PGA Tour_ an Introduction by djsgjg0045


									What is PGA? Basically it is an organization which is responsible for the operations
of main professional golf tours across United States. Vedra Beach, Florida is the
official headquarters of PGA. In 1968, branching off from the PGA Tour of America,
This Tour became a separate entity, which is now primarily an association of club
 Initially the professional golfers formed their own organization, the Association of
Professional Golfers (APG). Than in 1968, the tournament players decided to get rid
of APG and agreed to operate as the PGA later the name officially changed into the
"PGA Tour" in mid 70’s.
 The Tour is not responsible for the women's tours in the U.S.; they are organized by
the LPGA. Moreover the PGA is also not the governing authority for the golf in the
US. USGA is governing the game of golf as well as it organizes the U.S. Open. PGA
organize the remaining 43 (in 2009) week-to-week events, which includes The
Players Championship and the FedEx Cup events, as well as the biennial Presidents
 On the other hand PGA does not run any of the four major the Ryder Cup. The PGA
of America runs the PGA Championship, the Senior PGA Championship, and PGA
European Tour is co-organized by the Ryder Cup. Due to a multiplicity of these
similar names, it is worth emphasizing what the PGA Tour does and does not
 Nationwide top 25 money-winners also receive privileges on the following year's
Tour. If a golfer wins three events on that tour in a calendar year, as a reward he
would earn the performance promotion which garners Tour privileges for the
remainder of the year plus the following full season. There is no rule limiting PGA
players to men only as similar to other major league sports.
 In 2006, the PGA announced a new set of television deals covering 2007 to 2012. As
the CBS Sports will remain the main carrier of Tour, and will increase its events from
16 to 19 per season. The contemporary NBC Sports will increase its coverage from 5
to 10 events and the Golf Channel will be the Tour's cable partner for 15-year contract,
which will be providing early round coverage of all official events and coverage of a
few events at the beginning and towards the end of the season.
 But these deals do not cover the major championships. Unfortunately the world’s
most interesting and famous Tour does not own the rights to them. Only the CBS has
the right to broadcast the majors like The Masters and PGA Championship and NBC,
U.S. Open. A good news for golfer as now NBC is the only major broadcast network
to offer four days of major coverage over the air.
 From the Beginning in 2010, ESPN Sports is providing exclusive coverage of the
Open Championship. Currently ESPN Sports and Turner Sports are the broadcast
Sports Networks' cable partners for the other majors, with ESPN Sports providing full
coverage of the first and second rounds of The Masters and U.S. Open and TNT
Sports is covering the PGA Championship.

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