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Our Soil As It Relates to Our Health


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									There is much discussion in the world today about the use of synthetic chemical
fertilizers, herbicides, and additives of all sorts. This is a basic introduction for
laymen, not a scientific paper of any sort. I am talking to you, the consumer. And in
hopes that you will take action for the sake of all children across our planet, and that
you will do it now, not later.
  The news is not good for anyone. If we backtrack into time a few generations, we
will see it was a key point in agriculture even at the turn of the last century, not to
mention prior to that. Read any of the lectures conducted by notables such as Rudolph
  He said 鈥淭 he most important thing is to make the benefits of our agricultural
preparations available to the largest possible areas over the entire earth, so that the
eath may be healed and the massive nutritive quality of its produce improved in every
respect. That should be our first objective.鈥? That has never changed, and it is our
only objective at Super Food Grower.
  Rudolph Steiner was not alone in this respect. He was joined by other scientific
minds like Guenther Washsmuth, Count Keyserlingk, Ernst Stegemann, Erhard
Bartsch, Franz Dreidax, Immanuel Vogele, M.K. Schwarz, Nikolaus Remer, Franz
Rulni, Ernst Jakobi, Otto Eckstein, Hans Heinze and many others, including the first
veterinarian, Dr. Werr. 鈥淭 he task of agriculture is to transform kenetic solar energy,
the energy of light, into the potential energy stored in human food.
  The introduction of chemical ingredients into the soil and the damages sustained to
that soil can not be questioned by knowledgeable people such as yourself. The vast
array of illnesses we now see globally are indicative of that damage. Grandma's old
adage 鈥淵 ou are what you eat!鈥?rings truer today than anytime in history.
  With the escalating costs food producers bear, as well as the escalating "price fixing"
costs by governments across the globe, many people are now turning to growing their
own food because of the concerns they have about the dangers of these very
ingredients being used by farmers who are unaware of what is occurring or just trying
to keep the farm running. There appears to be almost a global blackout of this news.
When a chemical which is a known carcinogen is being applied to our food source,
one wonders who is missing the point here.
  Super Food Grower, which is a non-GMO safe soil corrector was formulated for this
very reason. It is safe for use around children and pets. It contains only the keys to life
itself, and is the best natural product on the planet for use for all growers everywhere.
Bar none!
  Comprised of the very same minerals and trace minerals which we find in the human
body, the source is the Great Salt Lake.
  Let me reward you for your time in reading this by giving you, or someone who you
know, 10% off the purchase price with this promotion code: MD2000
  When we take time to study the area itself, we see that the people have healthier
bones, teeth and bodies than many places on earth.
  With the dangers existing as they do with widespread use of glyphosate being
applied liberally by the unwary and unlearned hoping to salvage the already damaged
soil, we see that key functions of a healthy plant immune system are being
compromised each day, and the damages to people with the additional stress to these
bodies are not even in question now.
 Dr. Mae-Wan Ho has recently written extensively on this subject in her article 鈥淪
cientists Reveal Glyphosate Poisons Crops and Soil. I quote, with permission from her:
Glyphosate tolerant (GT) crops and glyphosate herbicide (commercial formulation,
Roundup) poison nitrogen fixing and other beneficial soil bacteria, increase fungal
pathogens, undermine plant immunity to diseases, decrease plant micronutrients
available in the soil, and more.
 Research findings over the past decades paint a damning picture of the cropping
system that has taken over 85 percent of the 134 million hectares of global
agricultural land now growing genetically modified (GM) crops (see [1] Scientists
Reveal Glyphosate Poisons Crops and Soil, SiS 47). The unprecedented rise in GT
crops has been accompanied by a sharp increase in the use of the glyphosate
herbicides worldwide, especially in the US [2] GM Crops Increase Herbicide Use in
the United States, SiS 45).
 The ecological disaster has been unfolding amid mounting evidence of the herbicide
鈥檚 adverse impacts on human and animal health [3, 4] (Glyphosate Herbicide
Could Cause Birth Defects, Ban Glyphosate Herbicides Now, SiS 43), and the
breakdown of the Roundup Ready (RR) cropping system as weeds and superweeds
become resistant to the herbicide [5, 6] (GM Crops Facing Meltdown in the USA,
Glyphosate Resistance in Weeds - The Transgenic Treadmill, SiS 46) [7]. [Unquote]
Don Huber, who recently retired from Purdue University at their Department of
Botany and Plant Pathology, and co-author G.S. Johal in the published article of the
October 2009 issue of European Journal of Agronomy said it can 鈥渟 ignificantly
increase the severity of various plant diseases, impair plant defense to pathogens and
diseases, and immobilize soil and plant nutrients rendering them unavailable for plant
 If this is proven by well known microbiologists to cause the sudden death syndrome
in plants, could that also explain the sudden death syndrome in every age of human
beings across this vast world we call our home? It is apparent that the USDA does not
wish anyone to learn about this, or they would be shouting this from the rooftops and
advertising this on your local news each night. But they do not. There is no money in
that for them. Whose interest do they hold dear? Their own jobs, perhaps? Or is it the
money interest of those lobbyists who contribute to your local elected officials?
 We are more interested in sustainable agricultural practices than targeting any of the
public officials or any chemical corporations 鈥?that only wastes our time and yours.
However, we can vote with how we utilize green technologies, just like we use our
spending of earned capital to vote.
 鈥淰 ote 'NO!'鈥? says Dr. Mae-Wan and get those dangerous chemicals out of our
diets, and out of our soil! We hope you will join with us and improve your own
gardens and farms, whether you are growing only decorative plants, trees or food or
all of them. We are able to change the future, and we do that one person at at time.
 References Ho, MW: Ban glyphosate herbicides now, Science in Society 43, 34-35,
2009 glyphosateTolerantCrops.php Johal GS and Huber DM:
Glyphosate effects on diseases of plants. Eur J Agron 2009, 144-52 Steiner, R:
Agriculture Course 鈥?The Birth of the Biodynamic Method, pg 7

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