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Above: larry borgeson, Panadent’s technician will be tutoring the following courses:

For those individuals with little or no porcelain build-up experience. You will be sent a
cast to fabricate a metal coping to bring with you to the course. On the course you will
then build the ceramic crown using VM13 utilizing Vita’s basic layering technique. You
will use Vita Akzent glaze to finish the crown. You will be given the knowledge to start
understanding porcelain build-up techniques and to utilize that knowledge as a step
towards fabricating beautiful ceramic restorations.
WHAT TO BRing: Coping with cast, porcelain brushes and porcelain grinding burs

For those technicians with some porcelain experience. You will be sent a cast to fabricate
a metal coping and 3-unit bridge framework to bring with you to the course. You will be
utilizing the VM13 porcelain and some specialized porcelain powders from the Vita master/
professional kit and Interno/Akzent stains to create internal/external effects of your
porcelain to create natural, aesthetic and harmonizing metal bonded restorations. You will
be given knowledge to shape porcelain so that they mimic natural dentition.
WHAT TO BRing: Copings with cast, porcelain brushes and porcelain grinding burs

For those technicians with knowledge and experience of ceramics and who want to
gain exceptional experience with advanced techniques to produce the highest quality
restorations using VM9 to apply on Zirconia frameworks to create natural, aesthetic and
harmonizing all-ceramic restorations. By utilizing all of the specialized porcelain powders
from the VM9 master/professional kit and Interno/Akzent stains, you will be able to create
internal and external effects within your porcelain build-ups. You will gain knowledge to
shape porcelain so that it mimics natural dentition. You will apply the above techniques for
the construction of a single unit and 3-unit bridge.
WHAT TO BRing: Porcelain brushes and porcelain grinding burs

For those technicians wanting to move into pressable ceramics and those technicians that
want to change to the most aesthetic pressable ceramic on the market. On day one you
will wax one inlay, one posterior over Zirconia and one full anterior crown. Then invest,
burnout and press. On day two you will learn to divest, seat and then apply VM9 porcelains
for the overlay technique with the Akzent staining kit for the staining technique. You will
learn principles of pressable ceramics and understand the concepts of both the overlay
and staining techniques.
WHAT TO BRing: Waxing instruments, porcelain brushes and porcelain grinding instruments

For those individuals seeking knowledge about CAD/CAM systems and to demonstrate why
the CEREC system is the most versatile on the market.You will be given a short overview of
the CEREC inLab CAD/CAM system and then a hands-on demo of the system to show you
how easy the system is to operate, what it will do and most importantly, why CEREC inLab
will revolutionise your laboratory.
WHAT TO BRing: Questions
Specialist courses
Panadent is very proud to offer a number of customised courses run by
highly skilled and experienced Technicians.
Most specialised ceramic courses are held monthly at Panadent Training
Complex. Please telephone for more details, prices and dates.

JOHn HuBBARD                                      This course allows you to continue working
                                                  whilst acquiring valuable experience and CPD
John has presented lectures and hands-on
                                                  points for attending.
courses worldwide.
                                                  WhAt tO bRIng? Please bring a maximum
His renowned success is due to the excellent
                                                  of two cases. You can choose one ceramic
aesthetics results he achieves in applying his
                                                  type per day (bonded or full ceramic) or the
skills to his unique layering technique.
                                                  same type for both days and a maximum of
John runs an extensive programme of ceramic       three units to be built on each day.
courses for all levels. To find out more about
John’s Hubbard course programme, please call      bring your preferred tools, your own model
Panadent on 01689 881788.                         work and pre-fabricated substructures.

TOny ATKinS                                       Course fees: £500 inc VAT for both days

Tony is a young, up and coming Technician         iAn TAyLOR
who has worked in some of the most
                                                  Ian Taylor is the leading specialist in Vita’s
prestigious laboratories in the UK.
                                                  3D shade taking concept.
His area of expertise and strength revolve
                                                  SHADe COmmuniCATiOn PLuS STAining
around achieving stunning aesthetics using
                                                  AnD gLAZing COuRSe
Vita’s latest porcelains and materials. Tony
brings to the programme exciting new ways         This revolutionary system is guaranteed to
of achieving optimal results in th competitive    help you obtain more accurate shades in a
environment of the private sector.                simple, logical manner. Ian will demonstrate
                                                  time saving techniques using 3D and show
ALL CeRAmiCS – An OVeRVieW                        how to eliminate shade taking anxiety as
2 DAY COURSE- 14 hours of verifiable CPD          well as present and demonstrate associated
                                                  3D products, such as Vita’s Easyshade digital
A comprehensive insight into the way many         shade taking system, the ultimate Linear
of the all-ceramics systems work. The course      shade guide, Vitablocs and Vita bleached
will predominantly cover YZ and Alumina           shade guides. Ian will also demonstrate the
substructures breaking down the various           best way to prescribe shades in order to avoid
protocols, their correct use and handling.        time wasting and costly remakes.
Day two will follow up with simple build-         STAInInG AnD GLAZInG COURSE: How to
up techniques using Vita VM porcelains to         use Vita’s Vac 40T furnace together with the
ensure superb end results for Alumina and         Vita shading paste or Akzent systems applied
Zirconia restorations.                            to milled Vitaloc Mark II Feldspathic ceramic
                                                  veneers, full crowns, inlay and onlays.
WhO ShOUlD AttEnD: Anyone who has
some experience of any of the various all-        How to produce natural surface texture
ceramic systems available, but who is unsure      and lustre with manual polishing. Tips on
of how to get the best results from them.         trimming and polishing restorations. Physical
                                                  Vitablocs properties and indications for use.
Course fees: £175.00 inc VAT per person per-day
                                                  WhO ShOUlD AttEnD: Dentists or/with
‘BuiLD yOuR OWn CROWn’
                                                  Lab Technicians
2 DAY COURSE - 14 hours verifiable CPD
                                                  Shade and communication or Staining and
This course offers you the opportunity to         Glazing only: Half-day course £150 inc VAT,
bring along an everyday case, which may           3 hours verifiable CPD
have been prescribed, to the laboratory. On
                                                  Combined full day Shade and
this course Tony will take you through his        Communication with Staining and Glazing:
build up techniques and porcelain selection       £270 inc VAT, 7 hours verifiable CPD
in order for you to achieve optimal aesthetic
results directly applying it to the cases you
have brought with you.

telephone 01689 881788 www.panadent.net email: info@panadentltd.co.uk
Panadent courses
For those technicians and laboratories that would like to move forward into the all-
ceramic market. How to produce Alumina copings for less than £5 each, it’s easy using
Sprint. Construction of 3 single unit Alumina copings. Learn to duplicate dies and pour
in special InCeram plaster, mix and applying InCeram Alumina slip to die and fire in a
conventional ceramic furnace, fit copings after firing, glass infiltrate and then prepare
the coping for VM7 porcelain application.
WHAT TO BRing: Porcelain brushes and burs

Ideal for dentists, nurses and technicians for learning shade taking; staining techniques
for use with CEREC/ceramics and layering of VM9 enamel porcelain to modify the
milled restorations.
WHAT TO BRing: Staining and glazing brush

Ideal for technicians wanting to learn the easiest and most aesthetic denture setup
principles available using Dr. Ends technique. This special Vita denture course will allow
you to learn how to: Analyze and prepare models, articulate the models, waxing the
base-plate, set up the denture using Vita Physiodens teeth, check occlusion by grinding-
in, modify the denture teeth using VM LC composite and modelling the wax prostheses.
WHAT TO BRing: Waxing instruments and burs
inSTRuCTOR: Anne-marie Wehrung

Construction of high quality prosthetic dentures using Dreve Caston acrylic, Vita Physiodens
teeth and Denture Art Gingival colour system. Advantages of using the closed flask
technique and clear duplicating material mean that fabrication is easy, fast and efficient.
After the course you will understand how to fabricate dentures using the PanaPlus
technique whilst also colour modifying the acrylic to create perfect aesthetic dentures.
WHAT TO BRing: Waxing instruments and acrylic burs
inSTRuCTOR: Roy Davies, RDT

neW FOR 2009 PAnADenT COuRSeS
Friday-Saturday courses – please see schedule overleaf for the specific courses
Implant courses coming in 2009 – dates to follow
Porcelain courses coming to a city near you – dates and locations to follow
Please contact Panadent for further information.

For updates, availability and new courses
visit: www.panadentltd.co.uk/courses.html
How to book your place:
Telephone 01689 881788 or
email: info@panadentltd.co.uk
Please book early - courses are very popular and fill up fast!
Panadent Ltd, 149 Sevenoaks Road, Orpington, Kent BR5 3AQ
Panadent courses guide 09
Based at our Training Laboratory in Orpington, Kent                   Knowledge is power!
course       Price     cPd        duraTioN         jaN        FeB       mar         aPr       may           juN     jul    auG     sePT      ocT     NoV   dec

ViTa ceramics
Vita Basic ceramic course
             £150      7 hours    1 day             23                    6                    15                   10              14               23

Vita metal ceramic course
             £300      14 hours   2 days                     27-28*                23-24                   19-20*          18-19             8-9           3-4

Vita metal Free master ceramic course
             £350      14 hours   2 days          30-31*                9-10                  21-22                 3-4*           24-25             5-6

Vita Pressable ceramics course
             £250      14 hours   2 days                      16-17                17-18*                   8-9            24-25            16-17*         7-8

introduction to cad/cam course
             FREE      3 hours    1/2 day           12         5          23        21         18            18      13     21      15       20      15    11

iNceram sPriNT
Vita inceram sprint course - Cost of course is refunded upon purchase of system
             £125      7 hours    1 day                        9                               11                           20                       26

deNTisT course
dentist course
             £150      7 hours    1 day                        6                                             5              5                23

PHysiodeNs deNTures
Physiodens complete denture course
             £100      7 hours    3 x 1 day                 24-25-26                                                               7-8-9

PaNaPlus deNTure sysTem
advanced Prosthetic course
             £300      14 hours   2 days                                            2-3                                                     27-28

*These courses take place on a Friday and Saturday. All courses are held at the Panadent Training Centre              Vm 9 and Vm13 now
in Orpington, prices are per person and include VAT and lunch (lunch not provided on the half day CAD/                available in 3d aNd
CAM course). All full day courses are 9:00am to 5:00pm, the half day course is 9:00am to 12:00pm.                     classical shades!

To book your place telephone 01689 881788
Visit www.panadentltd.co.uk/courses.html
for updates, availability and new courses

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