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									                      School of Veterinary Science

                      Capital Campaign

Our vets...
enhancing the
economic and
emotional wellbeing
of our country.

                         the economic
                         and emotional
                         of our country.
Chancellor’s statement
“The School of Veterinary Science at The University of Queensland is poised for the
next major phase of its development, namely, significant capital investment in new
teaching and research facilities. We ask you to join us in establishing one of the most
important centres for the future for veterinary and biological science, education and
research in Australia and worldwide.”
Sir Llewellyn Edwards AC
Chancellor, The University of Queensland

President:                                 Mr John Reid AO
Vice President:                            Mr Don Mackay
Patrons:                                   Mr Anthony Coates AM
                                           Laureate Professor Peter Doherty AC
                                           Mr David Kirk
                                           Dr Vic Menrath
                                           Dr Reg Pascoe AM
Project Chairman:                          Professor Trevor Grigg
Planning Committee Chairman:               Mr Peter Annand
Capital Campaign Director:                 Ms Janice Wilson

The relocated core facilities of The University of
Queensland School of Veterinary Science will be
prominently sited on the UQ Gatton Campus and
will complement the Campus’s existing academic
facilities. This diagram illustrates where the new and
refurbished buildings will be situated at UQ Gatton
and overlays the planned new School of Veterinary
Science research facility.
6   It’s a balmy spring morning in 2020 at The      make up over a third of the global economy.
    University of Queensland School of Veterinary
                                                    Since relocation the School has obtained
    Science at UQ Gatton, west of Brisbane. The
                                                    much sought-after accreditation from both
    Head of School looks out of her office window
                                                    European and North American accreditation
    at the latest Droughtmaster calves gambolling
                                                    bodies and become an internationally
    in lush pasture under the protective gaze of
                                                    recognised leader in biosecurity, undertaking
    proud mothers.
                                                    research in Europe and the USA funded by
    She muses on the role the University’s          the World Bank. It has contributed strongly
    foundation Droughtmaster herd played in         to the suppression of bird flu and the

    supporting the cattle industry, some members    eradication of SARS globally.

    of which went through difficult times in the
                                                    The Head of School marvels at the advances
    drought stricken early 2000’s and on the
                                                    in animal production technology led by the
    advances in breeding technology that have       School of Veterinary Science that have seen
    occurred since.                                 the early 2000’s epidemic of human obesity
                                                    reversed, with consequent reductions in
    She reflects on other changes to the School
                                                    diabetes and heart disease.
    of Veterinary Science (the School) since its
    relocation to UQ Gatton from the UQ St          She revisits her admiration for the
    Lucia Campus in 2009. The new facilities        community, industry and business leaders
    have reinvigorated an already successful        and corporations that supported the
    teaching program, attracting the attention      University’s capital campaign launched in
    of near Asian countries that are no longer      2007 to raise the essential funding required
    emerging economies but major world players.     to enable the relocation of the School to
    The Campus now has a high proportion of         UQ Gatton, and the farsightedness of the
    fee–paying veterinary students from China,      University’s Senate which had the vision to
    Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore,           build a state-of-the-art rural home for the
    Thailand and Malaysia, countries that now       School of Veterinary Science.
                                                        “Training in veterinary science at The
                                                        University of Queensland opened out the
                                                        world of biology for me and my subsequent
                                                        path to the Nobel Prize. It is important
                                                        that these same opportunities should be
                                                        available to our young people and I give
                                                        this Campaign my total support.”
                                                        Laureate Professor Peter Doherty AC
                                                        Patron, Capital Campaign

8   The University of Queensland School of              research infrastructure to be constructed at
    Veterinary Science is already amongst the           UQ Gatton will not only support the School of
    best in the world and is widely considered          Veterinary Science’s vision, but will significantly
    to be the leading veterinary school in the          enhance the School’s and the Campus’s
    sub-tropical southern hemisphere. However,
                                                        contribution to the Lockyer/Brisbane Valley/
    increasing urbanisation, a growing demand for
                                                        Darling Downs communities.
    quality educational experiences and increasing
    research needs have precipitated a decision         The relocation and construction project will cost
    to relocate the School of Veterinary Science to     about $75 million. The University has already
    UQ Gatton.                                          committed an initial $20 million from its own

    The vision of the School of Veterinary Science      funds to this top priority project. The balance

    is to be a world leader in the provision of         of the funding will be sought from State and
    veterinary education and research facilities and    Federal Governments and through a capital
    to contribute at an international level in fields   fundraising campaign with a target of
    as diverse as animal production, human/animal       $20 million.
    interaction, biosecurity, animals in recreation
    and sport, human food safety when derived           This capital fundraising campaign offers new

    from animal sources, veterinary medicine and        opportunities for the corporate sector, the
    animal genetics.                                    veterinary profession, agricultural industries
                                                        and the wider community of animal lovers to
    However, the key to achieving this vision is
                                                        support the relocation and revitalisation of the
    to move the core facilities of the School from
    the current restricted UQ St Lucia Campus           School of Veterinary Science and to make

    site to UQ Gatton while still maintaining           a difference.

    comprehensive links to UQ St Lucia.
                                                        The University invites and greatly appreciates
    State-of-the-art teaching facilities and modern     your support!
                                                           “We need major new teaching and
                                                           research facilities to provide the best
                                                           educational experience for a new
                                                           generation of veterinary surgeons.
                                                           In turn they will deliver the highest
                                                           possible standards of animal health
                                                           and welfare, food safety, and
                                                           biosecurity for our country.”
                                                           Professor John Hay AC
                                                           Vice-Chancellor, The University of Queensland 1996 – 2007

10   The School of Veterinary Science had humble       no longer an appropriate location for many of
     beginnings commencing in 1936. Due to             the activities of a modern veterinary school.
     World War II, the School closed in 1942
                                                       The relocation of the School of Veterinary
     and reopened in 1946 at the original site at
                                                       Science to UQ Gatton will allow teaching of
     Yeerongpilly which now houses the Department
                                                       veterinary science to be conducted in a rural
     of Primary Industries Animal Research
     Institute. In 1961, the School moved to The       environment. The School’s researchers will

     University of Queensland St Lucia Campus. It      benefit from the major investment in large

     has evolved into an internationally recognised    animal facilities that is already being undertaken
     centre of excellence in veterinary teaching and   at UQ Gatton in partnerships with the
     research which produces over 70% of all of        Queensland Department of Primary Industries
     Queensland’s practising veterinarians, some       & Fisheries (DPI&F) and the Commonwealth
     world leading researchers and many alumni         Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
     members who are industry and business             (CSIRO) with whom we are currently engaged
     leaders within Australia.                         in significant joint research projects. The
                                                       relocated School of Veterinary Science will
     However, the School’s ability to support          significantly benefit from and contribute to this
     modern methods of education and future
                                                       primarily animal research focussed Campus.
     research needs are severely limited by the
     physical facilities available on the St Lucia     In essence, a relocation to UQ Gatton provides
     Campus. Growth has been constrained,              the best opportunity for the School of Veterinary
     particularly in large animal teaching and         Science to continue to evolve and to remain at
     research. Moreover, a metropolitan campus is      the forefront of veterinary science globally.
12   It’s an exciting time for veterinary science in   contribution by alumni to the broader
     Australia and also globally. The standards of     community.
     medical and surgical services available for
                                                       The UQ veterinary science program remains
     animals are unsurpassed. Never have there
                                                       one of the most detailed and at the same time
     been more diagnostic tools and techniques
                                                       broad-based forms of biological education
     available or graduates trained to such high
                                                       available and attracts the brightest students
     standards throughout the world. And the
                                                       from across Australia and overseas. The five
     importance of linkage in research has never
                                                       year program includes topics as diverse as
     been greater.
                                                       genetics, nutrition, statistics, preventative
     At the forefront of this exciting era is The      medicine, animal husbandry, physiology,
     University of Queensland School of Veterinary     biochemistry, pathology, parasitology, infectious
     Science. It has an excellent reputation for       diseases, animal breeding, pharmacology,
     producing outstanding veterinarians and           public health, animal welfare, as well as the
     scientists. This proud record is underpinned      directly applied veterinary sciences such
     by talented and dedicated teaching staff,         as medicine, obstetrics, surgery, radiology
     an exemplary research record and a diverse        and anaesthesiology.
                                                             •	 National	recognition	of	the	School’s	contribution	
                                                                to public health. Its ‘paddock-to-plate’ strategy is
                                                                a highlight of the beef production industry.

                                                             •	 National	leadership	in	animal	welfare	and	
                                                                ethics for several decades. The School holds
                                                                Australia’s only Chair of Animal Welfare and
                                                                the Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics was
                                                                established in 2005 to promote knowledge
                                                                and consideration of the welfare of animals,
                                                                responsible animal management and ownership
                                                                and consideration of ethical responsibility for our
                                                                use of animals in research.

                                                             •	 Recognition	for	its	ground-breaking	research	
                                                                in the area of marine animals such as East
                                                                Australian and South Pacific humpback
                                                                whales, the ecology of inshore dolphins and
14   The School of Veterinary Science’s record of               key research on Moreton Bay’s dugongs and
     achievement in teaching, research and service to           sea turtles. The breakthrough in understanding
     the veterinary industry and the wider community            of whale-song as a taught language has
     will reassure investors in the UQ Gatton relocation        widespread implications for our understanding
     project that their decision to invest will generate a      of the world’s largest mammal.
     quality return. The School’s many achievements
                                                             •	 Major	contributions	to	the	health	and	
                                                                wellbeing and the conservation of native fauna
     •	 Recognition	by	the	Federal	Government’s	                including the spotted-tailed quoll, the musky-
        AusAID and ACIAR in enhancing smallholder               rat kangaroo, the eastern grey kangaroo,
        farming in Asia.                                        the big-footed bat, the northern hairy nosed
                                                                wombat, echidnas, Julia Creek dunnarts, and
     •	 Major	contributions	to	improved	fertility	              mahogany gliders.
        for the tropical beef cattle industry leading
        to improvements in beef cattle health and            •	 The	creation	of	a	fundamental	response	to	

        production.                                             equine laminitis through The Australian Equine
                                                                Laminitis Research Unit, which has become an
     •	 Improved	health	care	for	domestic	animals,	             international focus for scientifically validated
        including major improvement in the diagnosis            therapy to effectively combat a disease
        and treatment of heartworm in companion dogs.           that potentially threatens racing, trotting
                                                                and equine eventing and that substantially
     •	 Major	improvements	in	companion	animal	
                                                                improves horse welfare.
        health including ligament injury and hip
        replacement - a world leading initiative. Other      •	 Finally,	the	achievements	of	individuals	have	
        achievements include research on factors                been significant and the School is proud to
        affecting obesity and diabetes in dogs and              be the first School of Veterinary Science in the
        cats including international recognition for            world to count amongst its illustrious alumni a
        advances in management of feline diabetes.              Nobel Laureate – Professor Peter Doherty AC.
                                                                “Queensland graduates will be
                                                                enthused with fresh hope as the
                                                                provision of a new and thriving
                                                                veterinary school will contribute
                                                                towards their entry into the
                                                                illustrious alumni of many of
                                                                their predecessors.”
                                                                Dr Reg Pascoe AM
                                                                Patron, Capital Campaign

16   It is perilous to take for granted our relationship   •	 The	potential	would	exist	for	whole	herds	
     with the animal world and not to acknowledge             and flocks to be wiped out by virus, leading
     the contribution of our vets, our researchers,           to drastic increases in food prices.
     our breeders, those in animal production
                                                           •	 There	might	be	limitations	on	pet	ownership	
     and our pet owners to the quality of that
                                                              as a result of animal/human disease transfer
     So….imagine a world where our relationship
                                                           •	 Australia	might	have	become	a	growing	
     with animals is put at risk to our economic,
                                                              target for animal-based biosecurity risks.
     social, community and personal detriment.
                                                           Instead, we have a world that owes much
     Without the contribution of research entities
                                                           to veterinary science and research and, in
     such as The University of Queensland School
                                                           particular, the School of Veterinary Science.
     of Veterinary Science our world would be a very
     different place.                                      The provision of upgraded research facilities to
                                                           match the best in the world is a key objective
     •	 Standards	for	animal	welfare	would	be	
                                                           of the relocation of the School of Veterinary
        based solely on people’s opinion. None of
                                                           Science to UQ Gatton. The revitalised
        the ground breaking research in identifying
                                                           School’s co-location with the School of Animal
        the best ways to manage animal welfare
                                                           Studies and the Centre for Advanced Animal
        would have been possible.
                                                           Science and the opportunities for enhanced
     •	 Animals	would	be	unable	to	travel	across	          collaborations with DPI&F and CSIRO will
        borders or in many instances from suburb           ensure that the School of Veterinary Science
        to suburb.                                         continues to be a world leader in developing
                                                           solutions to veterinary challenges in the areas
     •	 There	would	be	unacceptable	risks	to	
                                                           of animal health and welfare, food safety and
        breeding and production programs leading
        to gross deficiencies in animal production in
        response to consumer demand.
18   The relocation of the School of Veterinary            accreditation of its program by USA, UK
     Science to The University of Queensland               and European authorities in addition to
     Gatton Campus is an exciting development for          Australian accreditation.
     veterinary education for Queensland and for
                                                        •	 Provide	modern	research	facilities	including	
     Australia. The relocated School will:
                                                           well equipped laboratories and new animal
     •	 Unite	the	School	on	one	campus	in	a	               houses for the conduct of animal disease,
        setting more suited to the study of and            production and welfare research.
        research in the veterinary sciences.
                                                        •	 Foster	the	ability	to	conduct	research	into	

     •	 Provide	state-of-the-art	teaching	facilities	      tropical animal disease and production that

        including modern teaching laboratories,            is relevant not only to Australia but to other

        computer laboratories and student                  tropical and sub-tropical countries.

                                                        •	 Increase	the	ability	to	integrate	activities	of	

     •	 Provide	equine	and	small	animal	teaching	          the School of Veterinary Science with animal

        clinics and hospitals staffed with specialist      teaching and research conducted within
                                                           the Centre for Advanced Animal Science,
        clinicians and equipped with the latest
                                                           the School of Animal Studies, the School
        diagnostic tools.
                                                           of Land, Crop and Food Sciences, and
     •	 Offer	easy	student	access	to	an	extensive	         the School of Natural and Rural Systems
        range of animal production units including         Management, which are already based at
        beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, pigs         UQ Gatton.
        and poultry.
                                                        •	 Complement	the	existing	academic	facilities	
     •	 Incorporate	essential	facilities	to	strongly	      and the main administration buildings at
        position the University for professional           UQ Gatton.
                                                        “Philanthropy will make the vital
                                                        difference, enabling us to turn a bold
                                                        and exciting vision into a productive and
                                                        hardworking reality; a reality that will
                                                        produce enormous benefits for Queensland,
                                                        for Australia and for the world of veterinary
                                                        science and medicine.”
                                                        Mr John Reid AO
                                                        President, Capital Campaign

20   Every donation to The University of Queensland     Tax effective giving
     School of Veterinary Science Capital Campaign
                                                        The University of Queensland is an ‘income tax
     is greatly appreciated.
                                                        exempt charitable entity’ under subdivision 50-B
     Ways to give                                       of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and
                                                        a ‘deductible gift recipient’ under subdivision
     Your gift can honour a company, family, class
                                                        30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
     year, or be a memorial gift to honour the
                                                        Contributions to The University of Queensland’s
     memory of a beloved friend, family member
                                                        School of Veterinary Science Capital Campaign
     or pet. Additionally, you may designate
                                                        are endorsed as a deductible gift under the
     your gift to a special area of the proposed
                                                        above Act. Monetary gifts or donations of $2
     development thereby enabling you to choose
                                                        or more are tax-deductible in the income year
     areas and spaces that are dedicated to specific
                                                        in which the donation is made; however it is
     components of the School.
                                                        recommended that you contact your financial
                                                        adviser for detailed advice.

     Our imagination needs to be brought to reality.    Make the decision, do it now and enjoy
     The reasons are clear, the benefits are manifold   the benefits of knowing you are making the
     and the importance to industry is extreme.         essential difference.

     The case for your support of the capital           Animal welfare and our relationship with those
                                                        animals, in whose kingdom we live, are reliant
     requirements for the relocation of the School of
                                                        on you.
     Veterinary Science to UQ Gatton is urgent and
     is as clear as it is profound.                     Thank you for your consideration.


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   The University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science and its students of today and tomorrow thank you for your support and generosity.
Commy Nullandre

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                                                                                 Animal Clinic and Hospital
                                                                                 (Artist impression)

         School of
Veterinary Science
Research Building
    (Artist impression)

                                                                                 Equine Clinic and Hospital
                                                                                 (Artist impression)

                          School of Veterinary Science Capital Campaign Office
                          The University of Queensland
                          Level 3, Building 78
                          St Lucia Campus
                          Brisbane Qld 4072 Australia
                          Tel:   +61 (0)7 3346 7816
                          Fax:   +61 (0)7 3346 3932

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