and	with	our	range	of	data	tariffs	there	will	always	be	one	to	suit	your	business	needs.

Mobile Broadband - monthly subscriptions
Get	email	on	the	move	and	access	the	web.

 Data tariff                             Monthly cost            Inclusive Allowance             WiFi Access (UK)
 Mobile	Broadband	1GB                           £6.38                       1GB*                       Unlimited
 Mobile	Broadband	3GB                          £10.64                       3GB*                       Unlimited
*	 All	tariffs	have	a	monthly	fair	usage	allowance	(domestic	use).	Once	you	have	exceeded	the	MB	limit	then	you	will	be	
   charged	1.7p	per	MB.

                                                                                                                           ISO 9001    ISO 14001    ISO 20000        ISO 27001
                                                                                                                           FS 502189   EMS 507164   ITMS 546348      IS 506165
What do you need?                                                         •	 Data	roaming	tariffs	can	only	be	taken	with	the	mobile	
A	laptop	with	a	PC	slot	running	Microsoft®	Windows®	                         broadband	tariff.
2000,	Windows	XP	or	Vista	and	Mac	OS	X.	USB	slot,	PCMCIA	                 •	 The	charges	are	in	addition	to	the	mobile	broadband	
Type	II	card	slot	or	Express	Card	slot.                                      tariff	subscription.

Data Roaming                                                              International	GPRS	usage	will	be	charged	as	follows:
If	you	are	planning	a	business	trip	abroad	and	will	need	
access	to	the	internet	the	Data	Roaming	Add	On	makes	it	                                                                                  Europe
cheaper	than	ever	to	access	the	web	when	you	are	overseas.
                                                                           Cost	per	extra	MB	when	roaming	on	all	tariffs                  £2.55*
                    Monthly                Inclusive Roaming                                                                              Rest of
 Tariff              Cost                      Allowance                                                                                  World
 Broadband            £10.00                  10MB	Roaming*                Tariffs                                                          £6*

 Mobile	              £35.00                  50MB	Roaming*
                                                                          *	Charging	is	in	1kb	increments.	Charges	apply	at	all	times	of	the	day.
 Mobile	              £70.00                 200MB	Roaming*               All	prices	exclude	VAT
*	 Once	you	have	exceeded	the	MB	limit	then	you	will	be	charged	at	the	
   International	GPRS	tariffs.

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