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					Packing Supplies and Moving Boxes

  Whether you need?professional, dependable, reliable movers to help you with your
move or not,?it is always a good idea to buy (or find for free) some good condition
boxes and packing supplies. In some cases the appropriate moving boxes and
corrugated cardboard cartons can save a few hours on the cost of your move. It's also
a good idea to purchase packaging items like packing tape, bubble wrap, packing
peanuts, wardrobes, plastic moving crates and so on. Boxes can be purchased at truck
rental companies, Auto Transport carriers, storage facilities, at moving companies
offices or at liquors stores or supermarkets. Packaging supplies can be bought either
from?local moving companies or Cross Canada Movers if you are looking at a long
distance move across North America or the USA.

 ? Fruit boxes that used to contain oranges and bananas can also be used but usually
have a rectangle orifice at the top so unless they are filled to the top with items they
don't stack very well in the moving van. Moving boxes come in all sizes and shapes
but the most common format for cartons are 2 cubes, 4 cubes and 6 cubes (short for
cubic feet). To pack the moving boxes you will also need some sturdy adhesive tape
and soft by sturdy materials to keep your belongings intact. To help in sorting our the
and cartons during the move, it is a good idea to apply a colored paper sheet on every
box and do the same on every room of the moving destination. The colored paper is
easier to identify than numbers or letters.

  ? If you are using plastic moving boxes, totes or bin please don't use a marker on the
surface as they are recyclable and will be used by other clients for the next move
anywhere in the city or North America .If you do need a marker for your plastic totes,
bins or boxes you can purchase a non permanent marker and then erase the labels
after the move. Another new very handy option is recyclable plastic moving crates,
bins and totes. The movers can do all packing for you and this will save the
environment in addition to saving you money since the plastic boxes are made from
100% recyclable plastic and are reusable again and again. This is sometimes the best
solution for corporate office moves as the company can purchase the recyclable
plastic boxes and use them again without having to purchase?Vancouver Boxes every