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					Planning is an indispensable part of life. One cannot survive a day without planning.
Especially, quality comes in life if you chart everything before actual execution. Life
with no mapping is like a vast sand desert where you can’t locate or aim anything
specific. If planning is so important a component of life, is it possible to start a
business just based on random thoughts? Of course not! Business again is a matter of
your livelihood and surely the quality of life depends on it.
 There are many people who want to start their business but never materialize their
thoughts. It might be because they have fear that what would happen if it does not
work. Fear and risk-taking are like two sharp edges and business is not possible
without risk-taking. However one can reduce the chances of failure or better say cut
down the extent of risk. Then of course there are several people who had a set-back in
their business or they tried but didn’t succeed at all. Be it your first or second inning,
one thing is essential: planning.
 It might not be the only reason but it has been seen that most of the times there is
fault planning and random start that leads people into trouble. If you don’t aim
anything how would you achieve it? Setting your objective and then charting it out in
a proper manner that how you would go about the entire process is extremely
important. It may include from the smallest to the biggest detail. You have to be
fastidious in deciding all the factors and details necessary to kick-start your business.
 Crucial details like identifying the product, source market, target market, target
group, location of the point of sale, budgeting/ costing, have to be considered and
discussed in length before taking action. It is likely to take a long time but yield good
benefits later on. Once planned properly things are easy to streamline and to carry out.
Before you actually give it a start in the market, you should do basic research
pertaining to the target group and the market. Local market what soon you will be a
part of, should be well studied and analyzed.
 Advertising is another very vital step without which it is nearly impossible to face
cut-throat competition. To advertise in print is not sufficient as it may attract a handful
of people. To approach masses fix banners outside the store. Get your customized
postures and hang roll-up or pop up displays . Light-boxes or glow up banners outside
the shop increases visibility and arrest attention of the customers. Sign boards at
various locations are an all-time display solution. Leaflets and pamphlets should be
distributed in as many areas as possible.