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					Planning a move takes some time. When you first realize you are going to have a
removals clapham you should take a walk around your home and sort of eyeball
everything you own. One reason to do this is so you have a good idea exactly what the
movers are going to move for you. You should tackle this room by room and make
notes as you go. You are also going to be thinking about where every piece of
furniture is going to go in your new home. If you have an idea in your mind for the
removals clapham then you have a better idea of what items at first glance you think
will make the move with you.
  Another reason for eyeballing everything you own and taking notes about the items
is as you take these notes you should examine all of the furniture. First of all you may
decide you really don’t have a place for it in the new place. Second you should make
note of items that are damaged or in poor shape. You might want to think about
discarding these items instead of moving them. Or you may want to repair and paint
them before they are moved. If they are already damaged you will need to keep that
note and let the movers know about the damage. If you choose to repair and repaint
the furniture it will look much better in your new location. Remember in most cases
you will be moving to a newly cleaned and painted location and if something is
already tired it will look worse when set against crisply painted walls.
  If you are on a tight budget for this move you should eliminate any of the weight
such as books or dishes or other items so you are saving yourself money right up front.
If you choose to hold a yard or garage sale you may also make some money before
your move.
  Making a removals clapham will be easier of you know what you have to get packed.
When you are making this trip through your home you also need to be thinking what
sort of boxes you will need to procure to get everything that is not furniture packed. If
you have a lot of books remember that books are really heavy and they will cost you
per pound to move them. If you can weed a lot of them out or plan on taking them on
trips yourself then you will also save some money. The local library is generally glad
to receive books that they can sell at their next library sale. They use the money to
purchase now books for their readers. So donations of books are always needed.
  As you make your notes also note any items that may require special handling. Not
necessarily by the movers but by you, the packer. If you have lampshades you will
have to pack those differently than books. So plan ahead and make it easier.
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