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									                                              Microsoft Financing
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              Training Firm Uses Flexible Financing to
                                              Deploy CRM and E-Commerce Solutions

Overview                                      “We anticipate saving between $250,000 and
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Professional ser vices
                                              $500,000 in the first year of utilizing the CRM
                                              solution. Microsoft Financing enabled us to do more
Customer Profile
Buffini & Company is a leading real-estate
                                              and do it sooner.”
training and coaching company located in      Jim Polzin, Chief Financial Officer, Buffini & Company
Carlsbad, California. The company’s 180
employees help sales professionals be         Buffini & Company is the largest real-estate training and coaching
more effective.
                                              company in North America. The tough economy has actually
Business Situation                            spurred Buffini’s business, as real-estate professionals rush to find
Buffini & Company wanted to upgrade
several aging business systems and add an     any advantage in the tight market. As its opportunities grew,
e-commerce capability, but was hesitant to    Buffini’s older business systems could not handle the load. To
pay cash for these systems with the
uncertain economy.                            improve efficiency, Buffini decided to invest in a modern customer
                                              relationship management (CRM) system and e-commerce
Buffini used Microsoft® Financing to deploy   capability. However, the price tag for both systems was
Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and a custom e-       U.S.$850,000, and Buffini did not want to dip into its cash or credit.
commerce system, developing both
projects simultaneously with Neudesic, a      Instead, it chose a structured payment plan from Microsoft®
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.             Financing. Buffini was able to realize near-immediate benefit by
Benefits                                      implementing both business systems, rather than putting off one
 Rapid time to business value                system for up to two years. Plus, it was able to preserve operating
 Capital conserved
 Costs known up front
                                              capital and credit and freeze total project costs up front.
 Simple process
“Both projects were                              Situation                                         from its services. This meant that the
                                                 Buffini & Company was founded by industry         company would need an order-management
critically important to                          expert Brian Buffini, whose vision was to help    system that could process international
the company, but it                              sales professionals build their business          currencies.
                                                 through sophisticated referral marketing. Its
looked like we would                             lead-generation and coaching systems have         Although Buffini had developed some
either have to put off the                       helped more than 1 million salespeople            information systems internally, management
                                                 around the world improve their business,          knew that the company did not want to take
CRM project for a year                           increase net profit, and enhance their quality    on the major development efforts that
or two or finance both                           of life. Buffini & Company has 180 employees      customer relationship management (CRM)
                                                 working from its headquarters in Carlsbad,        and e-commerce systems would entail.
systems.”                                        California.                                       Instead, it wanted to take advantage of
Jim Polzin, Chief Financial Officer, Buffini &                                                     commercial offerings that were feature-rich,
Company                                          Buffini’s business has grown steadily over the    flexible, easy to use, and easy to manage.
                                                 last decade, and Buffini needed to handle
                                                 more leads and turn sales faster and more         After reviewing commercial offerings, Buffini
                                                 comprehensively. However, the company’s           selected Microsoft Dynamics® CRM business
                                                 information systems began to stand in the         software as its CRM system, because of its
                                                 way. Its older contact management system          breadth of features, flexibility, and ease of
                                                 had been customized so much that efficiency       use. Also, it integrated well with the
                                                 and ease of use suffered. Plus, employees         company’s existing enterprise resource
                                                 had to swivel between multiple systems to         planning system (ERP), Microsoft Dynamics
                                                 answer questions and take orders. Jumping         GP.
                                                 between the contact management system, a
                                                 custom order-entry system, and a custom           Buffini turned to Neudesic, a Microsoft® Gold
                                                 service-request system slowed productivity        Certified Partner based in Irvine, California, to
                                                 and the pace of customer wins.                    implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and
                                                                                                   build the e-commerce system. When it came
                                                 “We had experienced huge growth and fallen        time to discuss scheduling and payment for
                                                 into the pattern of adding people to keep up      the two projects, Polzin faced a tough
                                                 with the growth,” says Jim Polzin, Chief          decision. Although the company had
                                                 Financial Officer of Buffini & Company. “Real     previously paid cash for nearly all its
                                                 estate in southern California is extremely        technology investments, the size of these
                                                 expensive, and we didn’t want to build            new projects would require a significant cash
                                                 another building. We wanted to quit throwing      outlay. “Given economic times and the size of
                                                 people at the problem and work smarter.”          the projects, I didn’t want to dip into our bank
                                                 Instead of hiring more salespeople to handle      account that much,” Polzin says. “Both
                                                 a rising number of sales leads, Polzin wanted     projects were critically important to the
                                                 to give its sales force tools to work more        company, but it looked like we would either
                                                 efficiently, with more automation.                have to put off the CRM project for a year or
                                                                                                   two or finance both systems.”
                                                 The company also realized that it needed to
                                                 launch an e-commerce capability to make it
                                                 easier for customers to do business with          Solution
                                                 Buffini. Additionally, Buffini wanted to expand   Buffini had a good relationship with its bank
                                                 its market footprint by reaching out to           and was ready to proceed with a traditional
                                                 international companies that could benefit        bank loan when Neudesic introduced
“We ultimately went with                         Microsoft Financing. Microsoft Financing         Dynamics GP, and other technologies. The
                                                 offers qualified customers access to funds for   CRM system went live January 2009 and the
Microsoft Financing                              technology projects so that they can             e-commerce system in July 2008—just seven
because Microsoft                                immediately purchase and deploy needed           months after putting the financing in place.
                                                 software, services, and hardware. There is no
offered us a competitive                         down payment required, and payment terms         Today, Buffini sales, marketing, and
rate and was extremely                           range from two to five years, making it easy     customer-support personnel perform nearly
                                                 to match payments to realized IT benefits.       all their business actions through Microsoft
easy to work with.”                                                                               Dynamics CRM. The sales team can track and
Jim Polzin, Chief Financial Officer, Buffini &   David Brown, Senior Account Manager at           close opportunities with automated
Company                                          Neudesic, put Polzin in touch with local         efficiencies, and integration with Microsoft
                                                 Microsoft Financing representatives.             Dynamics GP eliminates duplicate data entry,
                                                 “Microsoft Financing immediately came out,       provides accurate tax and shipping costs, and
                                                 talked with us, and analyzed our finances,”      streamlines the order-entry process. The e-
                                                 Polzin says. “We passed a few e-mail             commerce system enables Buffini to take
                                                 messages back and forth and did some             orders over the Web, which reduces the sales
                                                 negotiating. We ultimately went with             staff’s work and broadens the company’s
                                                 Microsoft Financing because Microsoft            reach.
                                                 offered us a competitive rate and was
                                                 extremely easy to work with. The entire          Neudesic was able to tailor Microsoft
                                                 process took just two weeks.”                    Dynamics CRM to exactly match Buffini’s
                                                                                                  business needs, allowing the company to
                                                 The total price tag for both the CRM and e-      focus on business drivers rather than on
                                                 commerce solutions was U.S.$850,000,             technology obstacles. The highly adaptable
                                                 which included Microsoft Dynamics CRM            foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
                                                 licensing and Neudesic’s services to             ensures that Buffini can make ongoing
                                                 implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and             process adjustments without major system
                                                 build the e-commerce system. “We                 rewrites. By successfully replacing four
                                                 recommended that Buffini divide the deal         separate applications, Buffini personnel can
                                                 into large, sequential installments of           navigate information much more seamlessly,
                                                 $250,000 each,” explains Brown. “As we           which makes for faster, smoother
                                                 spent down one installment, we would re-         interactions when on the phone with clients.
                                                 engage Jim [Polzin] and finance another.         Also, the IT staff reduced application
                                                 Each iteration was easy to arrange because       maintenance and upkeep by reducing the
                                                 the loan approval was in place and the           number of business systems.
                                                 paperwork done. We would update the
                                                 application online, and Microsoft reviewed
                                                 and approved it within a day.”                   Benefits
                                                                                                  With Microsoft Financing, Buffini & Company
                                                 With Microsoft Financing, Buffini was able to    was able to immediately deploy both a new e-
                                                 swiftly move forward with replacing its older    commerce system and a new CRM system
                                                 contact management, order-entry, and             and begin realizing business benefits sooner.
                                                 service-request systems with Microsoft           The company also conserved its credit line
                                                 Dynamics CRM. Simultaneously, Neudesic           and operating capital, and mitigated the risk
                                                 began creating the e-commerce system using       of “feature creep” that often plagues long-
                                                 Microsoft ASP.NET version 3.5, Windows®          term internal deployments and increases
                                                 Communication Foundation, Microsoft              costs. The financing process was fast, simple,
“With Microsoft                                  and straightforward, enabling Polzin to focus      Simple Process
                                                 on running the business.                           Microsoft Financing offered Buffini a fast,
Financing, we were able                                                                             simple loan application process that
to reduce the financing                          Rapid Time to Business Value                       minimized Polzin’s time and sped the
                                                 What is the value to Buffini & Company of          projects into development. “With Microsoft
of two very large                                deploying a new e-commerce system and a            Financing, we were able to reduce the
complex projects to a                            new CRM system immediately? “Without the           financing of two very large complex projects
                                                 CRM [system], we would not have realized           to a few sheets of paper,” Polzin says. “The
few sheets of paper. The                         the internal efficiencies that we have seen,”      application was short, and we didn’t have to
application was short,                           Polzin says. “We anticipate saving between         write any checks. The whole process was very
                                                 $250,000 and $500,000 in the first year of         straightforward.”
and we didn’t have to                            utilizing the CRM solution. We expect those
write any checks.”                               savings to come both from increased
                                                 productivity and from tools that increase the
Jim Polzin, Chief Financial Officer, Buffini &   effectiveness of our sales force. Since e-
Company                                          commerce went live in July 2008, we have
                                                 received $1.7 million of revenue from that
                                                 source, putting us on pace for $3 million in
                                                 the first full year. Microsoft Financing enabled
                                                 us to do more and do it sooner.”

                                                 Capital Conserved
                                                 By financing the solutions, Buffini was able to
                                                 conserve its capital and line of credit. “We
                                                 knew that the economy was going down when
                                                 we began looking into these projects, but it
                                                 just kept getting worse,” Polzin says. “Given
                                                 the economic times, we knew that it wouldn’t
                                                 be prudent to tap into our operating capital to
                                                 pay for new systems, as critical as they were.
                                                 Microsoft Financing gave us a new option.”

                                                 Costs Known Up Front
                                                 Previously, when Buffini had funded in-house
                                                 development projects, projects often ended
                                                 up costing more than expected, because
                                                 “there was no pressure to get it finished, and
                                                 scope creep would enter,” Polzin explains.
                                                 “We would end up with new features but at
                                                 what cost? With Microsoft Financing, my
                                                 team knew the allotted budget up front and
                                                 held the development team to that number.
                                                 When roadblocks came up, our staff and
                                                 Neudesic had to be creative in finding work-
                                                 arounds that wouldn’t blow the budget.”
For More Information                                            Microsoft Financing
For more information about Microsoft                            Microsoft Financing provides affordable,
products and services, call the Microsoft                       flexible, and strategic financing programs to
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          customers from small to large organizations
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             in 15 countries. With customized payment
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         plans, customers can expand their IT spend
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        while freeing up cash flow to get the IT they
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      need now—including software, services such
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         as deployment and customization, partner
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          products and hardware—as one complete
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and                        solution. The process is fast and easy—with
Canada, please contact your local                               just a one page application and approval in
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                     24 hours typically.
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                               For more information about Microsoft
                                                                Financing discuss with your Microsoft
For more information about Neudesic                             Account Manager, Microsoft Partner or go to:
products and services, call (800) 805-                
1805 or visit the Web site at:

For more information about Buffini &
Company products and services, call (800)
945-3485 or visit the Web site at:

                                                                 Software and Services                             Services
                                                                  Microsoft Dynamics                               − Microsoft Financing
                                                                   − Microsoft Dynamics CRM
                                                                   − Microsoft Dynamics GP                      Partners
                                                                  Microsoft Server Product Portfolio            Neudesic
                                                                   − Windows Server® 2003
                                                                  Technologies
                                                                   − Microsoft ASP.NET version 3.5
                                                                   − Windows Communication Foundation

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published February 2009

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