Operating Systems In Mobile Phones by djsgjg0045


									To operate a computer or a mobile there should be an operating system installed. This
operating system is the interface between your mobile phones hardware and software.
There are many operating systems introduced and many are been used in the recent
eras phones. One of the major manufacturers of operating system is by the Microsoft
They are introducing new features so as to keep in pace with their competitors. They
are making this so that customers find it easy to operate the phones and till date has
introduced six different versions. These operating systems are improved looking at the
customers needs. The latest one released was been questioned by many if it would
reach the customers level of expectation.
Microsoft Corporation has introduced six different versions of mobile operating
systems. The first one of its kind is Microsoft Mobile 6.x. this was very soon
succeeded by the next version Microsoft Phone OS 7.0 because of the growing
customer demands.
  Due to the rising need of enterprise Microsoft launched the third version i.e.
Windows Embedded Handheld 7 OS. They launched the fourth version for TVs
kiosks etc. Called Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS.
The fifth versions sets a platform for net books and tablets called as Windows 7 OS.
They are working on the next version that will reduce the battery usage and thus
increase the efficiency of the phone. This is yet to be released, but then they are
planning to launch by the year end. This operating system will be called as Windows
Embedded Compact 7.
Most people might wonder why Microsoft is launching so many operating systems.
They rather work on one platform and not worry about anything else. They always try
to manufacture operating systems that user friendly and which can satisfy the
customer’s needs and expectations. They try to improve there service on the
basis of what customer expects.
Due to the growth of many industries like aviation, business management, health care
and so on, they have to improve their system in order to compete in the market. There
are many mobile phones that are running with Microsoft operating systems. Hand sets
like Motorola, Nokia, Honeywell etc. is using this operating system.
For any software to work on a mobile phone there should an interface that can talk to
the hardware. This interface is the operating system.
For instance the GPS system to work, the mobile phone operating system should be
compatible with the version of GPS software. The windows embedded compact 7 OS
has the platform for applications like GPS to work on. This is yet to be released by
With the introduction of Apple and Google operating systems which has more
features than Microsoft OS is a big threat to this company.
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