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Men Browse - PRESS RELEASE Men Browse – Women Buy


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									                                   PRESS RELEASE
                               Issued: 8 July for immediate release

                             Men Browse – Women Buy

There may be some truth to the stereotypical view that women love shopping, even online.
A recent survey by a cashback website among its half a million members revealed that
while men spend more time online, women do more buying.

The survey asked how often members browsed the internet and also how often they made
a purchase. The results showed that 77% of men were online every day but only 56%
would buy something once or twice a month, whereas fewer women (74%) were daily
browsers but more (64%) would make a purchase.

Even throughout the recession, almost 9 out of 10 shoppers claim to have spent as much
or more online in the last 12 months than over the previous year with over a third earning
up to £100 in cashback. Duncan Robb of Top Cashback surmised “Perhaps the fact that
it's possible to make savings through a cashback site, allows men and women to purchase
more online than they otherwise would have been able to.”

The rapid growth in internet shopping has
seen a significant rise in the number of people
using cashback websites to earn themselves
money they would otherwise never have seen
again. The survey carried out by Top
CashBack, revealed not only the growth in
online spending but also discovered what
people are buying and who they trust for
advice when buying.

Respondants to the survey ranged from
teenagers (2.4%) to over 60's (7.2%) and across various income bands, the majority with
an annual household income between £20k and £30k although for 12% this figure
exceeded £50,000.

More than half fell into the 20 – 40 age group and when questioned about the key
influential factors relating to online shopping; purchase price and availability proved more
important than reviews of the retailer or the product

Women represented 54.1% of respondents and for them, top of the shopping list was
clothing; while for men it was DVDs, computers and electronics. Insurance; car, home and
travel, was also high on the list of online buys for men and women with train and flight
tickets not far behind.

The survey also showed how much better informed the online shopper now is, with many
of those who replied being members of internet forums. News of a good deal or a special
offer spreads like hot gossip with members keen to let others know how they've saved
money. 25% of those responding to the survey had joined the cashback website as the
result of reading a forum discussion, however the majority had joined on the
recommendation of a friend.
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Date: 8 July 2010
Issued by Duncan Robb
TopCashBack is the UK’s most generous cashback website. For further information call
Duncan on 0207 1939 029 or email
Survey results based on the responses of 366 members.

Notes for Editors:

TopCashBack is the UK’s most generous and free to use cashback website. Retailers pay
a referral commission for any purchase made on their website via but
rather than keep this commission, Top CashBack passes 100% straight back to the
customer as ‘cashback’. TopCashBack is funded by sponsored adverts across the site.
The basic aim is to help each and every UK resident to save as much money as possible
on their online shopping. Established in 2005 TopCashBack has an ethos of ‘fair play’ and
has gone from strength-to-strength with a member base now at half a million.

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