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					Crisis Management

    ESSEX Meeting
      July 2009
 A YEP Crisis ?
 A Plan ?
    – Events
    – Media
   Why ?
   Critical Elements
   Action Plan
   A Real Life Crisis D-5100
     A YEP Crisis

   Death
   Serious Accident
   Missing / Abduction
   Disasters (Natural and Man Made)
   Abuse
   ???
     Elements of a Crisis Plan
 Safety and help for involved students
   – Immediate response to scene or hospital
   – Coordinate information on students with hospital and authorities
   – Notify and coordinate information to District Leadership, RI and
     sending District YEC/Leadership
 Isolation – Anonymity of students from media
   – Appoint one person only, i.e. District Youth Protection Officer, to
     provide information to media
   – This person must be familiar with the laws regarding name release
     and have good contact with the authorities
   – Everyone on the crisis team must defer comments to the appointed
     media officer
   – Appoint one person, i.e. District Youth Exchange Chairman, to
     provide information about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program
     Elements of a Crisis Plan
 Notification of involved host families
   – Assign this task to YEO in charge of each country in your system.
     Larger programs will be able to divide this task among more people
   – This may be the time to inform international partners of involved
     student countries
 Notification of non-involved host families and students
   – Assign this task to YEO in charge of each country in your system
   – This is the time to inform all other international partners
 Notification of outbound families and students
   – If the incident occurs during the season of student outbound
     selection, your group to notify will include more students and
   – Notify current outbound students and families
      Elements of a Crisis Plan
 Assistance
  –   Fact finding /understand needs
  –   Work with law enforcement / gov’t
  –   Conduct Needs assessment
  –   Develop response / Action plan
  –   Implement actions (Crisis Management Team directed)
 Communications
  – In District / YE Committee and Students
  – Partner District / Other partners
  – RI
     Elements of a Crisis Plan
 In case of death
   – Proper notification of families/next of kin
   – Procedures established by law in area of jurisdiction must be
   – Due to modern communication systems, i.e. Internet, cell phones,
     etc., the normal procedures may be circumvented by involved
     persons without knowing the consequences of their action
   – International notification may have to route through a Consulate or
     State Department Office. This may cause delays that will allow
     other communication listed above to be the initial notification path
   – Notify school districts of all program students for preparation of
     grief counseling for students and friends
   – Process of repatriation
     Elements of a Crisis Plan
 Notification of all other Rotary partners and friends
   – Information by now will be released by authorities. News media
     will have all information they can make news out of
   – Information about victim funds and memorials will be available
   – Try to have at least one general victim assistance fund set up
   – Public memorial services will be planned for students
   – Make plans for a private memorial service for inbound students and
     host families
   – Plan group counseling for all students and crisis team

 Continuing professional care of involved students and
   – Arrangements must be made for continuing care for involved
     students and families
   – Arrange at least one professional counseling session for each
     involved student and family
    A Media Plan
 Designate a Rotary spokesperson
 Instruct all club members to refer inquiries to the
 Prepare a statement that accurately states the facts,
  expresses Rotary’s position, and conveys the
  appropriate tone.
 Develop key messages to convey Rotary’s position
  consistently and accurately.
 Contact the RI PR Division
    A Crisis Plan

 Convene a crisis management team
 Gather all the facts
 Provide timely briefings to all Rotary
 Designate a Rotary spokesperson
 Instruct all Rotarians to refer inquiries to the
  Crisis Management spokesperson
  The Media
An effective media crisis plan is based, first
and foremost, on the principles of truth,
transparency, and sincerity. Nothing in your
club’s media crisis plan should compromise,
or appear to compromise, these key
Media Plan

    Why Manage a Crisis
 Need to protect the students
 Events may get carried away
 Law needs to be followed
 RI leadership needs to be informed / will provide
 Informed partners will prevent misunderstandings
  and later ramifications
 Media relations set public image and public image
  reflects on District and RI
 ???
      YE Crisis Management Team
   Chair (fact finding / convening/spokesperson)
   Sec’ty (records)
   Law Enforcement / Gov’t Communications
   Youth Protection (take care of the involved student(s)
   Student Information ( students informed and attended to)
   District / Committee Communications
   PR/Media
   Rotary Cares (hosting/logistics/travel/memorials)
   YE Crisis Management Team

 District Governor
 YE Committee Chair / YEC Members
 Youth Protection Officer
 District PR/Media Chair
 ???

 District Plan Adoption/How
 Communication of plan ESSEX to Districts
  and District to clubs
 Financing of expenses related to crisis
  –   Communications
  –   Travel
  –   Funeral
  –   Memorials

 Other ???
 ESSEX to draft and adopt plan by January
  2010 meting
 Guidelines for Districts to be provided
 Districts to review discuss guidelines
 Districts to develop their own plans…
  integrating them with ESSEX plan with
  regard to YE Crisis Management by July
Rotary District 5100
Youth Exchange

        In an Instant
      In an Instant – Disaster
 Review what happened
 Crisis Plan
  –   First 24 hours – Information
  –   Media 24 – 96 hours
  –   Memorial Services
  –   Tika’s Travels
  –   Recovery Phase – counseling for the survivors
    January 24th

 Deanne, a host mom decides to plan a
  birthday party for her inbound student,
 Annelise invites friends for a sleep over
  including the club outbound candidate,
  Ashley Wilks and Susanne de Sousa who is
  an inbound on the AYUSA Program.
    January 24th

 They want to go dancing. Deanna checks out
  the venue and gets references.
 At approximately 10:30 pm they arrive and
  line up on the sidewalk to enter.
 Seconds later a gunman walks by and opens
  fire into our students.
    January 24th

 We were called about 10 minutes after the
 After 5 minutes of discussion our Crisis
  Plan is being implemented.
        the first 24 hours

 We are in a informational gathering and support
 First responders and the hospitals are in charge.
 We cooperate with the police and hospital.
 We do not give interviews to the media. We will
  appoint a spokesman within 24 hours.
 We do not give out student information to the media.
  All of our inbounds students are minors.
 We do not speculate in front of the media.
     January 25th

 Crisis Team in place.
 Daily meetings to update and keep the
  communication moving.
     January 26 - 30th Media

 Media point person handles multiple
  inquires from print, radio, and television.
    Jan 30 – Feb 2nd Memorial

 Friday – Ashley Wilks
 Friday Night – Private Inbound Memorial
 Monday – Tika Paz de Noboa
In Memoriam

In Memoriam


              Outbound to
               France or
    Feb 3rd– Feb 10th Tika’s

 Tika is escorted by Bill
  Whidden back to her home in
  Arequipa, Peru.
     Feb 10th - Recovery

 Most if not all of our inbound
  students are receiving counseling.
 Like the aftermath of 9/11 we
  have noticed the students creating
  even stronger ties to each other.
      Improvement Needed

 Student Data
 Medical records (football took a day to
 Speculation (yes there was some)
 Notification of next of kin
 US State Dept could not issue an emergency
  VISA for Tika’s mom quickly
       What went right

   Media was cooperative
   Very little speculation
   Great Local Support
   Rotary World Wide Support
   Escorting Tika Home

   Volume of support
   Crisis Team Formulation
   Local Support
   Rotary World Wide Support
   Insurance does not cover overseas
    funeral home expenses or burial plot.
A Crisis Management Plan was
critical to managing this event…

Is your District ready ?

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