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by Ted Lee Gunderson, Private Criminal Investigator
FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (retired)
Gunderson Professional Investigations

This vote cheating (i.e., rigging) at the recent Pinellas County GOP straw poll debate
by Pinellas County R.E.C. staff, Mitt Romney's campaign staff and others--including
his unscrupulous supporters--not only constitutes felony fraud and conspiracy, it
constitutes an outrageous abuse of the public trust that must not be tolerated by the
American people. Former FBI Division Chief, Ted Gunderson, who is an ardent 'Ron
Paul for President' supporter, has decided to investigate this criminal act further and
file formal felony affidavits against all known and yet unknown perpetrators to this
criminal conspiracy and racketeering. Another felony was perpetrated when R.E.C.
Chairman, Tony DiMatteo verbally threatened to ?hurt? a Ron Paul supporter; now a
felony crime victim-witness.

The forthcoming felony complaints will be posted @ http://www.1-free-dvd... .
and/or http://www.tedgunders... . to the a Pinellas county
grand jury and local prosecutor where the straw poll vote fraud took place and also
to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice. Fortunately, we
have the irrefutable film evidence of the villains being caught red-handed in the act
of felony fraud and conspiracy-collusion to rig the outcome of this vitally important
straw poll. Does Mitt Romney condone or otherwise support this kind of criminal
conduct? Will he fire the culprits or at least apologize for the crimes of his dishonest
staff and supporters? Now every straw poll purportedly won by Romney must be
investigated for similar crimes perpetrated against Dr. Ron Paul, the other GOP
candidates and the American public.

Those Ron Paul supporters who retaliated by going back to vote multiple times
should not have repaid "evil with evil" since they, too, are subject to felony
prosecution in like manner as the Romney conspirators. Ted Gunderson does not
believe that Dr. Paul would condone multiple-ballots-voting just because the Romney
gang did it first. This kind of cheating and felony fraud is outrageous, unjust,
immoral, unethical and un-American!! Felony criminal complaints are forthcoming!!!

Ted Gunderson requests that everyone help us publicize these felonies and get this
email out to everyone you know. Spread the word that Romney's staff and unethical
GOP personnel are engaging in outrageous felony crimes and these crooks need to
be brought to justice immediately. Prison terms for these criminals will send a clear
message to unrighteous Americans that this kind of felony "vote rigging" will not be

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Fellow Americans who wish to have their names added to the forthcoming felony
complaint should email: and provide your first & last
name and complete mailing address. Just write: FELONY FRAUD COMPLAINT in the
subject line. The final criminal complaint will be published at

Romney Campaign Staff and Supporters Voting More Than Once!
Here's the irrefutable evidence of felony fraud and conspiracy... . . . .


Thank you for volunteering to adjoin Ted Gunderson's verified felony
complaint...COMING SOON!!! It will be posted on The
investigation is ongoing. The public is welcome to send us new information and evidence
as it is learned. Your name will be added to our complaint along with numerous other
victims, complainants and/or law inforcement informers.

Thank YOU for the info! Tony Mattio may be a member of the mafia, too. Anyhow, after
Ted has posted our felony complaint on, all known perpetrators can
be citizen arrested and taken before a magistrate or handed over to the local Sheriff. The
felony affidavit is very powerful once it has been duly executed. I'd appreciate it if you'd
help spread the word that after this criminal complaint has been filed, it can be attached
to an invoice and DEMAND FOR REFUND of money that each ticket-purchaser paid
($20). There are as many fraud victims as tickets sold---whether the ticket-buyer voted or
not. If anyone is unable to collect on their invoice [must be supported by a/ourur felony
complaint to which the demandant is a signatory], they can sue the shysters in small
claims court.


The famous Nebraska attorney, John DeCamp, a close friend of Ted Gunderson, has
requested that we send him more information about the crimes of the recent Florida straw
poll felony fraud and conspiracy. He is considering the drafting of a "class action" suit by
all victims who paid $20 per ballot-entry and thereafter defrauded. Please be patient as
we continue our investigation and the prospect of filing a class action suit---in which
case---the ticket-purchases from all the presidential candidates, including Romney's
supporters, can adjoin the civil class action lawsuit and/or the criminal complaint. Please

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help us post this news far and wide and on the Ron Paul Message board. Thank you.


Recent 'Ron Paul' straw poll shutout in San Francisco proves a real criminal "conspiracy"
DOES exist to rig the 2008 elections against Dr. Ron Paul and his supporter
notwithstanding the true fact that he is the choice of "We The People."
These vote-riggings and shut-outs are a disgrace to all upright Americans and we must
not stand for this unjust conduct. Let's cry out from the watch tower and "let justice be
done though the heavens should fall."

Gunderson Professional Investigations
Clarence Malcolm aka JusticeRanger

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