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									                    ASPE SUBMISSION ABSTRACT TEMPLATE
                  John Q. Author1, Frank A. Author1, and Joe J. Author2
                                  Department or Division
                                 Company or University
                            City, State, or Province, Country
                                  Department or Division
                                 Company or University
                            City, State or Province, Country

INSTRUCTIONS                                         Author name(s) should consist of first name,
This document provides formatting requirement        middle initial, and last (family) name. All author
for submission of an ASPE annual meeting             names and affiliations should be 12-point Arial
abstract and should be used directly as the          bold, upper and lower case letters, and
template for abstract preparation. Abstract          centered. All authors should be listed on the
submissions must be in pdf format, follow this       same line with their affiliations identified by
template and not exceed two pages in length.         numeric superscripts at the end of the name. [In
                                                     the case of a single author, do not use a
The paper size should be 8.5” x 11” (216 by 279      superscript.] Author affiliation(s) should consist
mm US letter size) with 1” (25.4 mm) margins on      of the following, as applicable:
all sides. For authors using the A4 paper size
(European, Asian and Latin American) in LaTeX,          department or division name
there is a button (dvi2pdf) used to create a pdf        company or university
file in LaTeX installations based on WinEdt. To         city, state or province, and country
instruct dvipdfm to use US letter size paper by
default, change the default paper size line in the   More than two author affiliations may be listed in
config file in [TEXMF]\dvipdfm\config.               double columns.

Paper text should begin one line below the           TEXT HEADING #1
author list and be single spaced, 10-point Arial     The primary text heading should be 10-point
font using justified alignment in a two column       Arial bold, all capital letters, flush left with the
format. Each column should be 3” (76.2 mm)           margin. If the heading is more than one line, the
wide with a 0.5” (12.7 mm) spacing between           following lines should also be flush left. The
columns. Spacing between paragraphs should           spacing to the next heading should be one line.
be one line. Do not use page numbers, headers,
footers, or footnotes within the manuscript.         Text Heading #2
                                                     The first sub-heading should be 10-point Arial
References should be in the same typeface as         bold, upper and lower case letters, and
the text and appear at the end of the paper          underlined. The heading is flush left, and the
arranged in order of appearance. Within the text,    spacing to the next heading is one line.
they should be numerically identified using
closed brackets, for example [1]. Use the            Text Heading #3
“Vancouver” numbering format described at            The third level of heading should be 10-point and demonstrated at the         Arial bold, upper and lower case letters, and
end of this document.                                italicized. The heading is flush left, and the
                                                     spacing to the next heading is one line.
The paper title should start 1” (25.4 mm) from       TABLES AND FIGURES
the top of the page and be 14-point bold, Arial      All figures, tables and photos may be in color.
font in all capital letters. The title should be     Text within figures should have a font size of not
centered on the page. One line space should          less than 8-point. Photographs should be
separate the title from the author listing(s).       scanned at 144 dots per inch (dpi) and inserted
                                                     as graphic objects. Figure and table captions
should be numerically labeled in consecutive             secured. All reviewers must have file access for
order. Caption text should follow the                    proper consideration.
identification and use 10-point Arial font with
upper and lower case letters, italicized, and            ABSTRACT SUBMISSION
justified. If necessary, tables and figures may be       Abstracts are due March 15 for the 2011 Annual
inserted using a single column format.                   Meeting and must be submitted in PDF format
                                                         on the ASPE website (
TABLE 1. The table identification (e.g., TABLE           Submission instructions are available on the
1) should be 10-point Arial, all capitals, italicized,   website.
and end with a period. It should be placed above
the table.                                               QUESTIONS
                                                         Please direct any questions to Erika Deutsch-
    Value 1           Value 2            Value 3         Layne at ASPE headquarters. Her contact
       1                0.1                0.6           information is listed below.
       2                0.5                1.5
                                                            Telephone: (919) 839-8444
                                                            Facsimile: (919) 839-8039
                                                            Email:

                                                         [1] Lindeke R, Schoenig F Jr, Khan A, Haddad
                                                             J. Machining of -Titanium with Ultra-
                                                             High Pressure Through the Insert
                                                             Lubrication/Cooling. Transactions of the
                                                             North American Manufacturing Research
                                                             Institution of SME. 1991; 19: 154-161.
                                                         [2] Trigger K, Chao B.           An Analytical
                                                             Evaluation of Metal Cutting Temperatures.
                                                             ASME Transactions, Journal of Engineering
                                                             for Industry. 1951; 73: 57-68.
                                                         [3] Ulsoy A, DeVries W.          Microcomputer
                                                             Applications in Manufacturing. John Wiley
                                                             and Sons, Inc. New York: 1989.
FIGURE 1. The figure identification (e.g.,
FIGURE 1) should be 10-point Arial, all capitals,
italicized and end with a period. It should be
placed below the figure.

Please submit your abstract as an Adobe
Acrobat PDF file. The conversion from your
preferred word processing software can be
accomplished in several ways.

1. Utilize         the     Adobe       website The first five
   conversions are free and then $10 (US) per
   month for the subscription service.
2. Use freeware such as Ghostscript from to convert post-
   script files to PDF format.

It is very important that you not send abstracts
that are password protected or otherwise

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