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					          relax and enjoy
let us help take the hard work
out of your next function
Fraichedeli offers a complete catering service.
We can cater at your venue or ours, the communal
table (seats 12) at the deli café is ideal for large
bookings and set menus.

   We can organise:
   business lunches
   breakfast platters
   morning teas
   sandwich platters
   vietnamese ricepaper roll platters
   salad platters
   cheese platters
   antipasto platters
   savoury tarts
   takehome meals
   whole cakes
   gluten free, vegetarian & special dietary
   options are available on request

our suggestions to make that
special occasion a relaxing one
 1-1.5 hour cocktail party
 (2 cold and 2 hot items per person)                           7/158 Graceville Ave Graceville Qld 4075
                                                                  P 07 3379 9954 F 07 3379 9956
 2-3 hour cocktail party                                             E
 (4 cold and 4 hot items per person)                        
 or (3 cold and 3 hot and 1 noodle box per person)
                                                        48 hours notice is required for all catering orders as each order is
 3-5 hour cocktail party
                                                        made fresh and produce needs to be sourced. A deposit of 35%
 (4 cold and 4 hot and cheese/antipasto platters)          is required for all orders. Food prices are inclusive of GST.

                                                                                                                               catering menu
 or (4 cold and 4 hot and 1 noodle box per person)                  15% surcharge applies on public holidays.
                                                                Fraiche platters require a refundable cash deposit
                                                             of $25 per platter. Delivery is min $15 within CBD area.
 or make your selection from our menu overleaf
                                                       Cancellations late notice (less than 12 hours) 50% of the total order
                                                          will be charged. Prices are subject to change without notice
                                                       however prices are guaranteed at time of confirmation of your order.

     PHONE 3379 9954                                      Waiting staff hire rates - $30.00 per hr per person (min 3hrs)
                                                                Chef hire rate - $40.00 per hr / per chef (min 3 hrs)
      catering menu
  To place an order from this menu ask one of our staff
  at Fraichedeli or call us on 3379 9954
                                                                                                                                                            ‘High Tea’ Finger Sandwich & Petite Cake Platter
                                                                                             Finger Food                                                    Minimum order 6 people - $16.90 p/p
                                                                                             $2.50 per item (minimum order -18pcs of each item)             Triple layered finger sandwiches with assorted delicious
                                                                                             Cold                                                           fillings accompanied by delicate petite tarts, cakes
Breakfast Catering Platter                                                                   Smoked chicken crème cheese & chive crepe wheel                and bite size savoury quiche
Prices are per item (minimum order - 8pcs of each item)                                      Fresh asparagus & smoked salmon roll
Savoury muffins                                                      mini 3.50 med 4.75      Petite avocado & crisp vegetable rice paper roll GF            Deli Platter
Petite soft corn roll with crispy bacon, herb omelette & tomato relish              4.90     Creamy goats feta & fresh beetroot filo tartlet                Minimum order 4 people - $9.5 p/p
Fresh fruit salad with greek yoghurt                                                5.50     Smoked trout & avocado mayonnaise tartlet                      Antipasto platter with cured Italian style meats / roasted peppers
Breakfast tart (bacon, cheese, spinach, caramelised onion)           mini 3.50 med 5.50      Baked parmesan muffin with prosciutto & capsicum jam           char grilled vegetables/ semi dried tomatoes/ olives/ bocconcini
Cherry tomato, basil pesto & goats cheese tart                       mini 3.50 med 5.50      Vietnamese chicken salad in wonton cups
Smoked ham potato & gruyère frittata w tomato relish                  mini 3.50 lge 6.50     Hot                                                            Dips Platter
Poached egg, hollandaise, baby spinach & smoked salmon muffin                       6.90     Crumbed feta stuffed green olives                              Minimum order 4 people - $8.50 p/p
Bircher muesli                                                                      6.90     Vietnamese pork & kaffir lime balls (3 pcs) GF                 Selection of 3 dips/ vegetable crudities/ olives / crackers
Flaky butter croissant with smoked ham, swiss cheese & avocado mini 3.50 lge 7.50            Petite quiche with roast pumpkin, feta & spinach
Flaky butter croissant with shaved turkey, brie & cranberry           mini 3.50 lge 7.50     Tandoori lamb samosas                                          Fruit & Cake Platter
Breakfast wrap with grilled ham fresh herbs & scrambled egg                         7.50     Shepherds pie                                                  Minimum order 6 people - $7.50 p/p
Fresh fruit platter (serves 8-10)                                                   35.00    Beef burgundy pie                                              Fresh seasonal fruit with petite sweet cake/ slice items
                                                                                             Red thai chicken curry pie
Morning/Afternoon Tea                                                                        Petite quiche with crispy bacon cherry tomato & pesto          Cheese & Fruit Platter
Prices are per item (minimum order - 8pcs of each item)                                      Petite quiche with smoked salmon dill capers red onion         Minimum order 6 people - $8.50 p/p
Petite four – Mixed dozen                                                        2 ea        Roasted vegetable & feta frittata GF                           Selection of 3 farm house cheese with crackers/ fresh fruit & nuts
Coconut orange pecan biscotti                                                    2.50        Pancetta ricotta & roasted tomato frittata GF
Banana bread slice                                                               3.50        Gourmet chicken & Italian herb sausage rolls
Danish pastries                                                     sml 2.50 lge 4           Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls                             Salads
Buttermilk pikelets with jam & cream (2 per serve)                               4
                                                                                                                                                            Sml bowl $35 (serves 6-8) Large bowl $ 48 (serves 10-12)
Butterfly cakes w lemon curd                                                     4           $3.50 per item (minimum order -18pcs of each item)             Brown rice
Nutty caramel tarts                                                              4           Cold                                                           Fettuccine
Orange poppyseed teacake                                                         4           Assorted nori rolls with wasabi mayonnaise GF                  Cous Cous
Raspberry almond friand                                                          4           Prawn & chicken Vietnamese rice paper rolls                    Green bean
Sweet buttermilk berry muffins                                      sml 3.50 med 4.50        Rare beef & vegetable roll with horseradish mayo               and more from our fresh daily selection
Gluten Free Morning/Afternoon Tea                                                            Chickpea & potato falafel w harissa & raita GF
Prices are per item (minimum order - 8pcs of each item)                                      Goats curd, caramelised onion & cherry tomato tart             Take Home Meals
Roasted almond meringue                                                            2.50      Lamb, mint & tomato kofta with mint yoghurt dipping sauce GF   Savoury Tarts
Almond jam drop                                                                    3.50      Roast duck & shallot pancake w hoisin & black vinegar          Sml from $15 (2-3) med from $30 (4-6) lge from $45 (8-10)
Poached orange & almond cake                                                       4.50      Chicken fillet & preserved lemon skewers GF                    Pumpkin spinach creamy feta
Chocolate hazelnut cake                                                            4.50      Salmon risotto cake w lemon aioli GF                           Smoked salmon dill caper red onion
Chocolate walnut brownie                                                           4.50      Oriental ginger chicken strudels                               Smokey bacon cherry tomato cheese shallot
Coconut caramel cake                                                               4.50      Corn & chive cakes w poached chicken breast & chilli jam       Chicken breast asparagus sweet onion chive
                                                                                             Thai fish cakes w cucumber relish                              Mushroom fresh herbs parmesan spinach
Gourmet Sandwiches + Breads                                                                                                                                 Ricotta spinach tomato and basil pesto
Prices are per item (minimum order - 4pcs of each item)                                      Whole Cakes
Open face sandwich                                                                 3.95ea    Sml from $16.50 med from $30 lge from $45                      Pies Large
Petite filled rolls                                                                4.50ea    Flourless poached orange and almond GF                         Family size from $26.50
Standard sandwich triangles                                                        5.95/rd   Flourless chocolate hazelnut chocolate GF                      Shepherds pie with mash topping
Premium sandwich triangles                                                         6.95/rd   Sicilian apple & raisin                                        Mexican bean cheese & sweet potato mash top
Turkish pide                                                                       8.00ea    Carrot walnut and cranberry                                    Sweet potato cauliflower cheese mornay
Wraps                                                                              8.00ea    Citrus tart                                                    Chicken asparagus crunchy filo top
Ribbon sandwiches triple layered                                                   8.50/rd   Raspberry yoghurt                                              Spinach feta and ricotta dill & mint
Gluten free                                                           add .50 rd/roll/wrap   Date apple walnut with coconut crust GF
                                                                                             Lemon yoghurt

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