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									Nutritional supplements for your pet can lead to better health and resistance to various
diseases. A routine made specifically for your pet may mean the difference between
him or her flourishing and simply 鈥済 etting by 鈥?
 Vitamins and supplements are highly recommended in dogs with joint pain (as a
result of arthritis). However, among veterinarians, some think that vitamins and
supplements are necessary and can improve the health of a dog. Others feel as if they
do more harm to an animal than good.
 Please note, over doses of vitamins CAN be harmful for any pet. For example, too
much calcium can cause problems with their bones, especially in large bred dogs.
Vitamins A and D excess also causes toxicity in dogs.
 Good quality supplements should contain at least 8 essential vitamins. They include:
 Vitamin A Vitamin B B-Complex Vitamin D Vitamin E
 A leader in supplementation is GNC Pets. This is a new partnership between
PetSmart and GNC. They supply everything from milk replacers for puppies and
kittens to multivitamins and joint support for adult and senior dogs.
 GNC Pets supplements are available in numerous delivery forms, which give pet
parents different options for how they would like to administer vitamins to their pets.
These delivery forms include:
 Gel: for pet to lick Liquid: mix with dry or wet food Chewable: direct ingestion
Powder: sprinkle of wet food Soft chew: direct ingestion similar to a treat
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