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									                                                                                  Creighton University

                                                  Location                        places Creighton among the top five private                The Creighton Campus
                                  Creighton is located in Omaha, Neb., popu-      universities in the Midwest, and among the         At Creighton, we are committed to having
                                  lation 409,416 with a combined metropoli-       top 10 Catholic universities in the nation.        the best campus around. The 130-acre
                                  tan population of 1.1 million people in eight   And U.S. News & World Report lists Creighton       campus is located within walking distance
                                  counties.                                       as a “best value” one of the schools where         of downtown Omaha and many recreation-
                                                                                  students get the best return on their tuition      al, cultural and entertainment opportunities.
                                                                                  investment. Creighton has also been cited          Since 2000, Creighton has invested more
                                             Creighton History                    as outstanding by other publications, includ-      than $190 million in on-campus improve-
                                  Founded in 1878, Creighton University is

                                                                                  ing Money, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and        ments and constructed four new build-
                                  a private co-educational university in the      Peterson’s Best 311 Colleges.                      ings, including Michael G. Morrison, S.J.,
                                  United States, founded by the Society of
                                                                                                                                     Stadium, which distinguishes Omaha as
                                  Jesus and one of 28 member institutions
                                                                                         Student Life at Creighton                   the exclusive host of the region’s only ath-
                                  of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and
                                                                                  • Ten nationally recognized social fraterni-       letic facility designed exclusively for soccer.
                                  Universities.                                                                                      The stadium hosts high school, club and
                                                                                  ties and sororities.
                                                                                  • More than 180 active student clubs and           international soccer events and a variety
                                                                                  organizations.                                     of Omaha community events. The Hixson-
2008 Bluejays

                                                                                  • High-speed Internet access in each of the        Lied Science Building and the renovated
                                                                                  nine residence halls, apartment living for         Rigge Science Building and Criss Health
                                                                                  juniors and seniors, and a special hall for        Sciences Building are the centerpiece of
                                                                                  graduate and married students.                     Creighton’s undergraduate and health pro-
                                                                                  • Creighton is a wireless campus, accom-           fessions leading approach to teaching and
                                                                                  modating the more than 95 percent of stu-          research. Davis Square and Opus Hall are
                                                                                  dents with mobile computing devices.               new upperclassmen town homes located on
                                                                                  • Creighton welcomes students of all reli-         the east side of campus. Opening in the fall
                                                                                  gious beliefs and the University encourages        of 2008, The Josie and Mike Harper Center,
2007 Review

                                                                                  students to participate in faith retreats, faith   a 214,000 square foot building, will serve
                                                                                  sharing opportunities and multi-faith ser-         as a one-stop environment for many of our
                                                                                  vices.                                             student services.
                                                                                                                                         At the center of the campus is the
                                                                                                                                     historic and recently restored St. John’s
                                                                                             Student Snapshot
                                                                                                                                     Church, the California Street Mall, the Lied
                                                                                  Creighton students come from every state
                                                                                                                                     Education Center for the Arts, a modern
                                                                                  and more than 40 countries. Of our 6,992
                                                                                                                                     student center and physical fitness facility.
About Creighton Records/History

                                                                                  students, 4,104 are enrolled as undergradu-
                                                                                                                                         Creighton was recognized in 2006 as a
                                                                                  ates, and 2,888 are in the graduate, law,
                                                                                                                                     “best-neighbor” urban university. Creighton
                                                                                  medical, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy
                                                                                                                                     was the only university in Nebraska and its
                                                                                  and occupational therapy programs.
                                                                                                                                     surrounding states identified as an academ-
                                             Creighton Today
                                  The Creighton of today is nationally recog-
                                  nized as the leading comprehensive uni-
                                  versity in the Midwest. Creighton is synony-
                                  mous with student centered education and
                                  the setting for significant undergraduate
                                  student research. As one of 28 universities
                                  in America designed in the Jesuit tradition
                                  of academic excellence and service to oth-
                                  ers, Creighton believes in humanistic edu-
                                  cation through service, reflection and learn-
                                  ing. We also seek to create an inclusive,
                                  diverse community at the University. Today,
                                  Creighton offers more than 50 majors in
                                  the undergraduate divisions of Arts and
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                                  Sciences, Business Administration and the
                                  School of Nursing, plus seven prestigious
                                  professional schools: graduate, medicine,
                                  dentistry, law, pharmacy, physical therapy
                                  and occupational therapy.
                                      The 2007 freshman academic profile
                                                                                                       Opus Hall upperclassmen town homes opened in August 2006.

       62                                                                         2008 Creighton Baseball
ic institution making a positive contribution

to the local city by dramatically strengthen-
ing the quality of life and economy, as well
as renewing and revitalizing its surrounding

   Creighton Service & Outreach
Creighton seeks to educate women and
men who are not only proficient in their
professions, but who are enlivened with a

spirit of service and emboldened to create
a more just world.

• A total of 906 faculty members (717 full-
time, 189 part-time).                            College Cup showings since 1996.                            CU Athletics on the Web
• Student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1.              • The 2007 softball team won its fourth              Visit the official home page of the Bluejays

                                                                                                                                                      2008 Bluejays
• At Creighton, the faculty is conducting        MVC Tournament in the past five years                at to get the
internationally recognized work in many          while also winning the regular-season title.         latest news on Creighton Athletics.
areas, including hereditary cancer, osteo-       • The 2007 baseball team won its first               • The site contains updated rosters, sched-
porosis, hearing impairment, bone metabo-        MVC Tournament title, was nationally-                ules, current and archived statistics, media
lism, regional economics and more.               ranked, and had three different pitchers             guides, photo galleries and links on every-
                                                 earn All-America honors.                             thing related to CU Athletics.
                                                 • Creighton ranked 10th nationally in men’s          • Live video and audio for men’s and wom-
    2006-07 Athletics Highlights                 soccer attendance, 13th in men’s basket-             en’s basketball home games.
• Creighton athletics tied for 23rd nationally   ball and 16th in volleyball attendance in            • Live stats for basketball, volleyball, soc-
with a 94 percent graduation success rate.

                                                                                                                                                      2007 Review
                                                 2006-07.                                             cer, baseball and softball.
• Creighton student-athletes owned a             • Creighton will co-host the first two rounds
GPA of 3.27 last spring.                         of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
• The volleyball team won a modern-record                                                                     For More Information
                                                 at Qwest Center Omaha on March 20 & 22,
21 matches in 2006.                                                                                   For more information on Creighton
                                                 2008. Qwest Center Omaha will also host
• The men’s basketball program set an                                                                 University, check out the University’s Web
                                                 the US Olympic Team Trials for Swimming
MVC record with its ninth straight 20-win                                                             site at, or call the
                                                 (June 29-July 6) and NCAA Volleyball
season while advancing to the postseason                                                              Admissions Office at 1-800-282-5835 (toll
                                                 Championships (Dec. 18-20) in 2008.
                                                                                                      free) or (402) 280-2703.

                                                                                                                                                      Records/History About Creighton
for a 10th consecutive season in 2006-07.        • Creighton serves as the annual host
• The men’s soccer team capped its 15th          institution for the NCAA College World
consecutive NCAA Tournament appear-                                                                            Creighton Directory
                                                 Series. June 14-25, 2008 will mark the
ance in 2006 while remaining the only                                                                            Area Code: 402
                                                 59th consecutive year the CWS comes to
program with at least one selection in every                                                          Campus Operator                 280-2700
                                                 Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha.
MLS draft. The program has made three                                                                 Admissions (toll free)      800-282-5835
                                                                                                      College of Arts & Sciences      280-2800
                                                                                                      Athletics Department            280-2720
                              History of Billy Bluejay                                                Bookstore                       280-2796
                                            “Billy Bluejay” is the official mascot of the Creighton   College of Business Admin.      280-2850
                                      University athletics department. The Bluejays were origi-       School of Dentistry             280-5060
                                      nally depicted by a “birdwatcher’s bluejay,” but that was       Financial Aid                   280-2731
                                      changed in 1941 when Joseph P. Murphy, a Creighton              Graduate School                 280-2870
                                      alumnus, designed the current version of Billy, one with a      Housing Office                  280-3016
                                      more human stance and expression.                               Law School                      280-2872
                                          Prior to 1924, Creighton teams were referred to as the      School of Medicine              280-2900
                                      “Hilltoppers,” but that name lost favor because at least        School of Nursing               280-2004
                                      six other teams in the country also used the same nick-         Pharmacy & Health Professions   280-2950
                                      name. The Omaha Bee assisted the University’s Athletic
                                                                                                                                                      Media Info

                                                                                                      Public Safety                   280-2104
                                      Board and Alumni Association in finding a new nickname          Registrar                       280-2702
                                      by asking readers to submit possibilities. After reviewing      Residence Life                  280-2717
                                      200 entries, the Athletic Board decided upon “Bluejays”         Student Activities              280-1715
                                      because of the school’s colors, blue and white.
                                                                                                      Student Support Services        280-2749
                                            Today, Creighton remains the only NCAA Division I
                                                                                                      University College              280-2424
                                      athletics program known officially as the Bluejays.

                                                 2008 Creighton Baseball                                                                              63
                                                                 President Rev. John P. Schlegel, S.J.

                                                                                     the fall of 2006, Creighton opened Opus Hall,          He is a member of numerous interna-
                                                                                     one of two new resident town homes offer-           tional, national and local boards of directors,
                                                                                     ing apartment living for junior and seniors.        executive committees and associations. Fr.
                                                                                     Creighton also is scheduled to open the Mike        Schlegel is a past member of the board
                                                                                     and Josie Harper Center for Student Life and        of trustees of Chicago’s Loyola University,
                                                                                     Learning in late-summer 2008. This unique           Xavier University, Loyola University of the
                                                                                     facility will serve as a dramatic “front door” to   South, Saint Louis University and Loyola
                                                                                     the University, consolidating traditional stu-      College in Maryland. Fr. Schlegel also is a

                                                                                     dent support services into one study-friendly       director of the American International School
                                                                                     location. Add to that the new Michael G.            of Hong Kong.
                                                                                     Morrison, S.J., Stadium, which is among the            In Omaha, he serves on several boards
                                                                                     premier college campus soccer facilities in         including Creighton University Medical Center,
                                                                                     the nation.                                         Creighton Preparatory School, Duchesne
                                                                                        Prior to his service at the University of        Academy and Opera Omaha. He is a mem-
                                                                                     San Francisco, Fr. Schlegel was Creighton           ber of the board of directors and serves on the
2008 Bluejays

                                                                                     University’s assistant academic vice presi-         Executive Committees of the Greater Omaha
                                                                                     dent (1978-82), academic dean of Rockhurst          Chamber of Commerce, Joslyn Art Museum
                                                                                     College (1982-84), dean of arts and sciences        and Mid-America Council, Boy Scouts of
                                     Under the leadership of Creighton President     at Marquette University (1984-88), and exec-        America. In 2007, he became a distinguished
                                  the Rev. John P. Schlegel, S.J., Creighton         utive and academic vice president at John           Eagle Scout.
                                  University is nationally recognized as the pre-    Carroll University (1988-91).                          Previously, he has held numerous board
                                  mier comprehensive university in the Midwest          Fr. Schlegel, a native of Dubuque, Iowa,         positions with an array of organizations includ-
                                  and is experiencing a new era of growth and        entered the Society of Jesus in 1963 and was        ing St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation,
                                  prosperity.                                        ordained in 1973. He holds B.A. and M.A.            Il Cenacolo, Coro, World Affairs Council
2007 Review

                                      Fr. Schlegel became Creighton University’s     degrees from Saint Louis University; a B.D.         of Northern California, the Association of
                                  23rd president in August 2000, following nine      honors degree in theology from the University       Catholic Colleges and Universities, the
                                  years as president of the University of San        of London; and a doctorate in international         National Association of Independent Colleges
                                  Francisco.                                         relations from Oxford University.                   and Universities, where he served as chair
                                      Through his vision, the University is                                                              of the National Student Aid Task Force,
                                  embarking on its most ambitious campus                                                                 and Heythrop College at the University of
                                  expansion in its 129-year history. Creighton                                                           London.
About Creighton Records/History

                                  University is becoming a national model                                                                   Fr. Schlegel also has served on accredi-
                                  showcasing a dynamic faith-based living and                                                            tation site visits for the North Central
                                  learning community in a 21st century urban                                                             Association, and was a consultant to the
                                  environment.                                                                                           Organization for Economic Development and
                                     In 2005, Fr. Schlegel announced WILLING TO                                                          Cooperation based in Paris.
                                  LEAD: THE CAMPAIGN FOR CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY                                                               In May of 2004 the Woodmen of the
                                  – an ambitious $350 million capital campaign                                                           World Life Insurance Society Lodge 1 in
                                  designed to secure Creighton’s place as one                                                            Omaha presented him with the 2004 Honored
                                  of the premier Jesuit, Catholic universities in                                                        Citizen Award for his outstanding leadership
                                  the United States.                                                                                     of Creighton University. For his promotion of
                                      Since he arrived the University has added                                                          understanding and respect among all races,
                                  more than 20 acres to its campus and invest-                                                           religions and cultures, Fr. Schlegel received
                                  ed more than $190 million in new construc-                                                             the Otto Swanson Spirit of Service Award
                                  tion, renovation and campus improvement.                                                               from the National Conference for Community
                                  Already recognized as a leader in science                                                              and Justice in May 2003. Fr. Schlegel also
                                  education, the University has renovated many                                                           received the first Champion of Greatness
                                  of its science-related facilities and is home to                                                       Award from Special Olympics Nebraska. In
                                  the new state-of-the-art Hixson-Lied Science                                                           2007, he received the Distinguished Eagle
                                                                                                                                         Scout Award from the Mid-America Council,
Media Info

                                  Building. This integrated science center and
                                  the Creighton University Medical Center pro-                                                           Boy Scouts of America. He was inducted as
                                  vide a national model for interdisciplinary                                                            the Omaha Press Club’s 114th “Face on the
                                  health sciences education and research.                                                                Barroom Floor” on Oct. 11, 2007.
                                      Creighton’s expanding campus offers a                                                                 He enjoys opera, classical music, gourmet
                                                                                            Fr. Schlegel became Creighton’s 23rd
                                  welcoming environment for all students. In                      president in August, 2000.             cooking, racket sports and the outdoors.

       64                                                                            2008 Creighton Baseball
                              Athletics Director Bruce Rasmussen

                                                2007 State Farm Missouri Valley Conference          men’s and women’s tennis teams all have
                                                Men’s Soccer Tournament.                            received national awards for their academic
                                                   Additionally, the Creighton volleyball team      success. Bluejay student-athletes consistently
                                                found a new home at the venerable Omaha             own GPA’s of 3.25 or above.
                                                Civic Auditorium in 2003. The move closer to           Creighton’s primary annual fundraising
                                                campus paid big dividends, as the program           events are the Bluejay Bash and the Bluejay
                                                has increased its attendance nearly 700 per-        Jamboree. Under Rasmussen’s supervi-
                                                cent in the past four years.                        sion, each of these events continues to raise

                                                   The Bluejay softball and baseball pro-           record-breaking funds for Creighton athletics.
                                                grams also have enjoyed upgrades at the             Most notably, the 2006 Jamboree generated
                                                Kitty Gaughan Pavilion and the CU Sports            more than $291,000 through its gourmet din-
                                                Complex. The baseball facility received a new       ner, raffle and auction.
                                                Field Turf infield in the fall of 2006, while the      The successful fundraising efforts have
                                                softball side of the venue had chairback seat-      allowed Creighton to enhance its soccer, base-
                                                ing and a permanent press box installed prior       ball and softball facilities under Rasmussen’s
                                                to the 2007 season.                                 leadership. In 1998, the $1.7 million Student-

                                                                                                                                                        2008 Bluejays
                                                   And scheduled to open by the end of 2008         Athlete Support Center renovation project was
                                                is another new on-campus facility. The Ryan         completed in the Old Gymnasium, resulting in
                                                Athletics Center and D.J. Sokol Arena, a            seven new team locker rooms, an expanded
   Bruce Rasmussen is in his 14th year          46,000 square-foot facility, will house a gymna-    athletic training facility, new offices and stor-
as director of athletics, and 28th overall at   sium seating 2,500-3,000, women’s basketball        age space and an academic learning center.
Creighton University.                           and volleyball coaches’ offices, locker rooms,      The centerpiece of the project is The Parker
   During his tenure, Creighton has risen to    ticket offices, athletic training and meeting       Family Foundation Academic Learning Center,
prominence with its success on-and-off the      rooms, media workrooms and much more.               which houses the athletic department’s aca-
field, impressive new facilities and record-       Rasmussen also has continued to make             demic support team and features 20 computer

                                                                                                                                                        2007 Review
breaking fundraising efforts.                   outstanding hires at every opportunity. Most        stations and private study areas.
   The men’s soccer team is one of four         recently, Kirsten Bernthal Booth has helped            Rasmussen accepted the associate athlet-
schools to appear in each of the last 16        the volleyball team improve by 18 wins in her       ics director position in 1992 after a 12-year run
NCAA Tournaments, while the men’s bas-          first four seasons, while Ed Servais earned         as the winningest coach in Creighton women’s
ketball team is just the second team in         MVC Coach of the Year honors in three of his        basketball history (196-147), culminating in the
the 101-year history of the Missouri Valley     first four years.                                   program’s historic 1991-92 season.
Conference to reach the postseason in 10           Another recent hire, women’s basketball’s           The 1992 Western Athletic Conference
straight campaigns. Combined, Creighton is      Jim Flanery, matched the league record with         Coach of the Year, Rasmussen led the

                                                                                                                                                        Records/History About Creighton
the only school in the country that can claim   48 wins in his first two seasons. He led his        1991-92 Bluejay women to a program-record
10 consecutive postseason appearances in        first three teams to the postseason. CU’s 2004      28 wins (28-4), the WAC regular-season and
men’s soccer and men’s basketball.              women’s basketball team won the school’s            tournament championships and a first-round
   The Creighton softball team has made         first postseason national title of any kind when    NCAA Tournament victory in the program’s
four NCAA Tournament appearances in             they won the WNIT.                                  first-ever trip to the “Big Dance.” With that
the last five years, while the baseball team       A member of the College World Series             28-4 record in 1991-92, Rasmussen complet-
won a MVC regular-season title in 2005 and      of Omaha, Inc., Executive Committee,                ed his college coaching career with a 196-147
MVC Tournament title in 2007 while spend-       Rasmussen plays a vital role in Creighton           record, good for a .571 winning percentage.
ing time in the national rankings in each of    and the city of Omaha remaining as host of the         After serving as associate athletics direc-
the past three seasons. Creighton was the       College World Series. The CWS has estab-            tor for two years, 1992-94, Rasmussen was
nation’s only school to win league tourna-      lished new attendance records in four of the        named athletics director on Aug. 1, 1994.
ments in baseball, men’s basketball and men’s   past five years at Rosenblatt Stadium.                 A 1971 graduate of Northern Iowa,
soccer in 2006-07.                                 Rasmussen was one of four regional winners       Rasmussen came to Creighton from Bettendorf
   Four Creighton teams moved to new facili-    from the National Association of Collegiate         (Iowa) High School, where he put together a
ties in 2003-04. The men’s basketball team      Directors of Athletics (NACDA) to take home         three-year girl’s basketball coaching record of
moved to the riverfront to play in the brand-   a 2004 GeneralSports TURF Systems AD of             64-15. His 1978-79 club posted a mark of 27-2
new, $291 million, Qwest Center Omaha. Last     the Year Award.                                     and finished second at the state tournament.
winter, the Jays averaged an MVC-record            In terms of academics, Creighton’s reputa-       Rasmussen also coached at Maxwell (Iowa)
15,909 fans per game and ranked 13th nation-
                                                                                                                                                        Media Info

                                                tion as one of the nation’s top academic insti-     High School, with a four-year record of 66-26,
ally in attendance.                             tutions is reflected in the success the Bluejay     and Murray (Iowa) High School, with a two-
   The Michael G. Morrison, S.J., Stadium       student-athletes have had in the classroom          year ledger of 31-13.
opened as one of the premier soccer venues      during Rasmussen’s service as athletics direc-            A native of Webster City, Iowa,
in the country. Located on the east edge of     tor. Creighton’s baseball, men’s basketball,        Rasmussen and his wife, Jill, have five chil-
the Creighton campus, the complex includes      women’s basketball, volleyball, men’s and           dren: Megan (22), David (20), John (16), Katy
6,000 seats and served as the home for the      women’s cross country, women’s soccer and           (12) and Grace (9).

                                                2008 Creighton Baseball                                                                                 65
                                                                                             Omaha, Nebraska

                                      Omaha is a rich cultural city with a dynam-        is located in Omaha.
                                   ic business community. Ranked by Forbes                  Omaha’s unemployment rate has remained
                                   magazine as one of the Top 10 Best Places             well under the national average during the
                                   for Business and Careers, Omaha balances              past decade. Still, Omaha has accommo-
                                   Midwest values with big-city life in the heart of     dated new growth. During the 1990s, the
                                   America. It showcases numerous nationally             Omaha metro area added more than 84,000
                                   recognized and world-renowned attractions.            jobs, an increase of more than 25 percent.
                                      A center for information technology, tele-            Omaha is a cultural center of the Great

                                   communications, transportation and food               Plains, with more than 20 live theaters (three
                                   processing, Omaha is the center of a metro-           that produce original works), a profession-
                                   politan area of about 734,270, with more than         al opera company, a regional professional
                                   one million people within a 50-mile radius.           symphony orchestra, a professional chil-
                                   Omaha is located near the geographic center           dren’s theater, a children’s museum and a
                                   of the United States, on the west bank of the         youth orchestra. Joslyn Art Museum and the
                                   Missouri River that forms the Nebraska-Iowa           Durham Western Heritage Museum are the
2008 Bluejays

                                   border. The metro Omaha area has seen                 two largest of many area art and historical
                                   steady growth over the past five decades              offerings.
                                   and is now the 42nd largest city and 61st                The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo has an
                                   largest metro area in the nation.                     international reputation for its breeding pro-
                                      Omaha boasts an outstanding public edu-            grams, and its outstanding “no bars” facility
                                   cation system. Nebraska ranks among the               boasts the world’s largest indoor rain forest,
                                   top states nationally for ACT and SAT scores.         cat complex and aviary. Its newest additions
                                   For 129 years, Omaha has been home to                 are a salt water aquarium, the most techni-
                                   Creighton University, which is known as the           cally advanced in the country, an IMAX
2007 Review

                                   best comprehensive Jesuit institution in the          theater, the largest indoor desert in the world
                                   nation, consistently at the top of U.S. News          and a gorilla complex.
                                   & World Report annual rankings.                          Outstanding sporting events in the area
                                      Omaha serves as headquarters for four              include the annual NCAA College World
                                   Forbes 500 companies: Berkshire Hathaway,             Series, for which Creighton serves as host,
                                   ConAgra Foods, Union Pacific Corp., and               Omaha Royals (AAA baseball), the Omaha                A view of the Omaha skyline at night.
                                   Mutual of Omaha Companies. More than                  Lancers (U.S. Hockey League), the Omaha
                                   20 insurance companies, two dozen direct              Beef (United Indoor Football League) and
About Creighton Records/History

                                   response/telemarketing centers and a num-             a wide variety of collegiate and individual
                                   ber of other national and international firms         sports.
                                   also have headquarters in Omaha. The                     With all the city has to offer, Omaha enjoys
                                   headquarters of STRATCOM, a vital military            a cost of living ranging up to 13 percent
                                   nerve center located at Offutt Air Force Base,        below the national average.
Media Info

                                  Qwest Center Omaha is home to Creighton men’s basketball. In 2008 it will host the first-and-second rounds   For the 59th consecutive year, Omaha will serve
                                  of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (March), the US Olympic Team Trials for Swimming (July) and          as host city for the NCAA College World Series at
                                  NCAA Volleyball Championships (December).                                                                    Rosenblatt Stadium, June 14-25, 2008.

       66                                                                                2008 Creighton Baseball
                                   Creighton Athletics Staff Directory

     Creighton Athletics Department                                                         Creighton Head Coaches
          2500 California Plaza
            Omaha, NE 68178

            Phone: (402) 280-2720
             Fax: (402) 280-5596
                                                                     Dana            Kirsten        Dan         Debbie         Bruce Erickson       Jim

                                                                    Altman       Bernthal Booth    Chipps       Conry            Women’s          Flanery
                                                                     Men’s         Volleyball     Women’s     Women’s Golf        Soccer         Women’s
                                                                   Basketball      280-5794         Crew       280-1722          280-5553        Basketball
                    Baseball Staff                                 280-1795                       280-1817                                       280-4741
Head Coach Ed Servais                        (402) 280-2483
 E-mail address            
Assistant Coach Rob Smith                   (402) 280-5545
 E-mail address           

                                                                                                                                                                2008 Bluejays
Assistant Coach Jason Shockey            (402) 280-2628
 E-mail address    
                                                                     Bob             Tom             Ed            Brent            Bob             John
Volunteer Assistant Coach Joe Cicora       (402) 280-3877           Hanson           Lilly         Servais        Vigness        Warming           Wissler
 E-mail address                   Men’s Golf       Men’s         Baseball        Softball      Men’s Soccer        Men’s
                                                                   280-3008       & Women’s       280-2483       280-2949        280-5785        & Women’s
Kitty Gaughan Pavilion Fax                      (402) 280-5870                      Tennis                                                      Cross Country
                                                                                   280-2490                                                       280-3611

                                                                                                                                                                2007 Review
                                               Creighton Administration and Support Staff

 Rob Anderson      Margaret         Dustin             Steve          Mark          Dr. John        Lisa           Lou          Dr. Timothy        Brent

                                                                                                                                                                Records/History About Creighton
     Sports         Bennett          Bode              Brace         Burgers        Cernech        Chipps        D’Ercole          Dickel         Elsasser
  Information    Administrative   Marketing &        Asst. AD /    Marketing &   Creighton Vice   Academic      Business          Faculty          Sports
   280-5544        Assistant      Promotions       Internal Ops.   Promotions      President       Support      Manager        Representative   Information
                   280-2720        280-1460          280-2484       280-1475       280-2775       280-5832      280-2125         280-2230        280-5801

    Barb             Patty            Len             Bob            Sharon           Kim            T.J.         Carol          Brandon            Ben
    Epps             Galas           Gordy           Hanson          Hanson         Higgins        Isaacs       Ketcham          McCarville       McNair
Administrative   Administrative   Diversity &      Compliance      Assoc. AD /   Special Events   Ticketing   Special Events     Facilities       Athletic
  Assistant        Assistant       Inclusion        280-3008          SWA          280-2984       280-5716     Coordinator       280-1869         Training
  280-5577         280-1795       280-5784                          280-5561                                    280-1794                         280-5563
                                                                                                                                                                Media Info

   Satoshi           Bruce          Adrian            Kevin           Curtis          Rob            Julie        Matt             Mike             Steve
     Ochi         Rasmussen          Rider           Sarver            Self          Simms          Tuttle       Wallace           West            Woita
  Strength &       Athletics       Ticketing       Asst. AD /        Athletic        Sports        Athletic      Athletic        Asst. AD /      Strength &
 Conditioning       Director       280-3371       External Ops.      Training     Information      Training      Training        Marketing      Conditioning
  280-4746         280-2720                         280-5810        280-1793       280-2433       280-5563      280-5554         280-3498        280-4746

                                                       2008 Creighton Baseball                                                                                  67
                                                                                           Creighton Academics

                                                            Academic and Athletic Success                                                   Outstanding Student-Athletes
                                  • Creighton’s student-athletes combined for a 3.29 GPA in the 2007 fall semester, equaling the
                                    highest fall semester GPA on record. The student-athletes also own a 3.29 cumulative GPA.         Creighton prides itself on the quality education it provides for
                                  • The NCAA recently introduced a new tool for the evaluation of the academic quality of             its student-athletes. Those listed below were members of the
                                    participating programs. The Academic Progress Report is intended to gauge the progress            Dean’s List (3.5 GPA) in 2006-07.
                                    student-athletes are making to degree completion and graduation. Creighton had a Valley-          Baseball                Cross Country (M)         Kyla Hoskins
                                    best seven teams post multi-year APR scores in the 10 percent of all squads in their respec-      Ian Dike                Matt Barnes*              Shawn Magrum
                                    tive sports: baseball, men’s golf, men’s tennis, women’s basketball, women’s cross country,       Chris Gradoville        Kyle Berens*              Tristan Moser-Bleil
                                                                                                                                      Greg Hellhake           Peter Cole*               J. O’Neill-Hedlund*

                                    women’s soccer and women’s tennis.
                                  • An impressive 88 of Creighton’s 245 student-athletes (35.9 percent) earned a 3.50 GPA or          Robbie Knight           Bob Robinson*             Ally Peetz
                                                                                                                                      Pat Krebs                                         Anne Peetz*
                                    better during the Fall 2007 semester, including four baseball players.
                                                                                                                                      Bobby Lackovic          Cross Country (W)         Katy Peetz*
                                  • Seventeen student-athletes earned 4.00 GPA’s in the Fall 2007 semester.                           Michael Lam*            Megan Foste               Sydney Reeves
                                  • Creighton had 131 student-athletes make the Dean’s List at least once last year, including 70     Ben Mancuso*            Melissa Greig*            Sam Russell*
                                    student-athletes who earned the honor both semesters.                                             Teddy Ogilvie*          Krista Hannon*            Lindsay Vaught*
                                  • Seventy percent (172) of student-athletes earned at least a 3.00 GPA in the Fall 2007 semester,   T.J. Roemmich*          Molly Jergenson*          Kristine Willrett
                                    including 19 members of the baseball team.                                                        Darin Ruf               Celeste Lorenzo*          Valerie Zimmerer
                                                                                                                                                              Megan McGrath
2008 Bluejays

                                  • Sixty-six percent (162) of student-athletes have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.
                                                                                                                                      Basketball (M)          Liz Murray                Softball
                                  • Thirteen of 14 teams achieved a 3.0 GPA or better in the Fall 2007 semester.                      Aaron Brandt*           Stephanie                 Mary Egan*
                                  • Creighton owns 27 CoSIDA Academic All-American honors.                                            Nate Funk               Righeimer*                Lau Emmsley-Chang
                                                                                                                                      Pierce Hibma*           Anne Staehli              Michelle Koch
                                                      All-Time Academic All-Americans                                                 Dustin Sitzmann*        Kari Tanimoto*            Tara Oltman*
                                   Rick Apke, 1978                                   Michael Lindeman, 2003, 2004                     Anthony Tolliver*       Lindsay Wettergreen       Kaycee Points*
                                   Krystle Campa, 2003                               Christy Lunceford, 1997                                                                            Jamie Reiss*
                                   Zach Daeges, 2005, 2006                           Jessica Powers, 1999                             Basketball (W)          Golf (M)                  Jess Stigge*
                                                                                                                                      Sara Cain*              Austin Andersen*          Jessica Wakasugi
                                   Brody Deren, 2004                                 Jamie Reiss, 2007                                Katie Frank             Andy Brooks*
                                   Becky Flynn, 1995                                 Ernie Rongish, 1973                              Jess Lammers*           Tom Gross                 Tennis (M)
2007 Review

                                   Christine Fukumoto, 2005                          Dave Schrage, 1983                               Megan Neuvirth          Matt Kouri*               Ross Allen*
                                   Heidi Geier, 1998, 1999                           Paul Silas, 1964                                 Sam Schuett             Michael McDonnell*        Nikita Dudar
                                   Emily Greisch, 2006                               Jean Tierney, 1983                               Ally Thrall*                                      Michael Elson*
                                   Bill Hahn, 1993                                   Anthony Tolliver, 2007                                                   Golf (M)                  Jose Guerra
                                   Shane Havens, 2003                                Carrie Welle, 1998                               Women’s Crew            Maureen Gross*            Ben Kopecky*
                                   Dan Lawler, 1999, 2000, 2001                      Matt Wieland, 2005                               Molly Ambler            Paige Pahlke*             Chris Miller*
                                                                                                                                      Jacqueline Ariniello*   Brittany Pepler*
                                                                                                                                      Marnie Bothmer          Leigh Sutton*             Tennis (W)
                                                                                    Academic Learning                                 Sonja Brooks                                      Jen Burge*
                                                                                                                                      Rebecca Bullard         Soccer (M)                Katie Chiu
About Creighton Records/History

                                                                                                                                      Abby Coleman            Colin Campbell            Lindsey Erickson*
                                                                                                                                      Callan Driscoll*        Nic Christou              Tess Reddin
                                                                                  Student-athletes’ demand for academic
                                                                                                                                      Sarah Fredrick*         Nick Ellefson*            Nicole Thurston*
                                                                              support has increased dramatically as they              Megan Geyer*            Pietari Holopainen        Jodi Yanagida*
                                                                              attempt to balance a full academic load with            Kelley Hammond          Andrew Peterson*
                                                                              athletics. The recruitment, retention and               Courtney Hanson         Trent Senske*             Volleyball
                                                                              graduation of student-athletes is vital to the          Salima Hasham           Seth Sinovic              Abby Baumann*
                                                                              success of collegiate athletics.                        Maureen Healy           Jarod Tarver              Emily Greisch*
                                                                                  Creighton University’s Student-Athlete              Nicole Lindseth*        Zach Torgersen*           Jessica Houts
                                              Steve Brace                                                                             Kristi Lorenzen         Jeremy Wittig             Julianne Jackson*
                                                                              Support Center was a major renovation of
                                        Assistant AD - Director of                                                                    Dayna Miyashiro*                                  Katie Mehal*
                                                                              existing space in the Creighton Gymnasium,
                                     Student-Athlete Support Services                                                                 Julie Peacock           Soccer (W)                Sarah Schulze*
                                                                              with the goal of enlarging and improving lock-          Kara Pegram             Gretta Arvesen*           Kristi Woodard
                                                                              er rooms and support facilities. In addition to         Alexa Romero*           Katie Brennan*
                                                                              new locker rooms, the 13,000-square-foot                Mary Schrader           Kristen Casey
                                                                              Support Center includes The Parker Family               Susan Silverman         Heather Currie*
                                                                              Foundation Academic Learning Center, staff              Katie Smart             Nicole DeLue
                                                                              offices, an expanded athletic medicine area             Noemi Solano            Heather Duncan*
                                                                                                                                      Christina Soto          Marcy Gans
                                                                              and additional athletics storage space.
                                                                                                                                      Shelby Takeshita*       Katie Heitke*
                                                                                  The Parker Family Foundation Academic               Anna Vogel              Eden Hingwing
                                                                              Learning Center includes staff offices, 20              Lisa Werner*
                                                                              computer stations, study tables, sound-proof                                            (*Earned Dean’s List honors both semesters)
Media Info

                                                                              carrels for tutoring and partitions to divide
                                                                              the area into sections for quiet, individual or
                                              Lisa Chipps                     group study.
                                            Assistant Academic                    The Blue and White Fund was established
                                                Coordinator                   by former Creighton student-athletes, alumni
                                                                              and friends to support this $1.7 million reno-
                                                                              vation project, which was completed in the
                                                                              fall of 1998.

       68                                                                                   2008 Creighton Baseball
                                                   Athletic Training

    Creighton University athletic trainers work in cooperation with, and under the supervision of, physicians to provide the best
possible care for student-athletes. It has a staff of four full-time certified and state licensed athletic trainers and two graduate
assistant certified and state licensed athletic trainers. Athletic Training students also gain clinical experience as they help serve
the sports medicine needs of Creighton student-athletes.
                                                           The mission of Creighton University Athletic Training is to
                                                        serve as the initial allied health care provider for Creighton
                                                        University student-athletes and to provide access to other
                                                        health care professionals as needed. Services include

                                                        prevention, assessment, management and rehabilitation of
                                                        athletic-related injuries and illnesses.
                                                           CU Athletic Training is committed to the highest stan-
                                                                                                                          Curtis Self
                                                        dards of care consistent with the National Athletic Trainers
                                                        Association Code of Professional Practice and the creden- Athletic Trainer
                                                        tialing statutes of the state of Nebraska.
                                                           Curtis Self will serve as the baseball athletic trainer.

                                                                                                                                        2008 Bluejays
                                        Strength and Conditioning
     Creighton student-athletes benefit from a year-round strength training and conditioning program in the Frank J. Iwersen
Strength and Conditioning Facility.
     The 4,000-square-foot facility in the Vinardi Athletic Center gives
                         Creighton student-athletes one of the finest strength

                                                                                                                                        2007 Review
                         and conditioning facilities in the country for a school
                         that does not sponsor football.
                           The facility features five Olympic platforms with
                         complete sets of Olympic bumper plates, the most
                         up-to-date weight training machines, a free weight
                         area with over 10,000 pounds of weights including a
                         complete set of dumbbells, functional training equip-

                                                                                                                                        Records/History About Creighton
       Satoshi Ochi      ment, aerobic training equipment, and video and
 Strength & Conditioning audio systems to help the staff monitor and teach
                         proper techniques.
     This facility serves as the focal point for all strength and conditioning
activities for Creighton student-athletes.

                                                                                                                                        Media Info

          Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium is the annual home of the College World Series, with Creighton serving as the host institution.

                                               2008 Creighton Baseball                                                                  69

                                                    Attendance                                     MVC All-Centennial Team                        that are awarded to student-athletes on a yearly
                                     Creighton has consistently been in the top-50          As part of its centennial celebration, the Missouri   basis. Most of these scholarships go toward
                                  nationally in home attendance for Division I           Valley Conference named a baseball all-centenni-         helping fifth-year student-athletes who have com-
                                  schools. In 2007, the Bluejays ranked 40th in          al team in 2007. Creighton was well-                     pleted their athletic eligibility. Below are the last
                                  average home attendance with a 1,553 per-game          represented, as nine Bluejays were                       names of donors with endowed scholarships that
                                  total, after coming in 25th nationally in 2006.        selected.                                                are available to baseball players:
                                     Last season, Creighton defeated Nebraska,              Tony Roth (2002-05) was one of                        Baseball Only: Palmer, Mangiameli, Quinlan
                                  9-2, before 18,316 fans at Rosenblatt Stadium on       five players selected at second base.                    All Sports: Jensen, Mailliard, Barr, Dippel,
                                  May 15, the second-highest single-game total in        Scott Servais (1986-88) at catcher Alan Benes            Bevilacqua, Remde, Leavitt, Gibson (minority)
                                  the country in 2007. In fact, the Bluejay-Husker       and Zach Daeges (2003-06) at third

                                  rivalry has been played in front of six of the 26      base were each one of only four play-                            Missouri Valley Conference
                                  largest regular season single-game crowds in           ers selected at their positions.                             The Creighton baseball team has been a
                                  NCAA history. In 2006, the CU-NU matchup was              1991 National Player of the Year                      member of the Missouri Valley Conference since
                                  attended by 21,158 fans, the eighth-largest total in   Scott Stahoviak (1989-91) was select-                    the 1977 season. Prior to joining the Valley, the
                                  college baseball history.                              ed as a utility player. Oneri Fleita Scott Stahoviak     Bluejays played as an independent.
                                                                                         (1987-88) was voted to the team as                           The oldest conference headquartered west
                                              College World Series                       one of four designated hitters.                          of the Mississippi River,
                                                                                            In the outfield, Dave Schrage                         The Valley is in its 101st
                                      The NCAA Division I College World Series has
                                                                                         (1980-83) was chosen as one of nine
2008 Bluejays

                                  called Omaha home every year since 1950 and                                                                     year of existence and
                                                                                         outfielders. He is the only person to                    began sponsoring base-
                                  Creighton University serves as the host institu-
                                                                                         earn all-conference honors as a player                   ball in 1947.
                                  tion for the event. Annually drawing more than
                                                                                         and later receive the league’s Coach Steve Grasley
                                  225,000 fans to the 11-day event, the College
                                                                                         of the Year award.
                                  World Series is one of the nation’s premier sport-                                                                Major Leaguers
                                                                                            Alan Benes (1991-93) and Dan Smith (1988-90)
                                  ing events, matching college baseball’s top eight                                                                   The Creighton program has seen its share
                                                                                         were voted onto the team as starting pitchers.
                                  teams in a double-elimination tournament for the                                                                of athletes move on to the professional ranks.
                                                                                         Steve Grasley (2001-04) received the nod as a
                                  national championship.                                                                                          The Jays have had 71 players drafted by Major
                                                                                         relief pitcher.
                                      The 2008 CWS will                                                                                           League Baseball teams since 1955 with 15 of
                                  be the 59th in Omaha                                                                                            them making it to a 40-man roster. This includes
                                  and is scheduled for                                                     Hall of Fame
                                                                                                                                                  28 signees in the 1990s and 15 since 2000.
2007 Review

                                  June 14-25 at Johnny                                     In addition to his status as a Major League
                                                                                                                                                      Some of the more notable names from
                                  Rosenblatt Stadium.                                    Baseball Hall of Famer, Bob
                                                                                                                                                  Creighton’s history are Bob Gibson, Dave McKay,
                                                                                         Gibson was the first Bluejay induct-
                                                                                                                                                  Dennis Rasmussen, Scott Servais, Kimera Bartee,
                                                  All-Americans                          ed into the Creighton University
                                                                                                                                                  Scott Stahoviak and Alan Benes.
                                                                                         Athletics Hall of Fame in 1968.
                                      The Creighton baseball program has pro-                                                                         Most recently the names of Zach Daeges,
                                                                                         The Creighton Hall of Fame now
                                  duced 14 All-Americans in its history, including                                                                Adam Schaecher, Marc Lewis and Chase
                                                                                         boasts 58 members, including 10
                                  four first-teamers in the 1990s: Dan Smith (1990),                                                              Odenreider have been added to the list.
                                                                                         former baseball players.
                                  Scott Stahoviak (1991), Chad McConnell (1992)                                                 Bob Gibson
                                                                                           Joining Gibson in the Creighton
                                  and Ryan Gripp (1999).
                                                                                                                                                                    USA Baseball
About Creighton Records/History

                                                                                         Athletics Hall of Fame are Oneri Fleita (2000), Gil
                                     Others who have received All-America recogni-
                                                                                         Passarella (1984), Dennis Rasmussen (1993),                   Five Bluejay baseball players -- Chad
                                  tion include Scott Servais (1988), Mike Heathcott
                                                                                         Randy Schwartz (1994), Jim Hendry (2001), Scott          McConnell, Chad Meyers, Dennis Rasmussen,
                                  (1991), Peyton Lewis (1999), Steve Grasley
                                                                                         Servais (2003), Scott Stahoviak (2005), Mike             Scott Servais and Dan Smith -- have repre-
                                  (2004), Tony Roth (2004), Scott Reese (2005)
                                                                                         Heathcott (2006) and 2007 inductee Mike Finley.          sented the United States in international com-
                                  and Zach Daeges (2006).
                                                                                                                                                  petition. Scott Servais was a member of the
                                     Last season, three pitchers received All-America
                                                                                                             Fight Song                           gold-medal-winning baseball team at the 1988
                                  honors. Ambidextrous reliever Pat Venditte was
                                                                                                                                                  Seoul Olympics.
                                  named an All-American by four different publi-          The Creighton University Fight Song is “The
                                                                                                                                                       Creighton was ranked in the latest Top
                                  cations, starter Ben Mancuso was a third-team          White and the Blue,” with words and music by
                                                                                                                                                  50 USA Baseball National Team Collegiate
                                  selection by Collegiate Baseball and reliever          Gordon Richmond.
                                                                                                                                                  Programs by USA Baseball. The Bluejays came
                                  Andy Masten earned second-team laurels from
                                                                                         “The White and the Blue!                                 in tied for 23rd in the
                                  the NCBWA.
                                                                                         Colors two, it is you we defend.                         rankings, which are
                                                                                         Fearless for you,                                        based on a program’s
                                              Dr. Lee C. Bevilacqua                      our might to the fight we will lend.                     contributions to the
                                      Inducted into the Creighton                        So: wave, colors, wave                                   U.S. National Team.
                                  University Athletic Hall of Fame in                    We will fight on for your glory.
                                  1988, Bevilacqua became the first                      White and Blue!
                                  person associated with Creighton                       We will fight till the fight is won.”
                                  Athletics to be honored by the
                                  Missouri Valley Conference Hall of                                         Jaybackers
                                  Fame when he was presented the                           The booster group for Creighton Athletics, the
                                  MVC Award of Merit at the Hall of Fame induction       Jaybackers, contributed over $2 million to the
Media Info

                                  ceremonies Sept. 1, 1998, in St. Louis.                athletic department last year, primarily through
                                      Dr. Lee C. Bevilacqua was Creighton’s volunteer    membership donations and the annual Jaybacker
                                  team physician for 32 years (1962-82, 1986-98) until   Jamboree held in November.
                                  his passing in October of 1998, while on a road trip
                                  with the Bluejay men’s soccer team.
                                                                                                     Endowed Scholarships                                Scott Servais             Dennis Rasmussen
                                      During his years of service, Bevilacqua never
                                                                                           Through the generosity of its supporters,
                                  received monetary compensation and always paid
                                                                                         Creighton has established endowed scholarships
                                  his own way when he traveled with teams.

       70                                                                                2008 Creighton Baseball
      CU’s Major League Connections                                                                             Northwoods League

                                                                Known as one of the premier summer collegiate baseball wooden bat leagues in the coun-
  Player                 Year         Organization
  Gerald J. Shea         1905       St. Louis Cardinals      try, many Northwoods League rosters have included Creighton players in recent years. Eight
  Joseph Lotz            1916       St. Louis Cardinals      Bluejays on the 2008 roster played in the Northwoods League last summer. In addition, current
  Hugh (Hal) Luby        1931       Philadelphia Athletics   CU assistant coaches Rob Smith and Jason Shockey have previously been head coaches of
  Gene Sullivan          1955       St. Louis Cardinals      the league’s Wisconsin Woodchucks and Waterloo Bucks, respectively.
  Frank Slezak           1955       St. Louis Cardinals         Junior Darin Ruf and senior Pat Venditte of the Wisconsin Woodchucks were both selected Tom Oldham
  Fritz Stanek           1955       Brooklyn Dodgers         to the 2007 mid-season Northwoods All-Star team and Ruf was also named to the post-season
  Bob Gibson             1957       St. Louis Cardinals
                                                             all-star team. In addition, Ruf was named the league’s best offensive first baseman after hitting
  Don Brummer            1957       New York Yankees
  Gil Passarella         1970       New York Yankees
                                                             .348 last summer. In 2005, Zach Daeges became the first player in NWL history to win the Triple
  Dave McKay             1971       Minnesota Twins          Crown, batting .366 while hitting 13 home runs and driving in 48 runs for the Waterloo Bucks.
  John Sturgeon          1972       San Diego Padres            Creighton players have been successful for years in the NWL. Former Bluejays Steve Grasley

  Cliff Cuadreuil        1972       Baltimore Orioles                                         and Tom Oldham were named to the Northwoods League All-
                                                                                                                                                               Steve Grasley
  Jim Otto               1972       New York Yankees                                          Decade Team that was announced in 2004. Grasley’s 19 saves
  Jim Lemon              1973       Kansas City Royals                                        during the summer of 2002 was a NWL record. He returned in 2003 as a
  Dennis Froehlich       1974       San Francisco Giants                                      starter and led the NWL with nine wins and 91 strikeouts for the league
  Abner Johnson          1977       Minnesota Twins
                                                                                              champion Wisconsin Woodchucks. Also a member of the Woodchucks,
  Dennis Rasmussen       1980       California Angels
  Daryl Stoval           1982       Chicago White Sox
                                                                                              Oldham’s 0.74 ERA in 2001 is the lowest in NWL history. Wisconsin also won
  Donald Montgomery      1983       Montreal Expos                                            the league championship in 2001 behind Oldham’s 6-1 record.
  Doug Palmer            1983       Minnesota Twins
  Kevin Kristan          1983       Chicago White Sox                                Creighton University Athletic Hall of Fame

                                                                                                                                                                                                             2008 Bluejays
  Tom Traen              1983       Montreal Expos
  Eric Campbell          1984       Chicago White Sox
                                                              Rick Apke                             1989        Dick Harvey                      1983         Jessica Powers Davis                   2007
  Tom Drees              1985       Chicago White Sox
  Jeff Kopyta            1986       Oakland Athletics         Tom Apke                              1995        Mike Heathcott                   2006         Dennis Rasmussen                       1993
  Dave Hartnett          1986       Seattle Mariners          Edward Beisser                        1977        Jim Hendry                       2001         Roman Roh, D.D.S.                      1981
  Shaun Daly             1987       Kansas City Royals        Lee C. Bevilacqua, M.D.               1988        E.S. “Eddie” Hickey              1973         Sebastian “Subby” Salerno              1986
  Brad Kucera            1987       Milwaukee Brewers
  Scott Servais          1988       Houston Astros
                                                              Ralph Bobik                           1988        Mary Higgins                     1987         Randy Schwartz                         1994
  Oneri Fleita           1988       Baltimore Orioles         Kelly Brookhart Prokupek              2003        Lance Hill                       2007         Scott Servais                          2003
  Dan Johnston           1988       Chicago Cubs              Conrad “Cornie” Collin                1991        Werner Jensen, M.D.              1975         Paul Silas                             1974
  Eric Boddie            1988       Los Angeles Dodgers
                                                              Keith DeFini                          2005        John C. Johnson                  1991         Scott Stahoviak                        2005
  Dan Smith              1990       Texas Rangers
                                                              Randy Eccker                          1999        Brian Kamler                     2002         Shannon Struby                         2006

                                                                                                                                                                                                             2007 Review
  Scott Stahoviak        1991       Minnesota Twins
  Dax Jones              1991       San Francisco Giants      Mike Finley                           2007        John Knolla                      1978         Eddie Sutton                           1997
  Steve Hinton           1991       Kansas City Royals        Oneri Fleita                          2000        Donald Knowles                   1969         Jean Tierney Holt                      1990
  Mike Heathcott         1991       Chicago White Sox
  Ryan Martindale        1991       Cleveland Indians         Donald Fleming                        1976        Ralph “Swede” Langer             2000         Johnny Torres                          2004
  Bobby Langer           1991       Chicago White Sox         Becky Flynn Jensen                    2005        Leonard “Jimmy” Lovley, D.D.S.   1969         John Trautman, M.D.                    1980
  Chad McConnell         1992       Philadelphia Phillies     Heidi Geier Woodard                   2006        Dr. Ralph Mailliard              1972         Rev. Maurice Van Ackeren, S.J.         1971
  Rick Freehling         1992       Florida Marlins
                                                              Bob Gibson                            1968        Kevin McKenna                    1998         Tanya Warren                           1996
  Alan Benes             1993       St. Louis Cardinals
  Brian O’Brien          1993       Minnesota Twins           Pam Gradoville Simon                  1999        John J. “Red” McManus            1979         William Worthing                       1970
  Brian O’Connor         1993       Philadelphia Phillies     Kathy Halligan                        2002        Gil Passarella                   1984         Connie Yori                            1992

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Records/History About Creighton
  Troy Schulte           1993       Houston Astros
                                                              Gene Harmon                           1985        Ira Philson                      2003         Mary Yori                              1992
  Kimera Bartee          1993       Baltimore Orioles
  Aaron Puffer           1993       California Angels         Bob Harstad                           2002        Bob Portman                      1982
                                                                                                                                                              * Former baseball players in Italics
  Eric Maloney           1993       Los Angeles Dodgers       Rev. Robert J. Hart, S.J.             2001        Anthony F. Porto, Sr., D.D.S.    1990
  Rick Heiserman         1994       Cleveland Indians
  Dan Hower              1994       Texas Rangers
  Eric Dantzler          1994       San Francisco Giants
  Gary Dose              1995       Minnesota Twins
  Tyson Kimm             1995       Philadelphia Phillies
  Mike Mahoney           1995       Atlanta Braves
  Mike Stick             1995       Chicago Cubs
  A.J. Walkanoff         1995       Los Angeles Dodgers
  Chad Meyers            1996       Chicago Cubs
  Kevin Frederick        1998       Minnesota Twins
  Ryan Gripp             1999       Chicago Cubs
  Peyton Lewis           1999       Toronto Bluejays
  Dan Gooris             2000       Cincinnati Reds
  Vince Pietro           2000       Cleveland Indians
  Ken Sarna              2000       Kansas City Royals                                                                              Alan Benes won 13 games as a          Scott Servais enjoyed an 11-year
  Dan Lawler             2001       Chicago Cubs                                                                                    rookie for the Cardinals in 1996.     career in the Major Leagues.
  Dan Gooris             2001       San Diego Padres
  Tim Gradoville         2002       Philadelphia Phillies
  Tom Oldham             2003       Seattle Mariners
  Ryan Fitzgerald        2003       Chicago Cubs
  Steve Grasley          2004       Seattle Mariners
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Media Info

  Eric Wordekemper       2005       New York Yankees
  Tony Roth              2005       New York Yankees
  Zach Daeges            2006       Boston Red Sox
  Adam Schaecher         2006       Texas Rangers            Bob Gibson is regarded as one of the best pitch-
                                                             ers in baseball history. After concluding his
  Chase Odenreider       2006       New York Yankees
                                                             collegiate career at Creighton in 1957, Gibson
  Marc Lewis             2007       Florida Marlins          went on to win 251 games, record 3,117 strike-
  Chris Gradoville       2007       Texas Rangers            outs, win two world championships with the St.
  Chad Ogden             2007       Texas Rangers            Louis Cardinals, earn two Cy Young awards and
                                                             win the 1968 National League MVP. Gibson was                           Dave McKay played eight seasons       Dennis Rasmussen won 91 games
Bold - Reached the Major Leagues.                            inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981.                       in MLB before a coaching career.      in a 12-year MLB career.

                                                               2008 Creighton Baseball                                                                                                                       71
                                                                               The Missouri Valley Conference

                                     Fresh off a centennial celebration in 2006-07, the            aggressive in hosting NCAA events in St. Louis. That role
                                  Missouri Valley Conference begins its second centennial          came to a spectacular climax in April 2005 as the confer-
                                  as a leader in college athletics and is the nation’s second-     ence collaborated with local partners to stage the Men’s
                                  oldest NCAA Division I conference.                               Final Four at the Edward Jones Dome.
                                     In the league’s first 100 seasons, 32 members combined            And while the Missouri Valley Conference has been
                                  for 27 national championships, while 56 Valley student-          progressive in pursuing NCAA events, the oldest Division I
                                  athletes captured NCAA individual titles. In addition, Valley    athletic conference west of the Mississippi River has con-
                                  student-athletes and coaches earned 50 National Player or        tinued to be a national leader in the athletic arena.
                                  Coach of the Year honors in their respective sports. And             The seeds for this vision were planted by eight adminis-
                                  the league had a myriad of student-athletes who collected        trators representing five institutions, who met at the Midland

                                  All-America honors and earned national academic distinc-         Hotel in Kansas City, Mo., on Jan. 12, 1907. The five                          Missouri Valley Conference
                                  tion in The Valley’s first century.                              schools which formed the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate                          1818 Chouteau Ave
                                     The Missouri Valley Conference continues to lead by           Athletic Association were Washington University of St.                            St. Louis, MO 63103
                                  example as one of college athletics’ most progressive            Louis, and the state universities of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri
                                  conferences. The Valley emphasizes the importance of the         and Nebraska. Two months after the initial meeting, two                       Phone: (314) 421-0339
                                  student-athlete and is aggressive in its approach to provide     more schools -- Drake University and Iowa State -- were                         Fax: (314) 421-3505
                                  opportunities for its member institutions.                       admitted.                                                                Scoreboard Phone: (314) 699-6821
                                     While the success of men’s basketball has received                In the fall of 1907, basketball became the first competi-        
                                  the greatest attention, the overall performance of league        tive sport. Today, the Missouri Valley Conference spon-
2008 Bluejays

                                  teams in virtually every sport continues to raise the nation-    sors the following sports: baseball, men’s and women’s                               MVC Staff
                                  al profile of the conference.                                    basketball, men’s and women’s cross country and track &          Doug Elgin - Commissioner
                                     In men’s basketball, The Valley has received much             field (indoor and outdoor), men’s and women’s golf, men’s        Patty Viverito - Sr. Associate Commissioner
                                  national acclaim over the past decade during its return to       and women’s soccer, softball, women’s swimming and div-          Joe Mitch - Associate Commissioner
                                  prominence. In 2007-08, the MVC will be looking to extend        ing, men’s and women’s tennis, and women’s volleyball.           Jack Watkins - Associate Commissioner for
                                  its streak of consecutive seasons with two or more teams             Athletic accomplishments on the men’s athletics side           Marketing and Television
                                  advancing to NCAA Tournament play to 10-straight years.          include 10 national basketball championships, 16 trips to        Mike Kern - Associate Commissioner for
                                  Last year, two teams (Creighton, Southern Illinois) made         the NCAA Final Four, a 1989 national baseball champi-              Communications
                                  the field with SIU reaching the Sweet 16. Meanwhile, the         onship and 19 College World Series qualifiers. In 2001,          Mark McNamara - Director of Corporate Sales
                                  league finished No. 6 - its all-time high - in the Ratings       Missouri State added to The Valley women’s accomplish-           Rich Steed - Chief Financial Officer
                                  Percentage Index (RPI) a second-straight season. Notably,        ments, as the Lady Bears advanced to the Women’s                 Dave Biancamano - Assistant Commissioner for
2007 Review

                                  The Valley has had 10 post-season teams in men’s bas-            Basketball Final Four in St. Louis. Creighton (2004) and           Operations
                                  ketball over the past two seasons, with three NCAA Sweet         Missouri State (2005) have claimed national champion-            Mary Mulvenna - Assistant Commissioner for
                                  16 trips (Bradley, Southern Illinois and Wichita State).         ships (WNIT) in women’s basketball, while MSU also                 Compliance and Community Relations
                                     There were plenty of other milestones for The Valley in       has a 1992 NCAA Women’s Final Four appearance, and               Jeremiah Ingram - Assistant Commissioner for
                                  the athletic arena in 2006-07. In February 2007, The Valley      Creighton (2003) and Drake (1999) have made semifinal              Communications
                                  announced its State Farm MVC Women’s Basketball                  trips to the WNIT postseason tournament.                         Lauren Venarchik - Assistant Director - Women’s
                                  Championship would move to a neutral site for the first              Indeed, the inclusion of women’s programs under                Basketball Tournament
                                  time in league history, bringing the championship to The         The Valley banner has provided a boost. The Gateway              Carla Fight - Assistant to the Commissioner
                                  Family Arena in Saint Charles, Mo. Three league teams,           Collegiate Athletic Conference -- which began in 1982            Maxine Day - Executive Assistant
                                  meanwhile, represented the MVC in post-season play as            -- merged with the Missouri Valley Conference and was            Terri Heiges - Secretary/Receptionist
About Creighton Records/History

                                  Drake, despite its No. 8 seed, won the league tourney to         unveiled as part of the new conference on July 1, 1992.          Brock Ascher - Media Relations Assistant
                                  reach the NCAAs, while Illinois State and Southern Illinois          And while the inclusion of women’s sports under a com-
                                  each got to the second round of the WNIT.                        prehensive athletic umbrella is a recent development in the
                                     In baseball, Wichita State was nationally ranked for the      league’s storied history, over the years, Valley student-ath-        2007-08 Championships
                                  entire season, winning 53 games and finishing one series         letes and coaches have become household names during             Sept. 28-30   Individual Tennis (W) - Omaha, Neb.
                                  win shy of reaching the College World Series. Creighton won      the league’s illustrious history, both during their collegiate   Oct. 27       Cross Country (M/W) - Cedar Falls, Iowa
                                  the State Farm MVC Tournament behind the MVP pitching            careers and, for some, professional careers.                     *Nov. 9-11    Soccer (W) - Evansville, Ind.
                                  performance of junior ambidextrous hurler Pat Venditte as            In fact, The Valley began honoring that tradition in the     Nov. 14-18    Soccer (M) - Omaha, Neb.
                                  the Bluejays joined the Shockers in NCAA play.                   summer of 1997, when the conference began its athlet-            Nov. 23-24    Volleyball - Springfield, Mo.
                                     Three Missouri Valley Conference softball programs            ics Hall of Fame. Hersey Hawkins of Bradley, Larry Bird          Jan. 26-28    Individual Tennis (M) - Des Moines, Iowa
                                  -- 2007 MVC Tournament champion Creighton, Illinois              of Indiana State, Wes Unseld of Louisville, Coach Henry          Feb. 14-16    Swimming & Diving (W) - Carbondale, Ill.
                                  State and Southern Illinois -- represented the league in the     Iba of Oklahoma State, Dave Stallworth of Wichita State,         Feb. 29-M1    Indoor Track & Field (M/W) - Cedar Falls, Iowa
                                  2007 NCAA Division I Softball Championship. It marked            Ed Macauley of Saint Louis, and Oscar Robertson of               Mar. 6-9      MVC Basketball (M) - St. Louis, Mo.
                                  the fifth-consecutive year The Valley has earned multiple        Cincinnati were members of the initial induction class.          Mar. 13-16    MVC Basketball (W) - St. Charles, Mo.
                                  bids to the NCAA tournament and the third-straight season        Currently, more than 30 former players, coaches and              April 13-15   Golf (W) - Omaha, Neb.
                                  in which three teams have earned spots in the field. SIU         alums dot the league’s Hall of Fame.                             April 21-22   Golf (M) - Davenport, Iowa
                                  hosted a NCAA regional, and each Valley team won a                    League members include Bradley, Creighton, Drake,           April 25-27   Tennis (M/W) - Omaha, Neb.
                                  tournament game.                                                 the University of Evansville, Illinois State, Indiana State,     May 8-10      Softball - Carbondale, Ill.
                                     During the tenure of Doug Elgin, The Valley’s ninth           Missouri State, University of Northern Iowa, Southern            May 16-18     Outdoor Track & Field (M/W) - Carbondale, Ill.
                                  and longest-tenured commissioner, The Valley has been            Illinois and Wichita State.                                      May 21-24     Baseball - Wichita, Kan.
                                                                                                                                                                    *initial rounds of women’s soccer championship played on cam-
                                                                                                                                                                    pus sites the weekend prior
Media Info

                                                                                                                                                                              Bradley • Creighton
                                                                                                                                                                               Drake • Evansville
                                                                                                                                                                         Illinois State • Indiana State
                                                                                                                                                                       Missouri State • Northern Iowa
                                          Doug Elgin                    Patty Viverito                 Leonard Brickens                  Brock Ascher                  Southern Illinois • Wichita State
                                          Commissioner             Sr. Associate Commissioner          Umpire Coordinator                  Baseball SID

       72                                                                                         2008 Creighton Baseball

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