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									The listing presentation 鈥?In case you are considering selling your residential home
the 1st step you must take is to contact a Palm Springs Realtor 庐. You need to
probably call a few in fact. What you can ask them to do is come and deliver what's
known in the business as a 鈥渓 isting presentation.鈥?This listing presentation is
absolutely free and you are not obliged to hire the Realtor 庐. The listing presentation
will generally be an opportunity for you to become familiar with the Realtor 庐
together with his/her practical knowledge of real estate on the whole. It is highly
probable that the agent will ask you at the conclusion of the demonstration to list the
property with him/her. More about that later.

  There are a couple common things that you can assume the Palm Springs Realtor 庐
is going to provide during the listing presentation. If these standard things are not
present then make certain to inquire about them from the Realtor 庐. These things

 鈥?Data pertaining to your residence in comparison to other residences in your
neighborhood that have sold (or not sold) fairly recently. These are often referred to as
鈥渃 omps 鈥?which is a laymen's term for "comparison market analysis".
 鈥?An outline of his/her duty in the advertising, sale and exchange of the property or
 鈥?A concise account of their advertising plan for your property or home.
 鈥?A 鈥淣 et Sheet 鈥?which will make clear to you just how much you can be
prepared to get once your home has sold. This total amount may be drastically lower
than you are expecting. Ask for clarification. The profits will tend to be somewhat
diminished by expenses which are in general demanded by the state, real estate law or
other businesses linked to the transaction and not by the particular Palm Springs
Realtor 庐.

 The listing presentation is also an opportunity for you to question any and all
questions about the selling of your home or real estate in general. You should never be
reluctant to ask questions. The more issues you have answered skillfully and
accurately the more comfortable you will grow to be with certain Palm Springs
Realtors 庐.

  Now this will likely come as no real shock but the Palm Springs Realtor 庐 is in
business. For that reason he/she may ask you to sign an exclusive listing agreement at
the end of the presentation. Don't be switched off or upset if this happens. While the
listing presentation is free and you are not obliged, the Realtor 庐 gives this
presentation to be able to earn your business. The exclusive listing agreement is a
document that should be wanted by just about every Realtor 庐 you speak with. This
legal contract makes certain that individual Realtor 庐 receives a commission for all
of the labor it will require to quickly and skillfully get a home sold. If you are not
secure with putting your signature on an contract like this you will find it really hard
to locate a Realtor 庐 to market your real estate for you without it. This contract is
typical in the market.

 To conclude, there are actually many items to think of and seek out when selecting
Palm Springs Realtors 庐. Suggestions from relatives and buddies, professional
websites and testimonies can all direct you to unbelievably professional real estate
agents. Good luck.

 Disclaimer: The term 鈥淩 ealtor 庐鈥?is a trademark of the National Association
of Realtors. Any appearance of the term Realtor 庐 is used only to refer to members
of that organization. The terms Realtor 庐 and Real Estate Agent are NOT
interchangeable but are instead determined by a real estate agent 鈥檚 membership in
that association. Please visit for more information.
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