Pepper Spray Makes Great Self Defense For Seniors by djsgjg0045


									I believe that the vast majority of violent crimes against seniors could be prevented
with a very small dose of pepper spray. I think every God fearing, tax paying, decent
American citizen should have the right to carry pepper spray and if this is true for any
demographic I think it may be senior citizens.
  If the criminal element is nothing they are opportunistic. Who better to prey upon
than those of us who may have the hardest time fighting back? The simple fact of the
matter is that the senior population is growing everyday and that means that the
number of potential targets grows with it.
  I was recently asked if I thought it wasn’t dangerous for seniors to carry it as they
may accidentally discharge it. My answer to this would be use common sense. If
someone is to the point mentally that they can no longer safely operate a defensive
spray device then I would say no. That person should probably not. But that person
should no longer ever be in a position to need it. They should be in an entirely
protective environment like a senior living facility. But for the seniors living alone I
would strongly suggest having something to help ensure their protection. My own
mother has pepper spray and is properly trained in using it. And any would-be
intruder is in for a memorable experience if they want to make that mistake.
 That is why I think just about every senior, certainly the ones living alone, should
have some help in the form of pepper spray to prevent possible attack.
 Stay safe.
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