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									Hiring a professional wedding photographer in Virginia can be a difficult process.

A photographer is a visual storyteller, documenting every moment of your day to
become part of your family's history forever. I can't overstate how key it is to hire the
right photographer. Virginia Wedding Photographer Blog

When should I reserve my photographer? Try to book your wedding photographer at
least six months before your wedding day. Some wedding photographers are booked
nine months in advance.

2. Regardless of your style, you should choose a photographer that will document the
complete story of your wedding day.

3. Do I need to meet with the photographer before selecting them as my wedding
photographer? It is strongly recommended that you meet with the photographer before
you sign a contract. A great photographer not only captures great moments; but has
handled a variety of wedding day scenarios. They can be a calming force on a very
crazy day. Destination weddings are certainly on the rise, many brides and grooms
flock to Virginia for the breathtaking scenery and amazing weather. Much of their
planning centers around there computer, rendering it sometimes difficult to meet the
photographer until the wedding day. Having an in person meeting allows you to touch
the work for yourself, view the quality of the finished product. By setting up an
appointment, you will see full weddings, including sample books and real wedding
albums. By viewing these proofs, you will see whether or not the photographer
delivers consistent {images
pictures) of the wedding day, the entire day! It is very important to make sure that a
wedding photographer is not just showing you his best images on their portfolio - you
want to see several complete wedding stories - from start to end! Make sure the
sample coverage a wedding photographer displays to you is what you envision for
your wedding coverage.

5. You will need to have available a general timeline and give the photographer details
for the photographer to provide the most accurate quote for your wedding
photography needs.

What clauses should be included in the contract? The contract should contain
everything agreed upon during the meeting or phone discussion, leave no ambiguity.
The contract should reflect the day of the wedding, package choice, the logistics of
the wedding day such as where meet, how much time is included, description of
coverage and any other information you would like included. The contract will also
reflect the reservation fee paid, balance due and refund/cancellation policies. The
photographer should also include wording in the contract regarding ownership of the
images. This is usually one of the more popular questions I are asked!

7. What will happen on the wedding day? You will look beautiful, be merry, marry the
person of your dreams and we will document it!

The crucial thing to think about when hiring a wedding photographer is that the
images will be part of your family's history forever - so please choose with your heart!

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