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  What one should look for when choosing a Personal Injury Lawyers (or) Injury Law
Firm is first who are the volume law firms? Volume firms are generally law firms that
do so much TV advertising and are spending so much money and time in doing so
that they lose the ability to focus on the individual client 鈥檚 case and needs. A
volume law firm is usually one where you call their 1-800 phone number, you get a
call center as opposed to speaking directly to the individual lawyer 鈥檚 office. Also,
a volume law firm can be one where there are so many lawyers 鈥?names on the
letterhead that a client in many instances gets passed down from associate lawyer to
associate lawyer, again losing that ability to focus on that client 鈥檚 individual
  What you should look for is a Personal Injury Lawyers with whom you can interact
directly. What you should look for is a lawyer who only handles injury law cases. If a
lawyer is handling bankruptcy cases, criminal cases, divorce cases, in addition to
saying that he handles injury cases, in many instances you end up with a jack of all
trades, and a master of none.
  You also want to be with a Personal Injury Lawyers who has been working in the
community for a long time and has the respect of the judges, the defense lawyers and
the insurance adjusters. And, most importantly, you should choose a lawyer that you
like and with whom you feel comfortable.
  Founder of the Law Firm bearing his name, Brian D. Guralnick obtained his
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with high honors from the University
of Florida. And, went on to achieve his Juris Doctorate at the Stetson University
College of Law.The Florida Bar News. He is involved in several
Palm Beach County
civic and charitable organizations and has held various leadership positions within the
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County.