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					Human existence is so demanding, it is not a fixed condition that can guarantee us for
our daily survival. It is a given scenario that as days and years go on we encountered
changes specifically on physical aspect. With our daily works sometimes the pain we
feel will eventually accumulate into more chronic pain in which case it will then
affect our daily lives.
  Pain is the most unfavorable feelings that we usually feel and though nobody wishes
to experience this they cannot escape from this because it’s normal for human being
like us. Pain is the only cause that brings people to the physicians. People generally
visit the doctor for getting relief from pain due to different reasons. Pain relievers may
vary on the level of pain from moderate to severe according to the cause and degree of
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  Tramadol is use for treating moderate to rigorous pain of different sources. Some
pain may natural part of life and need to take proper care to handle and get relief. And
some cases of pain may be so strong that it becomes hard to manage and handle. Pain
management and eradicating is an essential thing for enjoying the healthy life at
fullest without unnecessary sufferings. Pain management is not a burden on our part
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