Pig Slaughtering Operation Procedures

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					A range This standard specifies the pig slaughtering operation rules and requirements
of each process.

This standard is applicable to all kinds of pig slaughtering plant within the (field).

2 Normative references Following standards contain provisions which, through
reference in this standard, constitute provisions of the standard. At time of publication,
the editions indicated were

 Effective. All standards will be revised, the parties should use the standard criteria of
the latest version of the following possibilities.

 GB 12694 - 90 meat processing plant health norms

3 Definition Adoption of this standard the following definitions.

3.1 Pig carcasses pigbody Pig slaughtering, bleeding after the body.

3.2 Carcass pig carcass Pig slaughtering, after bleeding, to hair, head, hooves, tail,
viscera of the body.

 3.3 Piece of pork half carcass

Midline along the spine, the two split pig carcass hack.

3.4 Offal offals Pig organs within the heart, liver, lung, spleen, stomach, intestine,
kidney and so on.

 3.5 Pick chest breast splitting

Knife piercing mouth bleeding, tore up along the middle chest sternum.

3.6 Eagle circle cutting of around anus

Anus along the outskirts of the knife pierce carved round.

3.7 Description ridge cutting the middle line of back fat

Along the back midline, with a knife cut skin, subcutaneous fat.

4 ante-mortem requirements' 4.1 slaughtered pigs from non-infected areas should be
in good health and have a certificate of veterinary inspection.

 4.2 before butchering pigs slaughtered should be indigestion Retreat 12 ~ 24 h, 3 h
before slaughter adequate watering.

 4.3 should be slaughtered pigs spray clean the surface of pig no dust, mud, feces.

  4.4 should be sent to slaughter pigs issued by the inspection staff, "ante-mortem
certificate." Get slaughtered pigs by slaughter channel, the order should be sent in
time, not kicked, beaten with clubs.

 5 slaughtering operation procedures and operating requirements

5.1 Ma electric stunning 5.1.1 Ma electric qualified operator should wear insulated
boots, insulated gloves.

  5.1-2 Ma install electrical equipment shall be equipped with voltmeter, ammeter,
voltage regulator; by pig breeds and slaughter season, adjust voltage and electrical
time Ma.

 Artificial Ma Electrical: voltage is 70 ~ 90 V, current 0.5 ~ 1.0 A, Ma call time l ~ 3s,
salt concentration of 5%.

 Auto Ma Electric: Voltage not exceeding 90 V, the current should be not more than
1.5 A, Ma call time l ~ 2s.

  5.1.3 using artificial Ma appliances shall, at its two ends were dipped in salt water
(to prevent the power supply circuit), operation in the pig temporal Ru District
(commonly known as the temple) near the frontal and occipital bone (pig eyes and
ears at the junction of ) for Ma call: press one end of the electrode area in the temporal
Ru, press the other end near the shoulder blades.

 5.1.4 After the pig was to be the heart beat Ma Xinhua, was unconscious, not to

 5.1.5 Ma after electrical hook with chain entangle the pig left hind tarsal joints, to
improve on the track (set foot lift).

  5.2 to assassinate bleeding 5.2.1 from electrical stunning to assassinate Ma bleeding,
no more than 30 s. The assassination of bleeding cut a length of about 5cm. Lek blood
time not less than 5 min.

 5.2.2 killing pigs when the operators hand to seize the front foot, the other holding a
sword, tip up, blade forward, targeting the middle-right first rib throat

 0.5 ~ 1cm Department direction to penetrate the heart, and then drag the side of the
sword to cut off the neck arteries and veins, can not pierce the heart. Assassination is
not allowed to make pig choke diaphragm,

 Congestion. 5.2.3 release Xuedao rotation should be disinfected after use.

5.3 scalding Hair Removal 5.3.1 bleeding after application of pig carcasses or
washing machine water spray shower, wash with blood, dung and other dirt.

 5.3.2 pig carcasses should be the size, species and seasonal differences, control of
scalding water temperature in the 58 ~ 63 ~ C, scalding time of 3 ~ 6mJn, not so

 Pig carcasses sink to the bottom, hot and old. Scalding tank water should overflow
and add the device.

  5.3.3 by mechanical or manual shaving hair removal, it should be washed in water
tanks floating hair, dirt, and then raise pigs flying, maintenance cut, shower.

 5.3.4 repair scratch test according to Appendix A, the shower head of pig carcasses
and body surface.

 5.2.5 carcasses in each ear head and legs outside, with a color document number,
writing should be clear. Not missing from the renumbered.

 5.4 cut open, the net cavity

Can use skins cut open, the net cavity or peeled cut open, the net cavity.

5.4.1 skins cut open, the net cavity eagle circle: knife piercing the external anal, carved circle, dig open the first
vertically into the pelvic colon. Should make little circles with carved meat, first from
the gut include
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