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Panasonic TX-P42U10B Review- 42 Inch Full HD Plasma Freeview Television


									The Panasonic TX-P42U10B is a 42-inch High-Definition ready Plasma television set,
which offers a host of technological perks and add-ons that are unrivalled by other
LCD or Plasma TV’s sold in the market today. It’s more than capable of delivering
smooth, blot and blur-free pictures, even on fast-paced movies or sporting events. It
also comes with an integrated Freeview digital tuner, which allows users to get access
to digital satellite signals. This high-quality Plasma TV should be an asset in every
home, and makes for a complete, efficient home entertainment system as well.
 Enhanced Contrast Ratio and Improved Imaging
 The Panasonic TX-P42U10B is sure to enthral the senses, and captivate your
imaginations, because it effectively delivers sharp and clear images. It offers the best
viewing performance, because it supports 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which effectively
enhance the clarity and quality of the images. The TV set’s aspect ratio is set at 16:9,
and enhanced picture performance is made a reality by offering balanced colour,
contrast and brightness.
 Offering Different Broadcast Formats
 The Panasonic TX-P42U10B also offers different broadcast formats, from 1080,
108I, 720p, 480p and 480I, as well as supports 1080p or HDTV formats. The TV set
has a viewing angle of 180 degrees, and it has a native aspect ratio of 16:9, and a
wide-screen aspect ratio of 16:9.
 The 42-Inch Screen Can Be Used As a PC Monitor
 A wonderful feature of the TX-P42U10B TV set is that its screen can effectively be
used as a computer monitor. The TV set comes equipped with V-Audio surround
sound, 2 RGB-enabled SCART sockets, and an S-Video connection as well as video
connections for components. This Plasma TV set also has a headphone socket, SD
card reader and optical connection, along with a desktop TV stand.
 Enhanced Connectivity
 The Panasonic TX-P42U10B also supports full connectivity with a wide array of
electronic devices. It comes packed with all connectivity options for S-Video, HDMI
and VGA. It also comes equipped with advanced networking capabilities, and also
offers wide angle viewing and improved motion-image response. With these types of
features, you’ll definitely see deeper blacks, sharper orange colours, and sharper
 While most Plasma or LCD television brands today suffer from the many flaws and
drawbacks of other Plasma television sets, the Panasonic TX-P42U10B manages to
eliminate the blurry images, dark scenery and other visible motion flaws. It manages
to produce sharp, clear and real-life images, which don’t change even during
fast-paced and shaky action sequences. In addition to providing enhanced picture
clarity, it also comes with truly useful add-ons, such as the inclusion of a Freesat
digital TV tuner, so you can easily get access to dozens of entertainment options. The
Panasonic TX-P42U10B definitely ranks as one of the best, and most advanced
models coming from this esteemed Japanese electronics manufacturer.
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