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									Department of Business Administration, College of Commerce, NCCU                 William Reinfeld

                             IMBA PROGRAM
                         COLLEGE OF COMMERCE
                               NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY
                             CROSS BORDER STRATEGIC ALLIANCES
                                         Spring 2008

A. Instructor: Professor William Reinfeld
  Phone/Fax:             (M) 0938 009 019
  Class Hours:           Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
  Office Hours:          By appointment

B. Books and other published material
    1. Textbook: Alliance Advantage: The Art of Creating Value through Partnering, Yves L. Doz and Gary
         Hamel, HBS Press, 1998
    2. Cases:
          “Alpha Gearing Systems Co., Shanghai Ltd.”, Ivey School of Business, 9A99C014
          “Haier: Taking a Chinese Company Global”, HBS 9-706-401
          “Yunnan Baiyao: Traditional Medicine Meets Product/Market Diversification”, Ivey School of
              Business, 9B06M88
          “Innovation without Walls: Alliance Management at Eli Lilly”, Ivey School of Business, 9B07M015
          “Competing by the Books: Destination China”, Ivey School of Business, 9B05M061
          “Corning: A Network of Alliances”, HBS 9-391-102
          “Richmond Engineering in China”, Ivey School of Business, 9A97G021
          “Shanghai GM: Rise of a Late-Comer”, HKU 395
    3.       Articles:
              “China Partners”, by R.A. Kenevan and Xi Pei, McKinsey Quarterly, 2003, No. 3
              “Restructuring Strategic Alliances in China”, by Jonathan R. Woetzel, McKinsey Perspectives on
               Corporate Finance and Strategy, 2003, No. 9
              “Can This Relationship be Saved?” by L. Segil, Harvard Management Updates, 2/05
              “Competitive Advantage in Constellations”, by Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, Strategic Organization
               vol. 1(3): 327-325, 8/03
              “The Right Game: Use Game Theory to Shape Strategy”, by A. Brandenburger and B. Nalebuff,
               HBR, 7-8/95
              “With Friends Like These: Art of Managing Complementors”, D. B. Yoffie & M Kwak, HBR 9/06
              “The Meaning and Importance of Leadership in Strategic Alliances”, by William Reinfeld,
               Advances In Global Leadership, Volume 5: Oxford: Elsevier / JAI, (TBP 5/08)

                   Syllabus_ I MBA_ Cross Border Strategic Alliances_William Reinfeld
     Department of Business Administration, College of Commerce, NCCU                William Reinfeld

     C. Course Objectives
     The course is aimed at providing participants with insights into the concept of cross-border strategic alliances
     and how to create and manage them. Course goals are to: expose students to important considerations in
     pursuing and implementing partnerships; stimulate analytical thought about alliances by applying the concepts
     in case studies; and apply what has been learned in class to real situations through individual class projects.

     The course is delivered to 2nd year students in the IMBA program. It will focus on collaboration among firms
     across international borders as a means of creating value and achieving strategic objectives. We will look at
     enterprise strategies and reasons why a firm may turn to strategic alliances to achieve their strategic objectives.
     Then, we will examine how strategic alliances are implemented – finding the right partners, structuring the
     alliance, and managing the partnership. Finally, we will extend what has been learned, by applying it to real
     situations – through case studies and projects.

     D. Grading
     The course will include assigned readings to be discussed in class. The professor will make presentations on
     the subjects to be covered, however students are expected to participate in the discussions. Attendance is
     compulsory. If a student cannot attend one of the sessions for a legitimate reason, he/she should send a message
     to the effect to the professor. No more than one excused session will be accepted for a passing grade. Case
     studies will be assigned and read outside of class. The cases will be discussed during class and student
     participation is expected. Each student will participate on a team in preparing and presenting a project in
     class. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of how well the course material has been applied to real
     situations and how well the project is presented by the team. The Mid-term and Final Exams will consist of
     questions concerning pre-assigned cases. An outside expert who has personal experience in the formation or
     management of a strategic alliance will be invited to address the class.
     Grades will be determined as follows:
     20% class participation
     40% project
     40% mid-term & final exams
                                                   CLASS SCHEDULE

#    Date                            Content                                 Text          Additional            Cases
1. Feb 23    INTRODUCTION to CBSA                                       Alliance
             What is to be covered in the course?                       Advantage,
             Strategic Foundations of CBSAs                             pp. xiii-xviii;
              What is strategy and how does it relate to CBSA          pp.1-56
              Various strategic drivers of alliances
             What are CBSAs?
              How are they different? Why are they important?
              Conventional JV vs. SA
              How well have they performed?

                     Syllabus_ I MBA_ Cross Border Strategic Alliances_William Reinfeld
     Department of Business Administration, College of Commerce, NCCU                  William Reinfeld

2. Mar 1     PURSUING a CBSA                                            Alliance          “China           “Richmond
             The logic of value creation through alliances              Advantage,       Partners”;        Engineering in
              Co-option                                                pp. 57 - 119     “Negotiating SA;, China”
              Co-specialization                                                         “Negotiating in
              Learning/Internalization                                                  China”
             Finding and Selecting Partners for CBSAs
              Importance of the right partner
              Process of selecting partners
              Compatibility/Complementarity/Due diligence
             Discussion of Richmond Engineering case
3. Apr 5     LAUNCHING a CBSA                                           Alliance         “Can this         “Shanghai GM:
             Designing the Alliance                                     Advantage,       Relationship be   Rise of a
              Structure/Scope/Timetable                                pp. 119-194      Saved?”;          Late-Comer”
              Governance                                                                “Restructuring
              Management Agenda                                                         Alliances in
             Managing the Alliance                                                       China”
              Measuring progress
              Managing the relationship
              Making adjustments
              Institutionalizing SA management
             Discussion of Shanghai GM case
5. May 17    ALLIANCE NETWORKS and                                      Alliance         “Future of        “Corning --
             CONSTELLATIONS                                             Advantage,       Networked         Network of
                                                                        pp. 221-250,     Company”,         Alliances”
                                                                        263-284          “Competitive
             ALLIANCE LEADERSHIP                                                         Advantage in
             Discussion of Coning Network case                                           “Meaning and
                                                                                         Importance of
                                                                                         Leadership in SA”

                    Syllabus_ I MBA_ Cross Border Strategic Alliances_William Reinfeld

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