CANAPE PACKAGE - Mix and Match Canapes by hjkuiw354


									                       Mix and Match Canapés

Please find enclosed canapé choices which may be suitable for your event.

   • We recommend 8-12 items of food per person

Balmoral Beach Club functions:
  • Staff are included in the cost if 8 or more items per person
    are selected
  • Prices are based on a 5 hour event.
  • For events over 5 hours, or under 20 guests, staff are
    charged at the rates shown under ‘Extra Charges’.

   3 Small Linen Tablecloths are included, and Bar Tablecloths if applicable

Functions at Other Venues
  • Charges apply as per ‘Catering at Other Venues’ in ‘Extra

Menus have some vegetarian and gluten free selections. If more are needed,
or if you have any other special dietary requirements, please advise.
             V = vegetarian      G = gluten free

Should you have any different requirements, or for further information
please do not hesitate to call Ben on (02) 9452 2002 or on 0431 727046.

P: 9452 2002          M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002
Starter                       $2 / head / selection
* Trail Mixes (Nuts & Popcorn)
* Dip Platters
* Pate Platters

Basic Canapés                  $2.50 / piece
* Party Pie
∗ Homemade Sausage Roll
∗ Vegetarian Quiche (V)

                                $3.00 / piece
* Indian Pastry Cigar filled Tandoori Chicken with Tzatziki
∗ Cajun Chicken Pizzas
* Thai Chicken Cake with Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce (G)
∗ Mushroom Aroncini with Pesto Fondue (V)
* Zucchini, Leek & Fetta Frittata with Tomato Relish (V) (G)
* Tart of Salmon Mousse
* Pumpkin Palmier with Ricotta & Olive Salad (V)
* Shot of Soup (V) (G)

P: 9452 2002         M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002
Elegant Canapés               $4.00 / piece
* Smoked Salmon & Mascarpone on Crispy Potato (G)
* Rare Roast Beef on Crispy Baguette & Mustard Butter
* Traditional Peking Duck Pancake
* Puff Pastry with Seasonal Fruit Topped with Brie (V)
* Beef Mignon with Béarnaise Sauce (G)
* Pesto Chicken on Parmesan Shortbread with Crème Fraiche & Baby Herbs
* Salmon Sushi with Avocado & Wasabi Puree & Salmon Roe (G)
* Prawn Green Curry in Crispy Rice Paper (G)
* Tart of Beetroot & Rosemary Jam with Grilled Hamouli Cheese (V)
* Crab Cakes on Rye Bread with Avocado Salsa (G)
* Tuna Nicoise Salad on Chinese Spoon (G)

Mid Canapés                 $4.50/ piece
* Homemade Satay Chicken Skewer (G)
* Chorizo Taquito with Guacamole
* Scallop Wrapped in Pancetta on Cauliflower Puree (G)
* Lamb Kofta Skewer with Tzatziki
* Wonton Wrapped Prawn with Chilli Caramel
* Dill, Lemon & Pepper Salmon Skewers (G)
* Crispy Pumpkin Ravioli with Garlic Aioli
* Crispy Goats Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Flower (Seasonal)

P: 9452 2002         M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002
Substantial                    $5.50 / piece
* Assorted Dim Sims
* Beef Nachos in Noodle Bowl
* Mini Hamburger
                               $6.00 / piece
* Fish & Chips
* Singapore Noodles with BBQ Pork (V- optional)
* Beef & Black Bean Stir Fry with Rice (G)
* Warm Duck & Coconut Noodle Salad (G)
* Mushroom Risotto with Baby Herbs & Parmesan Crisp (V) (G)
* Lamb Cutlet on a Pumpkin, Pinenut & Spinach Salad
* Chicken Cabonara Penne

Dessert Canapés                $4.00 / piece
* Pavlova with Cream & Strawberry
* Chocolate Coated Mini Ice Cream Cone
* Traditional Lemon Meringue Pie
* Citrus Cup Cake
* Cranberry Jelly Shots with Fresh Berries

Celebrations Cakes
   We can make a White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Mud Cake garnished
   with Fresh Berries and Chocolate Decorations & Writing
      Rectangle 30cm x 25cm (serves 40)          $100.00
      Rectangle 30cm x 50cm (serves 80)          $200.00

   However Function 8 P/L is happy for you to provide your own cake.
   Cake Cutting
     • Cake cut into finger food sized pieces and served on platters - no
     • Cake to be served on individual plates and garnished - charge
        $5.00 / head

P: 9452 2002          M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002
Live Cooking Stations

A ‘fun option’ is a live food station set up as a point of interest in a corner of
the room where the food is prepared and guests can help themselves.
Platters of the items will also be carried around by waiters.
Staffing is NOT included in Food Stations / Meat Buffet / Platters unless
coupled with 6 or more canapé items.

Noodle Station         $16.50 / head
Two Types of Asian Noodles / Stir fry
Assorted Steamed Dim Sims

Fish & Chip Store      $17.50 / head
Fish & Chips with Lemons and Tartare Sauce
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Fresh Oysters with Lemon & Limes

Cold Meat Buffet        Half $250.00            Full $450.00
* Honey Roasted Leg Ham
* Assorted Bread Rolls
* Mustards, Chutneys and Sauces
* Mixed Leaf & Tomatoes

Served on a central table where people help themselves.

P: 9452 2002           M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002 
Platter Food
Platters can be added to a canapé or sit down menus for an added variety or
an entire party can be made from the following platters.
Platters are designed to serve 10 people. These prices do not include staff.
Dip Platter                                          $30.00
A platter of two seasonal dips such as curried mango, baba ghanoush with
homemade dippers and fresh vegetables.
Muffins & Danish                                     $38.00
Assorted hand made muffins and Danish
Finger or Club Sandwiches                            $38.00
Traditional filling with a twist such as:-
       • Curried Egg
       • Beef & Horseradish
       • Turkey, Mint & Cherry
Gourmet Sandwiches                                   $45.00
These platters can be one kind or mixed fillings such as:-
       • Smoked Salmon, Fennel & Mascarpone
       • Rare Roast Beef , Grilled Vegetables & Hummus
       • Ham with Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese & Mustard
       • Tandoori Chicken with minted yogurt salad
Fruit Platter                                        $60.00
A platter of fresh seasonal fruit from across Australia
Anti Pasto Platter                                   $60.00
Char Grilled Vegetables, Marinated Feta, Selection Cold Meats & Olives
served with toasted Turkish Bread
Cheese Platter                                       $85.00
Australian Cheese Platter consisting of Jindi Triple Cream, Roaring Forties
Blue & Cheddar served with lavosh.
Seafood Platter                                      $150.00
Platter of freshly assorted seafood consisting of smoked salmon, prawns,
oysters, mussels, served with fresh lemon, limes and cocktail sauce

P: 9452 2002          M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002
                         Extras Options
  Decorations by Function 8
  Decorations Pack                               $200.00
  * Outside Tablecloths
  * 40 Tealight Candles in Glass holders
  * 6 Large Candles in Glass Vases
           To be placed on ramp, outside tables and around the room

Mosman Rider
(Free Mosman Bus Service for easy access or parking alternatives)

Guy Massey Photography

0407 951 909

Whatever photography package you are after, we can arrange
it. We offer a natural, relaxed style of photography, which won't
dominate your day. Expect professional finishes at competitive

P: 9452 2002        M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002
                                             Extra Charges
1.    Corkage / Bar Setup (Based on 60 people)
      Corkage / bar setup – ice, drink tubs, polish and set out glassware        $75.00
      Glass hire $1 / glass if applicable

2.    Bar / Wait Staff / Chef
      Function 8 does not have a liquor license. However, we can arrange for suitable bar        staff to
      serve drinks. We recommend 1 bar person for every 50 guests.

               Bar / Wait Staff                             Chef / Barista
      Monday – Friday $28.00 / hour                  Monday – Friday $35.00 / hour
      Saturday            $32.00 / hour              Saturday           $39.00 / hour
      Sunday              $36.00 / hour              Sunday             $43.00 / hour
      Public Holiday      $40.00 / hour              Public Holiday $47.00 / hour

3.    Soft Drinks
      Function 8 can supply a soft drink package                                  $5.00 / head

4.    Equipment Hire
      Should extra serving equipment be required, Function 8 can arrange hiring including pickup and
      return, at a cost plus 20%

5.    Linen
      Sit-down menus and canapé parties both include necessary table linen.
      (one table for gifts + 3 small square tables for canapé parties). Extra linen hire:-
                * small tablecloths     $10           * large tablecloths      $15

6.    Chocolate Fountain
      Function 8 can arrange hiring of a chocolate fountain for cost plus 20%.
              * Supply and preparation of fruit and honeycomb                  $250.00
              * Special chocolate fountain cleaning fee                         $50.00
7.    Music
      Function 8 can organise musicians at a cost plus 20%

8.    Clearing fee - Drink / decoration removal
      Removal / storage at end of function, ready for collection                   $50.00

9.    Catering @ Other Venues (Homes, Halls & Offices Etc.)
      Staff will be charged as per ‘extra charges’ - see above
      Chef / supervisor are charged from base to base
      Delivery charge applies for ‘pre-prepared platters’ /’drop off’ events from $50.00

10.   Surcharges
      10% Sunday                           20% Public Holidays

11.   GST is included in above costs

P: 9452 2002                 M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002       
                             Terms & Conditions
  1. Quotation
      Function8 will compile a quotation based on your requirements. If, in the
     instance your requirements change, the quotation may be revised
     Prices are based on a 5 hour event. Any excess staff time will be charged at the
     above noted bar staff rates.

  2. Payment Terms
     Many Costs are incurred by Function 8 prior to an event, Function8 payment
     terms are as follows:-
         • 50% deposit of the total quotation, to confirm your event and your
         • Full payment of all costs prior to the function commencing

  3. Cancellation
     If the situation arises that you need to cancel your event the following conditions
     will apply:-
          • a cancellation fee will be charged for all costs incurred by Function8 on
              your behalf

  4. Confirmation of Guest Numbers
     Function8 requires confirmation of final numbers of guests seven days prior to the
     function. Function8 will always try to accommodate any last minute request, but
     cannot give a guarantee.

  5. Damage
     Function 8 will not be liable for any damage to goods hired on the behalf of the
     client, and any repair / replacing damaged goods will be charged to the client at
     cost plus 20%

  6. Responsible Service of Alcohol
     It is illegal to serve alcoholic beverages to any person who is intoxicated, and as
     such Function8 reserved the right to refuse service to such person. It is illegal also
     to serve alcoholic beverage to any person under the age of eighteen and Function8
     reserves the right to request for suitable identification.

  7. Prices are subject to change without notification

P: 9452 2002             M: 0431 727 046
F: 9452 2002   

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