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PBS Station sells Nightly Report


									PBS                   鈥               檚                               鈥               ?a
href="">Nightly             Business
Report 鈥?is by some measures the most popular business news program on television.
Coming on Mondays, The program was first broadcast was on January 22, 1979. The
original co-anchors were Linda O'Bryon and Merwin Sigale, with Paul Kangas
providing the daily stock market report. The show was seen only on WPBT at first,
but in 1981 NBR was distributed nationally. Alumni of the program's anchor desk
include the late Del Frank as well as Dean Shepherd, Jim Wicks and Cassie Seifert.
Other notable people at Nightly Business report included John Defterios and Neil
Cavuto. There was a 15-minute morning version of Nightly Business Report called
Morning Business Report during the mid-1990s. Speaking about theme and bumper
music that was used from January 22, 1979 to January 1, 1988 was composed by Edd
Kalehoff, also known for themes on other television series and game shows. The
original Kalehoff theme was used from January 4, 1988 to November 15, 2002. Along
with an update to the graphics and presentation, the theme was updated in November
18, 2002 and was used until January 1, 2010. A new theme, new logo, and new set for
the show's Miami headquarters debuted on January 4, 2010. However, the 2002 theme
is still used during the index of daily stocks presentation. Nightly Business Report has
won several awards for its news coverage. In 2005, the program won its first national
Emmy for its series on "China's Emergence as an International Economic Power." In
2008, NBR won a Gerald Loeb Award for "India's Promise," a five-part series on the
Indian economy. In August 2010, it was announced that WPBT-TV had sold the show
to NBR World Wide, a newly-formed privately held company headed by Mykalai
Kontilai, a former manager of mixed martial arts and distributor of instructional
television programs; he and his business partner, Gary Ferrell, a former president and
chief executive of North Texas Public Broadcasting, first proposed the sale in
February. According to WPBT, the station will continue to produce the show, and the
sale reflects their assessment that NBR World Wide has "the ideas and resources and
potential to take it to the next step" and "can do more things with it than [WPBT]
could." Rick Schneider, WPBT 鈥檚 president and chief executive, said the program
was not for sale when Mr. Kontilai made the approach, but that the sale made sense
for WPBT. 鈥淭 hey are committed to what 鈥楴.B.R.鈥?does, and they have the
ideas and resources and potential to take it to the next step,鈥?he said. 鈥淚 t is at a
point where they as a company can do more things with it than we as a station could.
鈥?The program will continue to be produced at WPBT.

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